After months of negotiation with Random House I finally have a title for my new book. Random House did not like the title Let There Be Light. So instead the book is titled Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins. The division of Random House that will put out the book is Three Rivers Press and it will be out in January.

Random House took a big risk in taking on this book. Other publishers’ responses to my book proposal were, “This time she has gone too far.” I want the message to get out to the publishing industry that yes the public is interested in spiritual methods for healing the earth. When the book comes out I hope you will inform your communities about it. In this way we can spread the word and also open the door in the publishing world for authors who are writing on a similar topic.

As Santa Fe is still in a drought I have continued journeying on what I need to understand about working with the weather. I had a very interesting journey the other day on this. The spirits told me that when one lives in a mountainous area, it is the mountains that create the weather. I was told that the earth itself calls down certain weather. I was instructed to connect with the spirit of the mountain here as I pray for rain. Here is an application for the journey I asked you to do in merging with the earth. You might find that one way to affect changes in weather is through your connection with the earth itself


On Saturday June 24 our transmutation group performed another long distance experiment with water infused with ammonium hydroxide. We got better results than with our previous work. We were able to change the pH from 11.5 to 10 in about half an hour. This indicates a 30% change in the nature of the water.

This time when I worked I only journeyed. Previously I had been working outside using rattling and toning. In the journey I used transfiguring into the divine forces I work with as well as visualizing the water releasing the ammonium hydroxide. Vic, the physicist we are working with, shared with me after the work that when ammonium has a catalyst some of its ions can transmute to nitrogen gas, which can be released. The nitrogen being released is not a toxic substance. I have to do more journeying on what effect my own visualization process had to do with the results. But it is an interesting new addition to the transfiguration I had been doing.

Once again the key is not what happened to the water, but what happened to all of us engaged in the process. Once again the participants in the work all reported an extreme change in consciousness by embodying the divine forces that made the work successful. The point of the exercise being as we change our own consciousness our outer environment will change.

I did receive a write up of journeys from one journey circle about their journeys to merge with the earth. It was interesting to note that most of the group merged with the earth first by going through water.

I wonder how your journey or meditation went as you merged with air. People who wrote in about merging with air described their journeys to be very pleasurable. Most people did not want to come back from this journey.

This month I suggest you move on to merging with water. You might become a teardrop going down someone’s cheek, or the great ocean, or a drop of dew on a flower. Once again let the creativity of your journeys lead you into a form of water you can become so you can truly understand the element of water which supports all of life.

Don’t forget that water is outside of you as well as in you. You might wish to add to your spiritual work a journey or meditation to understand the nature of water inside you.

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