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Recently I was driving by a church that I pass driving home from doing my errands. They always post a message outside of the church, and some of the messages are quite inspirational.

I felt the message that was posted recently was quite powerful for the times we are living in. It said “Don’t tell me you love me. Show me”.

We are all concerned about what is happening in our outer world. And I join you in my concern. As I shared last month I get a wealth of emails and Facebook messages from people who are so angry about what is happening to our environment and other nature beings that they don’t know how to deal with their feelings and keep up their spiritual work.

Last month I gave some suggestions of working with the principles of neuroplasticity and also with performing ceremonies. You can review last month’s Transmutation News to reinforce what I am sharing this month. You can click on this link to read last month’s column:

I keep sharing again and again that we all must express our feelings, then transmute and transform them, and feed the planet and all of life with love and light. We have to keep up our practice of transfiguration for this practice truly creates miraculous healings beyond what we can imagine on a rational level. I am continually amazed at the case studies people send me that come from radiating light while focusing on others and even on challenges in local communities.

My big concern is what is happening to our collective. For as you know there is so much hate, anger, and despair being sent into the collective. And this is something I can understand more with people who do not have a spiritual practice and are lost in the trance of the material world.

But as I am so present on email and social media I am shocked at how much anger is being sent into the collective from people who do have strong spiritual practices. And I am seeing more posts, than I care to read, that show that many people in the shamanic community have become divided. This ends up feeding our energy field with more anger.

For if you have a spiritual practice you have to be awake enough to know the consequences of dividing instead of standing strong together.

Recently I had a powerful dream. And the message of the dream was, “What if you let go of all the principles you teach and the rules you hold about life and just be a loving presence throughout the day?” The message of my dream is that experiencing a shift in our presence is needed. We took a body to share and receive unconditional love. We came here to love and be loved.

Well, I find the messages I receive in my dreams to be quite powerful as the energy of the words I receive telepathically go straight into my Inner World shifting my vibration. And I know that the message I received was true. At the same time, I know this is a life process to learn how to “be” a being that is simply love just like the creator formed us out of unconditional love.

We do have to start somewhere, and the work we have been doing together has been opening up our hearts. Our continued work helps us to experience an increase in how our inner light shines through us. And with all that is going on in the world so many people feel their hearts are breaking which is an initiation that opens us up to greater levels of compassion.

But we cannot fall back asleep and feed our collective field with anger and divisiveness. This only feeds the problem instead of the solution.

This month I ask you to imagine yourself planting two pots with seeds of your favorite vegetable or herb. And as you imagine yourself watering one pot focus on all the ordinary thoughts you think about during the day when you reflect on what is happening in your life and in the world. And then imagine yourself transfiguring and watering the other pot with unconditional love and divine light.

After weeks of doing this practice notice, with your imagination, how the two different plants are growing. And reflect on which plant you would like to eat.

I know I have given you similar exercises before where I have asked you to plant parsley seeds (as they germinate and grow so quickly) and focus on the energies you want to feed the plant and what energies you want to absorb when you eat the plant. This exercise was one I have given a few times to do physically versus through your imagination.

We have to wake up and be conscious about the energies we are feeding in the collective. For the collective field of energy keeps becoming more toxic. And what I am noticing is that people are becoming more aggressive on all levels. Even some of the gentlest souls I know are posting words of hate and division.

I find myself praying more for the collective field of energy and doing more work to transmute the collective toxic energies being shared and sent. We are not going to see any changes on how humans are treating each other, all of life, and the environment if we keep feeding the collective field of energy with anger and divisive energies. There is no way for healing to occur until we learn how to feed the collective with unconditional love and light filled energies. This has to be common sense for all of you reading this column.

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I have been so grateful for all the beautiful case studies that so many of you have sent me about using the practice of transfiguration and other shamanic practices I have shard on this column. And I have shared wonderful case studies with you over the years. I am always delighted to hear from any of you who have a good inspirational story to tell that I can share to uplift our community and keep us focused on our spiritual work. If you have an inspirational story to share you can email it to

Recently I heard from a woman who is dealing with life challenges as we all are. And as most of us she has found solace by spending time in nature. One day she was washing the dishes and was watching two pigeons grazing in her backyard.

That night she had a dream/vision. She watched herself washing the dishes again and seeing the pigeons grazing in her backyard just as she had seen during the day. This time when she looked outside at the birds they were illuminated by a kind of starlight radiating from within. As a new reader of the Transmutation News she was not that familiar with my work with transfiguration and how I explain the practice as experiencing our inner starlight.

She knew that was the true nature of life on Earth; light. This dream/vision helped her to develop a broader perspective of life.

I wanted to share this story as when we do have a deep experience with transfiguration where we fully feel the flow of our radiant starlight our lives are transformed forever. And when we can see that light in all of nature and flowing through the Earth we can see the power of feeding the light in all of life instead of feeding the suffering.

This does not mean we will not experience the personal challenges or negative feelings about what is happening on the planet today. But when we do perceive only the suffering we are looking through the eyes of ego. When we can perceive the light in all of life we are looking through the eyes of spirit. And this is the perception we are all striving for in our spiritual work and evolution of consciousness.

So join me in our ongoing commitment to learn how to express our feelings, transmute the energy behind them, and feed the collective field of energy with unconditional love and radiant light.

The full moon is on August 7. Let us deepen our transfiguration practice by making a clear commitment to the compassionate spirits and the creative forces of the universe that we will continue to support those in our global community doing spiritual work together. We hold you in love during the challenges you face. And we also see you in your divine light and strength. We do this for our community. And on the full moon we perform our preparation work so we step away from our ego, our rational thoughts, and our burdens. And we journey within to our inner landscape where our light is always shining as brightly as the stars, the sun, and the moon.

Let us join our hearts together and weave a beautiful and exquisite web of light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon practice.

Please join me in sending blessings and gratitude to Petr Němčanský who will be translating the Transmutation News in the Czech language.

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