During the month of May there were many forest fires in New Mexico. As the national news only spoke about the fire in Los Alamos. many people don’t know there were six forest fires burning at the same time in different parts of the state. The attention was put on Los Alamos for obvious reasons—it is the location of a lab containing tremendous amounts of nuclear material Also all around Los Alamos nuclear waste has been dumped for the last forty years.

The fear of radiation sent many people fleeing Northern New Mexico. There is a true biological drive to survive so I understand the desire to seek safety. But I ask, where in the world is a safe place right now?

The only safe place is inside you. Obviously if a fire is moving towards a house there is the need for evacuation. But then there is the issue of perceived future danger. Our first reaction when we think we are in danger is to run. It is important for us to sit still and allow true clear guidance to emerge from the silence. True wisdom and guidance does not come from chaos.

Back in the 1970’s there was a prediction that there was going to be a huge earthquake in Los Angeles. Freeways were full of people trying to escape. A group of Tibetan Buddhist monks flew into Los Angeles to sit and pray for the land. The message they left is when a disaster is predicted stay put and put your prayers and energy to the land.

Recently scientists are admitting that when the rains of the summer flood the Colorado River coming into New Mexico, radioactivity from all the nuclear waste stored in the canyons will enter the water. This will go through New Mexico, Texas as well as Southern California.

One can take a stance of fear around this or one can move into a place of power. Ancient and modem day mystics have transmuted toxic substances. If even one person could and can do this it means we also have the power to do this. I have already mentioned the formula for transmutation that I put together from all my research. But I feel it is appropriate to mention it here again:

Intention + Love + Union + Concentration + Focus + Imagination + Harmony =Transmutation

My own helping spirits have shared with me that when we fear losing something whether it be a house, job, relationship, our health, etc., move into a place of deep appreciation for what you fear losing. A regular practice of giving thanks and entering into a deep state of appreciation for your life and all you have is one of the keys to transmutation.

Last month I asked you to meditate or journey to merge with the earth. What did you learn about the need for the continual movement of molecules for a healing earth? What did you learn about what earth needs for nurturance?

If you didn’t get this information, go back and do this exercise again. It is crucial to understand how the movement of energy creates a healthy earth and what nurtures it. This is not only important in understanding the earth you walk upon, but it relates to your own health as you are earth too.

This month continue your merging practice to learn about the air. As I instructed last month do not talk to the air—rather become air. Learn by becoming this essential element for life. And remember air is outside of us as well as inside.

As air you might become the mighty wind or you might be the quiet stillness of the air on a perfect summer day, or you might be a gentle breeze moving through the grass or trees, or the great gust surfing through the landscape. Use your imagination.

These merging exercises should be done more than once. Each time you merge with an element you will learn more.

I would love to answer questions about what I have written about transmutation so far. Also, I would love to hear your experiences from the exercises.

I know it is hard to believe, but I am not on e-mail. If you are willing to work with the archaic system of “snail mail” I will post on the next month’s web page answers to your questions and share your experiences.

You can write to me at:
Sandra Ingerman
P.O. Box 4757
Santa Fe. New Mexico 87502

Let’s not forget to honor the change of season to summer this month.

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