All the answers live inside of us. People and events often pull us outside of ourselves. This prevents us from being in contact with our the “all knowing” part. For this month notice how often you are pulled outside of yourself during the day. Journey or meditate on if there is a pattern in your life of losing yourself.

Practice the disidentification exercise on page 84-85 of Medicine for the Earth. Read the chapter on Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi on pages 80-83. Use your creative genius to develop a practice that will help you move into a place of observation throughout the day. The practice of observation is one way to work with staying present. Only in learning how to stay present will you find stillness. Our spirit as well as all answers and knowledge live in the stillness. We must access the stillness and silence to access our all-knowing spirit which is the reflection of the divine force that created all of life.

Remember it is who you become that changes the world. We must find inner harmony to create outer harmony. Harmony can be found in the stillness of our being. Learn how to stay present throughout your day. This takes focus and concentration and a lot of practice.

As you look around the natural world you will observe movement in the plant life around you. Depending on where you live you might notice that plants are in different stages of flowering or preparing to flower during this season. The only way a plant can produce healthy vibrant blossoms is if the plant received the appropriate rest and nurturance to do so. Most plants that are stressed will either not produce flowers or will produce flowers that are withered. How are you nurturing yourself so that you will be able to blossom into a beautiful flower this spring?

This month I suggest that you do a meditation or journey to merge with the earth. In each season the soil changes its level of activity. To really understand what is happening in nature during the season of spring find out what the soil is doing. You can do a merging exercise during each season to get more information on how the earth keeps changing to support life.

If you are new to this web site you can go back to the May 2000 transmutation news for instructions on how to do this. The instructions also appear on pages 152-153 of Medicine for the Earth

The full moon this month is April 7. Please join in on creating a human web of light.

Recently I was introduced to some fascinating research done by Masaru Emoto. He found a way to show the health of water by freezing it and photographing the crystals. He has been able to photograph water that has been prayed over, water where certain intentions have been sent to it, as well as water that has people’s names recited to it, and water that has had different types of music played to it. The photos are quite fascinating.

He has found that when you combine the intention of love and gratitude or appreciation this creates the best crystalline structures of the water. All spiritual traditions teach us about the power of appreciation and Masaru Emoto shows us through photography how this affects water.

He wrote a book The Message of Water. The web site that describes his work and gives ordering information for his book is

To order The Message From Water in the United States contact

Source Books 615-773-7691.
You can also go their web site at:

I highly suggest you check out his work.

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