This month I would like to jump ahead in going through the material in Medicine for the Earth. I want to talk about the principle of collaboration.

On this web site and in my book I have written about the experiments we have done in my workshops with transmuting or changing the nature of water infused with ammonium hydroxide. I have been encouraging people to get into a divine state where the water reflects back our own divinity and state of harmony. We have gotten profound results with the water working in this way. I have steered people away from using only divine intervention to do the work. In only working with divine intervention we call in divine forces and helping spirits to do the work for us. In working with divine intervention we usually take no personal responsibility.

If we are to evolve our spiritual practices to work with healing the earth we need to work in partnership with divine forces and helping spirits. We need to work in collaboration. This creates the necessary changes in us that shifts and evolves consciousness. This evolution of consciousness naturally creates a different environment.

In chapter 13 (page 157) in Medicine for the Earth I wrote about the wondrous gardens that were created in Findhorn, Scotland and Perelandra in Virginia where the people engaged in collaboration with the nature spirits.

I have also written in other parts of the book that there was a time when the gods and goddesses walked the earth.

There are beings that were once visible to all of humankind which inhabit the earth with us. As we have moved into a society that works with what is only “rational” we have lost contact with the special beings that we live with and have become invisible to most of us.

During this season the nature spirits are dancing and singing and enjoying life. We can call them in and work in collaboration to help us learn how to heal our environment.

In shamanic healing work we often call on the compassion of our helping spirits to alleviate pain and suffering for others or ourselves. This month I would like to suggest trying another way of working with collaboration with the helping spirits as well as the nature spirits. This month I suggest that the calling in of help be done through joy and not with asking for pity. They both have their place; they just access different realms.

In working with healing the environment we can work in a co-creative partnership with the helping spirits and the nature spirits through joy. Meditate on the word “joy”. Get a real sense of the vibration of the word in your body. “joy” has a high vibration to it.
The energy of joy is a vibration creating a different kind of spiritual opening than an opening that is created through suffering.

For this month try to experience joy and while in that state let the nature spirits know that you wish to make contact with them. You cannot make yourself experience joy. Joy is a state that happens. One path to joy is to start by thinking about what you love and appreciate. As you shift your attitude throughout the day to an attitude of love and appreciation you will notice a sense of joy starting to rise up in you. Also as you shift your perception to see the beauty in all things you will also experience joy.

Spring is a joyful time in nature. Set your intention and focus on allowing yourself to feel the joy of life and call in the energy of collaboration with the spiritual realms from this place.

Notice how your perception changes including how your perception of nature shifts to a different vibration. Notice how the shift in vibration allows you to see how vibrant nature is. Try to spend a significant time out in nature this month noticing the difference when you experience nature from a place of joy.

The full moon this month is May 7. Please join in on the meditation to create a human web of light.

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