I have found myself struggling to find a lot of words as I write and teach today. When I journey my spirits tell me this is a time of regeneration and healing after so much has happened around the world with the pandemic. Of course the issues facing us and the planet are formidable. And of course, Covid is still here.

But when I journey my helping spirits tell me it is a time of waiting. For the information on what action and movements to take are just not yet known. There is not a lot of information to get right now.

I was sharing with an acquaintance that I have felt like I have been focusing so much on all the wars going on that I have not looked at the war going on inside of me. For a key teaching in the Medicine for the Earth work is as above so below as within so without. Everything we are experiencing outside of ourselves is a reflection of our inner state.

I feel like I have been through some event like a war where there was a tremendous amount of fallout of almost like nuclear material. I was led to an article on Chernobyl. And the article shared how fast plants and trees grew back after the disaster. To look at some of the photos of forests today, although the land is still devastated, is quite extraordinary. The article shared how plants and trees can’t receive help from outside sources for healing as they stand in one place. So they have everything within they need to heal while they are standing. A plant can grow a stem longer reaching for the sun or send roots deeper into the earth. All kinds of inner movements are done to survive and thrive.

The key thing in looking at an area like Chernobyl is the need for rest, regeneration, and all the elements to feed it and bring it back to life.

I feel that although Covid is still here and our multiple planetary issues are just growing more destructive that we have been through somewhat of a war.

And I find I need more time for everything. I got overwhelmed working and helping so many that my body is drawing the line in the sand and saying this is the time to regenerate after depletion before any more work can go on.

I have read this same message from others so many times now through social media. Many of us are getting this is a real time to stop searching for answers and solutions. We need some solitude and silence to do this. We need to heal any depletion.

I am happy to be living in the Northern Hemisphere right now where we are moving into a time where we can merge with the phase of nature which is winter here. It is a time to go in and allow the seeds that will germinate in spring to be fed by the earth and the heat during this time.

And those of you in the Southern Hemisphere moving into springtime might discover a different phase of life that you might be focusing on. As we are nature we must become one with the phase of the seasons and the moon to find harmony in our lives.

Here are some exercises my guardian spirit gave me to focus on continuing to create a healing inner landscape filled with love to heal any depletion or overwhelm I am feeling:

Many years ago, I started to have sleeping issues. I still do. But at the time I would imagine myself going down into a cave and sleeping with one of my cuddly power animals. It worked. And I felt safe and secure. And I would absorb healing energies throughout the night. My guardian spirit has me doing this again now.

My guardian spirit reminded me that everything is energy. And when I work on my inner landscape I use a little bit too much form to get the healing frequencies I need. He said since I love colors so much I should work with them as they have so much healing energy to share. I really do love colors. Some colors are too beautiful and can make me faint.

He told me to imagine the energy of a color that feels healing to me to fill all my cells with it’s healing light.

Then I had to laugh at this last tool my guardian spirit gave me. He told me to work with my Healing Your Thoughts App more. He said I just reframe my thoughts when I hear the alert bells go off every two hours. But he said I need to read the word, blessing, phrase, photo, and take in the energy of the words, images, and colors. He said I really need to work with the app as it was intended.

This month, journey on some tools that can help you if you feel depleted or overwhelmed energetically from all going on in your mind so that your body can heal.

Our minds are going a bit out of control trying to find solutions to heal a world that is not working right now. The earth is fine. But human consciousness is struggling, and the division right now is so overwhelming.

If you work with practices like I just described you can heal the inner war inside of you.

For the winter/summer solstice on December 21 I would like to encourage us to let go of that which no serves us and is burdening us. We really don’t want to step into 2023 filled with burdens. It is time to let go of those old hurts and slough off all that does not allow in the goodness of life.

For this month’s ceremony we will perform a fire ceremony together to let go of what is preventing us from walking in the New Year ready for new experiences and lessons that are not impacted by any past hurts or traumas we are carrying.

If you would like to join in on this ceremony you can click on this link:  Stepping into the New Year Unburdened

As we are working outside of time it does not matter when you join in. There is no time in the unseen realms.

In 1997 I wrote my visionary fiction A Fall To Grace. I self-published it which was not an easy thing to do at the time. The book sold well. I still have copies here I sell to the distributor New Leaf. And it is also on Smashwords. The book has sold well and was a cult classic among teenagers for awhile.

Anyway, a continuing theme in the book is my conversations with Lao Tze about the River of Life.

And before this column was named The Transmutation News it was called A Fall to Grace where I would share excerpts from the book. And then in 2000 the column became the Transmutation News.

If you have been following my work for awhile, you know the River of Life is the most common metaphor I use.

This month Isis told me to journey to swim in the Sea of Life. I have not experienced this yet for myself. But try it for yourself in a journey and see how it feels.

The full moon is December 8 Let’s join our vibrant high frequency spiritual light together to be a force of goodness and love in the world. Let’s perform our transfiguration ceremonies allowing ourselves to feel our light even deeper than before flowing within us and also within and throughout our beautiful planet Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light’ on our homepage.

It is amazing to me how passionate and dedicated our translators are in bringing the Transmutation News to people in their countries to non-English speakers. It is a lot of work and some translators have left and some have been translating for close to 20 years.

We are looking for someone to help Veronika Kucharská translate the newsletter into Czech. If you would like to help please contact info@sandraingerman.com

And of course we have Sylvia Edwards who is my dearest friend and works with me and the translators closely to bring you the Transmutation News each month.

It is a true act of love and please join me in sending our translators and their families blessings for good health and abundance of all good things.

Here are our translators. Join me in seeing them all in their divine light as we give our gratitude to them.

Translators who contributed in 2022 and Webmaster:

Sylvia Edwards – our wonderful webmaster
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And I want to thank all of you who read the Transmutation News and are inspired by it and either take it deep within you to be a presence of light and love in the world and/or share the work with others.

I join with our global community to wish you and your family a beautiful solstice!!

See you in the New Year!!!



I am feeling a bit schizophrenic about my schedule and life. I do need to time to regenerate. At the same time, I seem to be actively searching out a center for teaching a Two-Year Training in Advanced Healing.

For now  if you want to go further with your work please work with one of the teachers I trained listed on www.shamanicteachers.com. They teach all the courses I teach as well as some of their own.

I am simply taking a break to regenerate. I have not taken time off to do this in 40 years!! It is very hard for me as my workshops are large and I am not sure how to do in person workshops with the Covid moving around so much. I know many teachers are teaching in person. I have not received a green light to yet. But I am missing teaching in person workshops so I will figure something out. I see myself teaching in 2024.

You can get amazing training so you can work in the world with clients and potentially be listed on my website www.shamanicteachers.com. But you need to be flexible about working with someone other than me.

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Recently I was on Dr. Tassel Faith’s show Metamorphosis: Experience A Quantum Leap. Tassel is a lovely practitioner and teacher. I really enjoyed doing the interview with her. Here is the link is you would like to listen https://youtu.be/IL3_SEr1CRg

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Years ago I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with John Lockley. His story of his journey to be initiated into shamanism is one of the more powerful stories I have read. He teaches about the true power of unconditional love. John is from South Africa and leads trips there and to Botswana. And I have heard from my students who joined John on one of his adventures how amazing it was. John does some powerful healing work too.

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