Last month I wrote about the experiment we did with transmuting chemically polluted water in Santa Fe. We went one step further with this work, and we tried to replicate our results working long distance. I was to make up a batch of water with ammonium hydroxide at a certain hour, Diana, Gail, and Kate would journey and then perform a ceremony to embody the divine to change the PH of tile water. I had told them where in my house I was going to place the bowl of water. About a minute before I was to make up the water an idea came to make up two bowls of water and place one bowl in a room where Diana, Gail, and Kate would have no knowledge of this water.
I was concerned about not focusing on the water while they were doing their work. The universe provided help with this. As soon as I placed the bowl of water in my house, my phone rang. The call coming in was a business call which demanded my full attention. The call lasted as long as the ceremony in Colorado was taking place.
The results we got were not as dramatic as the results when we worked at my house together, but we did get good results. The PH went from 11 to a 9.5 in the bowl of water placed in my kitchen. The fascinating piece is that the PH in the bowl that no one knew existed except me, showed no change. So this was quite interesting.
This month we will continue our experimentation with the long distance work and we will switch the process where the water is made up in Colorado, and I will work with a group to attempt to transmute it.
In our work so far we found singing to be essential to keeping the focus of our intention as well as helping us remain in a state of union with divine forces. We each used our shamamic power songs to prepare ourselves for getting into an altered state and then we used to toning to keep us in a state of union.

I wanted to add a little more information about ammonium hydroxide as I was informed that I have not given all the correct information in last month’s web page. Ammonium hydroxide does not come from just decaying vegetable matter. It is also a byproduct of human or animal wastes. This is a very common contaminant that makes soil very alkaline arid water undrinkable. It has a distinctive odor and foul taste, so that creatures will naturally not drink it. It does have the capability to break down cell walls in the digestive tract, but the odds of some one drinking a high enough concentration are low. The key here is that the water is no longer usable when the ammonium is present.
Ammonium hydroxide makes fatty acids more soluble in water. This can make other pollutants such as petroleum products water soluble. This process increases the danger of petroleum in the environment by enabling it to spread faster. Therefore, ammonium hydroxide is a contaminate in itself and also harmful in terms of its affect on some other contaminants.
The paper strips we used are ph test strips that are much more sensitive than litmus paper.

After reading stories of the miracle of transmutation in the Bible, the Kabalah, and those authored by Egyptians, Taoists, Yogis, alchemists, shamans, and modern—day mystics, I found the elements they all shared. The following formula naturally evolved: intention + love + harmony + union + focus + concentration + imagination = transmutation. This formula is a hologram whose components all work together, and are inseparable from the whole.
You can begin meditating or journeying on this formula and notice if you are inspired in your work and life by it.

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