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On March 19 we cycle into the equinox. Time continues to move so fast and the climate changes we are seeing are gaining momentous speed. As we all know some of these changes are simply where the evolution of the planet is taking us. But some changes are human caused.

Many are waking up and working together spiritually and many are taking physical action to walk with a lighter step on the Earth by changing how they live their life, their diet, what products they are willing to buy, and so on.

As I have been writing, my deep concern is about practitioners of different spiritual practices trying to join together to manipulate weather patterns. Nature won’t be manipulated, but she certainly is trying to give us a strong message. And manipulating weather has dire consequences as the balance is changed so tragic events happen in other places that would have been safe if the natural balance was allowed to stay in place.

For me there is one essential teaching. I believe we must build a strong relationship with the land we live on, the ancestral spirits protecting the land, earth, air, water, and fire. If we establish a strong relationship with them as kin, then we can communicate with each other and negotiate with them as they love us for honoring them.

Right now, there is no honor as we dump pollutants into the elements that give us life and try to move them in ways we think we need and would benefit the land.

Learn from the land and elements.

As we welcome in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere here is an exercise to perform.

Take time and start to build a strong relationship with the land, the helping/compassionate ancestral spirits of the land, the elements and any other nature beings you wish to communicate with.

Decide which being you wish to speak with and ask “May I step into your field of energy?” And then begin by emulating love and light.

Introduce yourself and start up a conversation like you would with a new friend. Learn about the land and spirits life and history. What has it been like for them to live on Earth? Once you have a good relationship and conversation going ask for a message on how you can work spiritually and what actions you need to take to live in harmony on the land.

As we all continue to do this, we will see changes happening where we live in a positive way.

This is how the Native people around the world work. The land they live on, the elements, and all the sentient nature beings where they live are seen as kin in a shared living place. They are working hard now to appease the spirits. Right now, they are doing their work while non-native people do not understand the principle of reciprocity taking away from the power of the work. If we join in on such a powerful practice, we will learn a lot and help to alleviate a lot of suffering.

The full moon is March 9. Let’s ask the power of the moon if she will help us exponentially to radiate our light within and throughout the Earth. Perform your transfiguration practice with your light radiating so bright there are no places on this great Earth that your light does not touch.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions on our monthly full moon ceremonies.

I join our radiant circle in wishing all of you a beautiful equinox filled with deep wisdom as you connect with the land and the elements that give us life.

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