As it is the spiritual part of ourselves that holds the knowledge of how to heal we must spend more time accessing this part. The part of ourselves that most of us let have control is the ego. We tend to try and figure things out with our intellect.

We must be diligent in finding the spiritual practices that allow us to go beyond the ego to the depth of our being where we can access our spirit. Some of the spiritual practices people engage in involve the ego trying to get rid of the ego. This will not work for obvious reasons.

Part II of Medicine for the Earth gives many examples of practices to get in touch with our spiritual side to transmute the negative beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts that create pollution in ourselves which ultimately effect our outer environment. It’s easy to remember these practices when we are feeling positive and expansive. We forget to do them when we are lost in our limitations. Therefore, diligence, intention, and focus are crucial to incorporate spiritual practices throughout the day.

For this month I suggest you read through the practices in Part II of Medicine for the Earth. Pick different practices that you can work with on arising in the morning to set your intention to work spiritually, a practice you can do throughout the day when you “fall off the razor’s edge” of walking a spiritual path, and a practice you can do before going to bed to reflect on and transmute events and thoughts of the day. This will lead to “the alchemy of your soul”.

Commit to doing this daily and watch how your perception about life starts to change. Remember changing your perception changes your reality.

Remember to incorporate all the elements of the formula for transmutation as you do your practice.

As you begin to experience a consciousness that embraces unity, the shadow might arise. We live on a planet of duality. We have egos that only know separation. As we start to experience unity the ego starts to feel threatened. So you might find yourself moving into a negative state of consciousness.

Do not abandon the work at this point. Have compassion for yourself. Realize that the shifting of consciousness takes awareness and daily practice. Use the tools I wrote about to help you when you move into negative states. And realize that this phase is completely normal.

Another way to look at this is all shifts in consciousness require going through an initiation. An initiation marks a change in our lives. Initiations tend not to be easy processes as initiation requires letting go of an old state of consciousness and going through tests which require surrender and trust. Often when we make a shift in consciousness and begin the initiation required all the “old demons” stand in front of the doorway trying to prevent us from walking through. The doorway leads to a better life and a more conscious way of being filled with rewards. Don’t give up the rewards because you don’t want to embark on the journey.

The full moon this month is March 9. Remember to connect with the human web of light that has formed around the planet.

And let’s remember to celebrate and honor the change in season this month. Happy Spring!

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