Last month I wrote about my talk at the United Nations. I really felt that much of the purpose of my being there is that the United Nations needed a burst of spiritual energy. Thousands of you focused divine perfection on the UN on July 27 while I was there. And if you have been following the news the energy is starting to move for the UN.

People at the UN were thrilled to know that thousands of people reading the Transmutation News were focusing light on the UN that day. I do believe that there was no mistake on the timing of the talk and the need to focus our energies there.

At my talk I connected with a wonderful woman named Kathleen and I am trying to help with her organization’s mission.

Kathleen is a UN NGO ECOSOC representative for Information Habitat. Kathleen works to develop the global environmental economy and environmental industry as instruments of peace within and between countries.

Kathleen herself and her organization are extremely focused on the human rights issues in China. In April 22, 2005 she gave a UN press conference speech televised to support human rights in China.

She was very struck when I had shared in the meeting that thousands of people around the world were focusing light and divinity on the UN during my talk. And she asked if our community could focus our light on China.

There are so many issues going on in the world right now that touch our hearts. And many of us feel pulled in different directions.

I believe that we can focus our energies on sending light to the dark places in the world and the situations that need some light.

The Communist Party systematically terrorizes, tortures, and murders its own people to try to maintain control. The majority of people in China want freedom including the Chinese military who do not receive good care. In numbers and spirit the Chinese who want freedom vastly outnumber Chinese communist torturers.

The above I paraphrased from Kathleen’s speech. Now I would like to quote the next part:

“Einstein said that the imagination encircles the globe. Envision the world as a powerful circle around China. Many members of the global civilized community are lovingly present with the Chinese people and are horrified that your own countrymen would inflict atrocities on their own people. You, the Chinese people, are our global brothers and sisters- we are one in partnership with you for peace and freedom on your land. Together, with you, we will imagine China’s communist catastrophe disintegrating into dust. We call on your wise and loving ancestors to correct the communists, reverse their damage and restore human dignity to all Chinese people. Until communism fully dismantles, reach from your hearts into the earth’s heart to draw loving-strength and compassion from the global heart.”

If you find yourself feeling called to help with doing transfiguration work yourself or in your groups I know this will help.

I suggest starting this work on Sept. 7 on the full moon and keeping it up when you can.

As we watch the state of the world it continues to be clear that an old paradigm is falling apart. And as the old paradigm falls it is so important to have people dreaming new possibilities into being and willing to hold that dream through the time of chaos.

Set your intention and commit to being a visionary and hold the light during this time on the planet.

Set your intention to do the inner work on the path towards unconditional love. You might find yourself meeting “the demons at the gate” and being confronted with the energies of jealousy, envy, ambition, judgement, etc. You must be willing to do the work of alchemy of working within and through these inner states. The end result will be being filled with a light and loving consciousness.

You must be willing to admit that you have creative brilliance to add to the work and that you are willing to own your power and “step up to the plate” right now.

And you must not feed into feelings of hopelessness that can come if we do not see immediate results in our physical world. There is a lot that goes on in the invisible realms that will manifest when the gestation process is complete.

It is so important to learn to stay centered during these times and not lose hope. For as you lose hope you fall into the dense state that mass consciousness is in. As you hold the light you move into a higher frequency where you are fed with hope and unlimited possibilities.

The issue of dealing with a crisis of faith came up on one of my Two Year Teacher Training yahoo groups. It is easy to fall into questioning the power of our spiritual work and whether we are sticking our heads in the sand.

Elise, a brilliant teacher in New Jersey. wrote a response to this question which I found very helpful. I asked her permission to share it with you.

First she starts off by quoting Eric Pearlman. “In quantum physics if you change the behavior of one particle, another particle in a different location will instantaneously react whether inches or universes away.”

Elise goes on to share that lower frequencies entrain or attune to higher vibrations and not the other way around. She says it makes sense not to hook in to the trauma/ drama of situations but to work with the ideal. She says: “The less I hook in to the specifics of the here and now the better. Then the Divine Harmony and the Uncorruptable Love has more room to create the miracle. The spirits taught me about HOPE. It needs to be open ended or it limits what can manifest.”

She goes on to say:

“Creation is a dynamic changing thing. It makes up new thought forms that support Peace, outside of the box of anything that has happened before this. That is why History may not be useful in this endeavor. To be Visionary is to have a vision of the future. To Decree is to intend it to happen in the present and not wait for History to resolve itself. We do not have time for that now.”

“Is there a Universal Intelligence that I can Co-create with? Do I believe in the biggest miracles I can imagine? Can I rally others to believe with me and raise up the frequency? Why not? Why not now? Why not easily?”

These are questions we must answer yes to now. For to be able to truly live our lives with the understanding of the true power of raising our frequency is to put us in complete harmony with the new frequencies of the earth. I have been writing about this for the last few months.

We cannot say we want to merge with the new frequencies of the earth and at the same time question the miracles that come from doing this.

Over the years we have been doing journeys and meditations to merge with the elements earth, air, water, and fire. When we talk about the elements they are interrelated. We don’t talk about a body as arms, legs, a head, etc. We see an interconnected body.

The earth is making a statement right now with all the dramatic environmental challenges many countries are experiencing. For many water is showing us how out of balance we have become as the extremes of drought and flooding continues.

This month I would ask you to merge with water as part of the earth. In a merged state experience the interrelatedness with the earth, air, and the sun.

During your journey or meditation feel yourself coming back to a place of harmony within yourself knowing it will create balance in our outer world.

I suggest you do this on the Autumn equinox Sept. 23 as part of our world community experiencing harmony within which manifests as harmony without.

There might be other ceremonies you have performed before to honor this powerful transition time as summer moves into fall. I have found that repeating ceremonies that you have felt powerful to you is key. There is a power that continues to build in the repetition. Ceremonies that are only performed once don’t have the same impact as those that are continued over time.

I have also personally found something that all spiritual traditions have always known. If you engage the helping compassionate ancestors in your work they are a real force in helping manifest change in your life, community, and the planet.

Here are a couple of poems that people shared with me last month.

Julie wrote this at the time that I was at United Nations:

Earth you are my spirit, every mountain strong,
Every summer daydream, every sparrow’s song,
Every flower’s sweet perfume,
Every wave on the sea
Lives within my spirit.
You’re part of me.

And Eva sent in an English translation of poem written by a German poet:

All is possible,
is mysterious.
The cycle of love and pain
never ending.

Often the unweaponed heart
is standing alone
in front of important change.

The full moon is September 7 let’s add to the light we are sending to China and continue to fully embrace the planet and all of life with the web of light we have been weaving as one heart beating together.

Fall is such a powerful time of deep change on the planet. It is a time of great beauty. Change comes in many forms. Learn to stay completely centered and move with the energy of the earth. In this way we can be of true service to the earth and the spirit that lives in all things.


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