I just returned from New York very late last night so I am a bit spacey. But I wanted to let everyone know about my time at the United Nations.

First of all I want to thank everyone who sent prayers that people would be touched by the Medicine for the Earth work. For indeed that did happen. The lecture went very well and it was well received by everyone who attended.

I thought I would give you some of the history of just organizing the talk over the last year. For I think you will get some idea of how the spirits were working behind the scenes.

In October of 2005 I was a keynote presenter at a Health Fair that was sponsored by a college in New York. I presented the Medicine for the Earth material during my lecture. At the end of the lecture Tom, someone I had met in a workshop in the 1980’s, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to present this lecture at the UN.

I told him I would be happy to and I would contact him after I got home from teaching in Europe. So then began the journey of setting a date, which proved to be most difficult, as I have had such a full teaching year.

Originally we talked about the end of April. And it just felt like things were not working out. The only time I had free besides April was in July. So I just tuned in and asked if July 27 was free.

Once the date was set and everything was in place for me to come, I got the news that a lot of the people I would be trying to reach would be on vacation in July. I immediately started to question my judgement in committing to this date. But I really had no choice but to move forward at this point. I had to trust that the right people would show and that at least a door would open that would create the opportunity for further dialogue.

The meeting at the United Nations was sponsored by The Values Caucus at the United Nations in association with The NGO Committee on the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

The Millennium Declaration at the UN speaks to the issues of equality, freedom from hunger and violence, freedom from oppression and injustice, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature, and shared responsibility. These are just some main headings of the declaration.

The night before my talk I met with some people for dinner. One of the women whom I met was on the Indigenous Committee and was key in helping to put on the lecture. Her name is Pam and she has been working at the UN for 12 years. She said she received many phone calls from people apologizing that they could not come to the talk as they were either on vacation or could not get off work from other jobs. But she reminded me that the United Nations had a spirit and it was alive. And that the UN was in deep trouble at the moment so that a lot of healing needed to take place. Pam felt that the timing for my visit could not have been timed more perfectly.

And this was so true. Everytime I talked with Tom he kept saying how crazy things were at the UN. Think about the timing of the talk. Everyone at the UN is busy dealing with the situation between Israel and Lebanon.

I have one student from Slovakia who is now working at the UN representing his country. He is sitting on the Security Council. And he kept telling me how chaotic the energy was at the UN.

And now Pam was reminding me of how the UN as a life force and spiritual entity needed healing. I realized the absolute perfection of the date. For it did not matter how many people attended the meeting. I had put out a request for support to all of you. That meant that thousands of people around the world were focusing divinity and perfection on the UN that day. For the Transmutation News is in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovakian, and Dutch.

So there was what was happening on a visible and tangible level of sharing the information verbally with those who could take the work out into the communities they worked with. And then there was the invisible work of infusing the UN, which is a living entity with the spirit of divine perfection at a time when great healing is needed.

There was a good turn out for the talk. I started by sharing how we were gathering as a community who cares about the welfare of all of life at this crucial time on the planet.

For thousands of years shamans and spiritual teachers from around the globe have offered us spiritual teachings and solutions to the challenges of life.

As our environment and the violence of war challenge us to the depths of our being it is now time for us to listen to those ancient teachings with new ears.

I began by honoring the ancestors and the descendants as well as the helping spirits.

I spoke some about soul loss/soul retrieval as I feel with all the trauma caused by violence and environmental changes it is important that the power of this work be known.

And then I spoke about the key points of the Medicine for the Earth work.

Everything manifests on a spiritual level before manifesting on the physical. This means that the spiritual work we do does make a difference and it is where we have all have power right now to create change.

I described the web of life and the work of shamans. I also talked about how shamans weave the fabric of reality and work on the invisible levels.

The toxicity we are seeing on all levels today is the reflection of our inner toxic nature. And I shared the principle of it is who we become that changes the world and not what we do.

I talked about how to transmute and transform the energy behind our negative thoughts and emotions. And I gave the examples of phrases we use everyday of how we might feel shot down, back stabbed, kicked, held hostage, feeling as if we are in explosive energy. These are terrorist terms and from a shamanic point of view this is actually happening. So how can we say we want peace and a clean environment when our behavior does not reflect a harmonious way of living?

You could tell people were moved by what I was sharing on this level.

And then I talked about working with the power of words.

I shared how we can project divinity and light and perfection on people around the world who are being challenged instead of pitying them. I have been writing quite a bit about this topic over the year on the Transmutation News.

And of course I talked about reconnecting with nature and the web of life.

Then I talked about how we can work in community and also the ceremonies we can perform. I described the formula for transmutation and creation. And then talked about the ceremonies we have performed in Medicine for the Earth gatherings and the pilot research study I did in collaboration with the University of Michigan. I shared the results we have been getting.

I talked about the paradox we are all living with as we are egoic beings who see ourselves as separate but on an esoteric level everything is perfect and everyone is divine. And it is truly our perception that creates our reality. And that part of the key to our work together is moving into a place of love and appreciation.

People were very touched and I saw heads shaking in affirmation when I talked about the division I saw in the spiritual community and how we do not know how to focus together as well as some of the more fundamentalist groups. There seemed to be great agreement in this point by watching the expression on the faces of the group present. So we have our work to do in learning how to support each other in focusing our spiritual energies to move forward and create positive change instead of judging whose work is more powerful.

I then let people ask questions or bring up issues for discussion. By the questions I could really see that people were effected by what I shared and were thinking deeply about things.

And then we ended with a short transfiguration ceremony with water in the middle of the room and ending with drinking some of the water while we shared words of power for the world and the time we live in.

Within twenty four hours of my talk I started getting messages on my voice mail from some who were present and I have agreed to consult with them on how to put some of this work into action.

After the meeting friends who came to support me along with some of the organizers went to the UN cafeteria for some snacks and to talk. Carl is the head of the Values Caucus at the United Nations and it was interesting to talk more with him and get some feedback. He also has been working at the UN for a long time. I think if I remember what he said he has been there since the 1980’s.

He commented that he could see my work being implemented if it was done in the right way meaning woven into things without spiritual terminology.

He talked about how when he has met the ambassadors one on one in social situations they are just wonderful people. But he said the UN has a very old and very rule oriented way of working with things. So they have documents that they read in which certain principles are read for certain situations.

So he said the same ambassadors that are quite open in social situations become very closed and rigid in meetings and only speak “the party line” when they talk in behalf of their countries.

But of course as we know the old rules and party lines are no longer offering solutions to the challenges we are all facing on all levels right now. Carl talked about the UN being on a treadmill now.

So we will see what happens. I felt very good about the talk and I felt participants really got what I was sharing. And I really shared basic human principles of how we can all work to change what is happening in the world right now. And I know I will keep in touch with some of the people who were at the meeting and continue to bring in the work on whatever level is possible.

So I again thank you for the personal support. And I feel we must all trust in the spiritual energy that was infused into the UN on the day from of all of you. I do believe that there was a reason that my presentation was given at such a challenging time at the UN. And we all have to trust that our work provided positive input.

I flew home from New York and I had to change planes in Dallas. As we were flying in to Dallas I could see how parched the land was. There were hundreds and hundreds of homes lined up in rows in the middle of parched land with no trees.

Seeing this scene led me to some thinking. I just wondered if all people woke up everyday and gave appreciation for their lives and honored earth, air, water, and the energy from the sun for all that was given how the landscape all around the world would change.

The spiritual work we need to do is so basic. But it takes a commitment and deep focus during these times to remember the truths.

We cannot say we want peace and a good environment to live in if we are not willing to do the work to create the inner landscape that supports that change on the planet.

Over the last few months I have been sharing with you about finding ways to fully merge and become the new, higher, and more refined frequencies of the earth.

 I want to give you a report on how this work has been going for me. I have been doing all the exercises I have been suggesting to you over the last few months. What I am finding is that I feel more joy. I am laughing more. I feel lighter inside of myself. This feels so healing for me and also what I am feeding the collective energies with.

 When I was a child I was filled with joy and was also in deep wonder and awe of the beauty of nature. Although I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and surrounded by buildings and concrete I could not believe the incredible beauty of the trees, plants, animals, and the sky above.

 Although this appreciation of the beauty of the earth has stayed with me a lot of the joy of being alive and being part of this great earth left me. And that incredible joy has returned. My feelings of gratefulness for the gift of life are at an all time high. And I know this healing I have received effects all of life.

 And it all came through journeys and meditations to merge with the higher and more refined frequencies of the earth. So I urge you and encourage you to keep up this practice which becomes a way of life no different than breathing.

 One night in July I was kept up from the most amazing thunderstorm. I could barely believe the intensity of lightening in the sky. It was after midnight and there was no way to sleep in the middle of this lightening, thunder, and pounding rains. As Santa Fe has been in such drought I was so happy for all the trees, plants, and animals who were receiving the gift of nourishing water.

 In my twilight state I received a glimpse into the future. I truly experienced with sight and feeling where we are moving to in the evolution of consciousness. I saw as we continue to raise our frequency we will move into becoming lighter and less dense beings. Communication through the psychic realms will be instantaneous as well as our ability to manifest light into form. Physical and emotional healing will be easier as our level of density lessens. Movement and change will be facilitated in a faster, easier, and more graceful way.

 The final message I was left with was where we are moving to is so wonderful. Don’t hold on to your current way of life which feeds into denser energies. We are moving into a joyful light time. Do not be afraid of the coming changes.

The full moon is August 9. Let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light vibrating with joy within and throughout the earth. We must remember that our spiritual work is working with invisible energies knowing that what we do in the spiritual does manifest in the physical. Let’s keep joining our hearts and spirit together in behalf of the spirit that lives in all things.

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