Happy spring! I hope you will take some time and revel in the changes that nature is delighting us with. Spring is a great time to plant the seeds we wish to come to fruition this summer.

In February I was teaching a two week intensive workshop on shamanic methods in Portland, Oregon through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. There were seventy five people in the workshop, and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to take the experimentation with polluted water one step further.

Vic, the physicist we have been consulting with, made up a batch of water with ammonium hydroxide in Colorado. He made up the water two hours before our group intended on working with it. He kept testing the pH of the water to see if the pH would change on its own. It did not.

Our group spent the day preparing for the work. We did journeys to merge with water. We also did a journey to experience the process of dismemberment/transfiguration as I describe in my new book to embody divine forces which could transmute the water.

When our session began in the evening we used drumming, rattling, dancing and singing to help us change our state of consciousness. We proceeded with toning to provide the space where we could embody the divine and the helping spirits. Some people just prayed for divine intervention but most of the group worked with embodying a spiritual force.

Due to the time difference in Colorado, we only had a short time to work. We knew the address of the water, but no one, including myself had ever been to the location. This was the next step in our experimentation process. Could change happen to the water, without us having any knowledge about the location except an address? We were able to change the pH from 11 to 10 in our short period of working, which from a scientific view would be considered unexplainable.

At some point I plan on moving our experimentation to the next level, working on bodies of water versus bowls of water and also extending our work to include other elements. The point of my new book Let There Be Light is that we can reverse all environmental pollution through the use of spiritual methods. But first it is important to see what works in a controlled situation and then we will be ready for the next step.

Last month, on this web page, I posted a formula I have developed for transmutation to occur. I hope you had some time to work with this. It is important for me to stress that what is crucial is not trying to change the pollution in the environment without changing ourselves first. Finding harmony inside of ourselves will naturally effect our outer world without trying to force a change to occur. Therefore, the key is bringing spiritual practices into your life twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. You will not experience harmony outside of yourself until you have a deep sense of harmony inside. I know I keep repeating this point, but it is the key to changing the world we live in.

Pollution signifies energy that is stuck as vital energy is always moving. During this powerful season of the year put out a strong intention that you wish your energy to be aligned with the healthy moving vibration of the earth and all the elements. Ask that the veils between the worlds be lifted so you can align with the pure unpolluted vibration of the earth. State your intention at the beginning of each day. Notice if this brings more harmony into your life.

Review the formula I wrote about last month and keep journeying and meditating on it. Come up with some spiritual practices that you can work with which will help you embody this formula.

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