On January 8 and 9, Diana, Gall, and Kate arrived at my house for our fist weekend experiment with transmutation. Woods, my husband who teaches meditation and yoga joined us. The work we did that weekend proved to be quite a learning experience for us all.

As I reported on last month’s web page, my helping spirits advised that I stick to working with chemical pollution in my experimentation with transmutation of polluted water. The reason I chose to work with water is that from my research I learned that it is easy to work with. I had also learned in journeys that water is a reflector and will reflect back the state of people around it. So although Let There Be Light addresses reversing all environmental pollution through the use of spiritual methods, I decided to start with the transmutation of water before moving onto other elements.

I consulted with the Good Water Company in Santa Fe which tests water. They had suggested that I work with water with gasoline in it as the change in hydrocarbons would be easy to test for. Before our weekend I went to Good Water where we made a control batch of 300 ml of water to 5 ml of gasoline. I took the rest of the gasoline and water I had brought to Good Water home to work with.

Diana’s husband is an astrophysicist. He made us up a bottle of deionized water (purified water with no contaminants in it) as well as a bottle of anirnonium hydroxide. Ammonium hydroxide is a common pollutant in water and causes cell walls to break down and dissolve, making it quite dangerous for animals and humans to drink.

The benefit for us to work with aninionium hydroxide was that it is a common and dangerous pollutant, but yet we could test our results as we worked. We didn’t need to send the water we worked on to a lab as we had to with the water with gasoline. We could use litmus paper to test our results as ammonium hydroxide is extremely basic.

The other substance that we worked with was quinine. When you put quinine water (tonic water) in a dark mug and shine a light on it, you would see that it was blue. Quinine is not harmful, but as we could see the change in color as we worked, it was used also.

We spent the day Saturday and Sunday journeying to prepare for the ceremonies performed both nights. Woods taught us simple yoga postures and breathing techniques that cleared us out before we journeyed. We all agreed that the combination of the two methods was quite extraordinaiy. Oxygenating the body before journeying allowed us to go to very deep places very quickly.

The journeys we did came from my new book. The two ceremonies performed used two different methods that I discuss in the book. Briefly, one was asking for divine intervention where we called in the helping spirits and asked them to transmute and heal the water. The other, which I emphasize as the way I suggest working, was for each of us to embody the divine or our helping spirits and also bring forth the divinity of the water itself. We found that singing and toning was a potent way to remain in a complete state of union with the helping forces we worked with. I will share more about this next month.

The reason that I suggest working with embodying the divine and/or the helping spirits one works with is that when you do this you change. You are not the same person once you have had union with the divine or your helping spirits. Let There Be Light, is really a modern day book of alchemy. By achieving harmony within, we will experience harmony without. It’s not what we do in the world that makes transmutation successful, it is who we become.

By working with divine intervention and asking the spirits to do the work, I did not change. Every time I have worked with becoming in union with the divine or my own helping spirits by enibodying them, I have evolved in a good way. To be touched by the sacred is life changing.

Now onto the results of the work. Most of the time spent was in the preparation for the work. The most important aspects of doing any kind of transmutation work is creating sacred space and a strong community. The rest follows on its own. The PH of the water with ammonium hydroxide on Saturday night was 11.5 which is dangerous to drink. After our work, it went down to 9 which is within safe drinking standards.

On Sunday night we started with a PH of 12 and again the PH went down to 9 on the next testing. I would say on both nights we tested the difference in the PH in about 15—20 minutes of the actual healing work. meaning that the change happened in a very short period of time. We will not have the results of the water with gasoline for another few weeks. I am not sure if we were able to change the gasoline in the water. But in my journeys, and with Woods testing with kinesiology we feel that we changed the water so that the gasoline was not harmful to it. I was shown in my journey that the water was actually beaming. Woods with his testing found that the field of the water was quite large and strong. This brought up an interesting issue. There are many mystics around the world who are not traumatized by physical events. For example, Jack Schwarz has had sail needles placed into his body without suffering from any pain or physiological Trauma. He says that he does this by changing his state of consciousness so that he is not Jack Schwarz but one with Source.

We did do a lot of work preparing the water to make the water “holy” or “divine” before adding the pollutants. But at this point, there is no scientific way to test for the life force of water. So there is no way to scientifically prove that the water was in no way affected by the pollutants we added.

We only worked with the quinine on Sunday night, and through visual methods we could see less blue in the water before and after we worked. Again, quinine is not a pollutant so we not as focused on this as a problem. We were more curious to see what changes would occur.

With all the preparation work we did each day we directly experienced that water is a living being. In all shamanic traditions, it is said that everything is alive. But to have such an intimate experience with the healing of water and to experience in such a deep way it’s own “beingness”, I will never drink water or use water in the same way. consciousness and the consciousness of others present this weekend know in a cellular way that we are working in partnership with a beautiful, sacred living being. And I really got that everytime we dump pollutants into the water, on the earth, in the air, in the firere we are actually killing living beings.

There is more I would like to share about what we all learned and directions to go. So the next part will appear next month. And I just want to say that this was just a first experiment of many to come. I plan to devote my life in this direction.

The conflict I have with writing about the success in working with the water is I fear that people will become focused on just trying to transmute water or other elements without doing the necessary work to change oneself first. As afl alchemists knew the work within was what produced the results.

I have just finished the first edit of Let There Be Light. It will be out next Jan/Feb. It sounds like a long time away, but time passes rather quickly these days.

There is a retreat center in N. New Mexico that has extraordinary land. I am trying to find a weekend this summer where Woods and I can do our first workshop on transmutation where we will work in a siniiliar way to the work we did in January. We are having some problems finding free dates at Ocamora, but we are working on it. Hopefully, I will have dates to report next month.

Here’s a thought to ponder on from my book Welcome Home:Following Your Soul’s Journey Home:

“We can learn how to transform the energy behind our thoughts.
Can similiar principles be used to transmute pollution and toxins in our environment?”

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