On January 8 and 9, a small group who has been reading and working on the material in Let There Be Light: Healing Through Transmutation (this is the tentative title of my new book as I have been writing it) will gather in Santa Fe. At this time we will attempt to transmute water that has been tested by a lab in Santa Fe and is known to be polluted. Using spiritual methods we will try to reverse the pollution. The water will once again be tested. My helping spirits have advised me to work with chemical pollution as that is what is causing so much illness. The plan at this point is to put things like gasoline, oil, and arsenic in water we are trying are to transmute. I will keep you posted on what happens.
I am very excited about this work and plan to focus my energy on continuing experimentation in this vein.

We are making a new transition into the next century. I am sure that you are feeling changes in your life and around you. As with all transitions, some chaos is bound to occur, In Welcome Home I share the following advice for times of great change:
Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered
To move into the work of transmutation, you must develop a practice which will help you follow the above advice. You can only create healing in the environment when you can stay focused, optimistic, and centered.

May you find harmony, peace, and joy in your life as you celebrate the beginning of a new century. Happy 2000!

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