Over the last few months, I have been writing about how people are making different choices on how they want to live their lives. The dismemberment we have all been through has led to somewhat of a phase of rememberment. And if we remember “dismemberment” is to bring us back to our authentic self and be sculpted into the being we were destined to be. Dismemberment is a process of our souls being polished.

In our current rememberment there are lots of different life choices people are making about what is real and meaningful about life and how they can create a life that feels harmonious and follows the flow of a good life.

Of course, we are watching the people who don’t want to change and living life as if it were one big party. But I have been writing about people who are making more conscious changes of how they want to live a more balanced life.

It is like the “chips” got thrown up into the air and now everyone is looking for their unique chip to create a different life. To borrow a term I heard on a YouTube podcast – “It is time to get off of the struggle bus.”

I have been reading such interesting articles in different papers and on social media about changes people are making. In a previous newsletter, I wrote about how some people are choosing to move into small communities where they have a tight support system. Some people are choosing to move to cities.

And I have so many students who have become nomads and this seems to be the life they want to live for now, so they can be in nature and allow all that has occurred in their lives and the world to have some time to integrate.

My biggest surprise came in reading an article that spoke about how people in the 30’s are getting rid of their email and social media devices and buying flip phones. To my surprise, I learned that flip phones are one of the most successful phones on the market bought by people who don’t want to deal with the technology. The people from this young generation I saw interviewed said that they are tired of staying on Instagram and Tik Tok all day. They want to go outside and have a life. They give their phone number to just a few friends and that is their community. Kind of sounds like the old days.

This has actually been a dream of mine since the day I got my email address. I have dreamt about doing a ceremony and getting rid of my iPhone, iPad, and computer.

And then there are articles you might have seen about the power of AI and scientists’ predictions that AI will take over faster than we think. A student reported to me that an AI bot came into something she was writing and offered to edit it for her. Kind of crazy to think about!!

Months ago, I had a fight with an AI bot on the phone and it hung up on me. When I called back the AI said, “You just called” and hung up.

With all these different paths that people are following it will be so interesting to see how our collective ends up dividing into different dimensions for there are so many wonderful paradoxes in how people are choosing to live the next stage of their life. Will you be living with AIs, moving to a small community, buying a flip phone, or just committing to doing your spiritual practices and letting the world find its own way home?

There is one choice I hope does not get continued. I was listening to a very short podcast on YouTube where the wild speaker was sharing how Generation Xs don’t like to dance! This was one man’s observation as he is in his fifties and is a Generation X person himself.

Okay, I guess the message for this month is there are all kinds of choices you can make in how you live your life. What do you want your life to look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, and sound like? We all have so many opportunities as I continue to teach in the work of creation and manifestation that is inherent in the Medicine for the Earth work.

For our imagination creates our reality.

The full moon is July 3 right before Independence Day!  There are a lot of good reasons to travel within to do your deepest transfiguration work right now. So make a decision to do the work as we have been taught to, in a way that creates miracles in our lives and for others. This is how it worked for thousands of years. Why should it not work now? Absorb the spiritual light that you are and then let it flow to every corner of the Earth.

And may all beings on this Earth be free!

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News, please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

During the month of May, at night, I had some really interesting mystical experiences.  And they all led me to understand and review the intention I actually stated out loud to the universe when I was 7 years old. And through this, I manifested the road map of my life. I had this one mystical experience where I set my intention of what I was going to do in this lifetime.

I have shared with all of you that the first paper I wrote in high school was on Creation and Manifestation. This all feeds into the intention I set when I was 7. And now I remember again what my life’s work is about.  I will be writing more about this in the future Transmutation News.


I am looking at teaching an Advanced Shamanic Healing training in 2024. I am currently working out dates with the Chi Center. So I hope to have some exciting news soon. And then after my Healing Training I will be scheduling another Two-Year Teacher Training.  There is a lot to look forward to.

In the meantime, I am still doing The Shamans Cave podcast with Renee Baribeau. We have so much fun doing this show, and we have had amazing feedback on how we are helping people ride out the waves of change we are in. We have listeners and viewers from all generations and from people all over the world. You can learn more and subscribe to our show by visiting www.ShamansTV.com.

There are teachers on www.shamanicteachers.com who are teaching in person trainings, online advanced shamanic healing methods trainings with really small groups so everyone can be observed in their work, and there are hybrid courses of a mixture of online and person trainings. Due to the intimate size of the group participants are getting some of the best shamanic healing than have seen in past workshops.

And during these times it is a good idea to get some shamanic healing work performed to give you the power and resilience we all need right now. There are brilliant practitioners working with clients remotely and in person listed on www.shamanicteachers.com.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information. And you have all received my dedicated email that all my Shift Network courses are now all digital and can be bought by you to learn from at any time. “The Dark Night of the Soul” is such a powerful course and has great tools to get you through challenging times. And “Healing with Spiritual Light” produced by Sounds True and “Spiritual Immunity” produced by the Shift Network are my Medicine for the Earth and Spiritual Light trainings in an online format.

There is a fabulous course on working with Nature which is one of my favorites “Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature”.

Please check out my books and audio programs and my Healing Your Thoughts app. I have received such great feedback, and they include information and exercises I teach in my workshops. All my books sell well. But if you haven’t check out Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony. You might be missing some valuable shamanic tools and practices you can use in your life to receive guidance, healing, and to honor all the transitions and changes in life.

And due to my work of deepening my practices I am reading my book Medicine for the Earth again. Besides Soul Retrieval and The Book of Ceremony this is one of my powerful books. It is very esoteric, and it never quite reached a mainstream audience. But it is deep!!

And don’t forget to visit our Shamans are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page to post inspirational stories and images and to be uplifted by what our community is sharing. To join the Facebook group Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, go to:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/991720834662313. The password is “Transfiguration”. 

Sylvia Edwards has generously compiled a list of the ceremonies that have been shared so far on the Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy website. Below is a link to that page. Once there you will find all the past recordings with a description.

Thank you, Sylvia, for gifting us with this list:



In “Harmonize Your Whole Being with the Native American-Style Flute: Discover Your 5 Energy Centers Using 5 Sacred Seed Sounds to Awaken Healing & Inner Attunement” with Christine Stevens, you’ll experience the transformative power of the Native American-style flute to heighten your awareness and strengthen the areas of your body and your life that are in need of self-care — and begin your self-healing journey with music.

Register here: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/hwbfSI/ingerman/

Chanchal Cabrera is teaching a course on how easy it can be to incorporate herbs into your daily routine — and how herbal medicine can play a vital role in helping you move through a chemotherapy regimen while integrating herbs as a part of your cancer treatment plan to manage symptoms and enhance your overall quality of life.

Her introductory call was in June. But you can still register here for Herbal Support to Help You Thrive After a Cancer Diagnosis: Harness the Potency of Herbs for Holistic Cancer Care, Symptom Relief & Boosting Your Immune System


John Brennan is one of my students who continues to inspire me with his resilience, his passion for shamanic work and any way he can help others, for his dedication to the land all that is good. He is one of the brilliant practitioners and teachers listed on www.shamanicteachers.com. He is a veteran and has focused his work on helping other veterans.

Brain Shift: From Head to Heart by John Polomo Brennan is a story of spiritual recovery from a military engineering mind to Shamanic healing, from head-oriented decisions to heart-oriented decisions and subsequent actions.

Brennan tells how his deep immersions in Nature and Indigenous Ceremony have allowed him to slowly recover from the head-centered ways of engineering. His journey over a quarter of a century allowed him to let go of the deterministic nature of engineering so he could enter the unbridled spiritual world and wonder of shamanic healing.

Brain Shift explains the basics of shamanic healing as well as the beginning ways shamanic healing ceremonies, such as soul retrieval, may be conducted to heal others.  Brain Shift also contains a useful set of references for further learning through shamanic teachers’ websites, workshops, and useful books.  


So many of us navigate chronic stress, health issues, depression, anxiety, and more. Even though those things pull us away from ourselves, there’s something that can always bring us back in: breathwork.

When you bring focus and intention to your breath, you open up physiological pathways to healing, connection, and growth. In BreathWork, Jennifer Patterson and guest teachers give a wide-ranging introduction to this deep self-care practice. No previous experience is needed. Join us and learn how to use your breath to reconnect to your wise inner healer.


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