I was meeting with a dear friend who suffered a tragedy due to the fires in New Mexico. It is so heartbreaking to see how much precious land just got burnt up due to the forest service starting a controlled burn during incredibly high winds. We really are dealing with people in power who are either dealing with extreme soul loss or have some mental issues. For this never should have happened! This community is filled with some of the original settlers and they have nothing.

My husband and I were not affected by the fires except emotionally as we saw how much ancient land disappeared in flames.

This led to a new vision from the Land and Earth coming to me. I was shown how the land I live on is a weaving. As you might remember I am a spinner so weaving takes on a lot of meaning for me.

I had an incredible vision of the land being woven into something like a braided rope. It really touched me. But what touched me even more was I saw that I was woven into the land. My feet were woven into the land.

And this led to all kinds of understandings, inspirations, and I am still digesting a lot of this. For when Woods and I bought our house almost 30 years ago I knew the second I walked on the land that this would be my home until the day I died.

Woods and I did so much to care take the land. Transfiguring daily during the worst of our bark beetle outbreaks that killed 6 million trees in New Mexico. We worked long days doing our spiritual work and our trees survived.

We walk the land, we leave offerings, we talk to the land and the list truly goes on.

I know many of you reading the Transmutation News live in urban areas and might not have gotten the kinesthetics of being a living part of the land but you are. I felt myself woven into the land growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

The land we live on is our home. In Central Asia some shamans would not travel off their land as they would lose their power in doing so.

And for me although I have been close to homeless so many times home has always been important to me.

When I traveled for teaching. I would carry a little altar and my stuffed animal friends from home and set up my space wherever I was staying during the workshop. I remember one of my workshop sponsors telling me how much she enjoyed observing me making a home out of the bedroom I was sleeping in. She loved watching me put my sacred objects all around the bed I was sleeping in or on the floor I was sleeping on.

I can make myself feel at home anywhere. It is a gift I have always had.

So I started thinking if the land is our true home, and we are woven into it, then what do we want to let into our homes? Quite the interesting question.

You can develop a very rich practice of during your daily life reflecting on if you want a particular food, plant, sacred object, person, energy, coming into your home. Focusing on what energy you want in your home and on the land will give all of us all the information we need to move towards making this planet healthy again. For we have polluted our own homes, and we are the ones to clean up what we created.

Of course we can leave it to the elements who are doing an amazing job of cleaning the planet right now through high winds, flooding waters, fires, earthquakes. Mother Earth knows how to cleanse herself and will continue doing so. I wonder how many of us will truly join in on the level that is needed.

Finding more ways to do energetic cleansing, and focusing on what energies you want to let into your home – your body, your physical home, and the land. This is big work we can focus on for the rest of our lives.

The full moon is August 11. Let’s join our hearts and intention together to be a strong vessel of light that begins to weave in loving and light filled energies to begin to heal the division in the collective. With focus, concentration, and intention we have a lot more power than we give ourselves credit for. Put your heart and soul into the ceremony this month and notice if you feel different.  

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News, please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

Please join me in thanking Ai and Miha for translating the Transmutation News into Japanese! They have found spiritual practices to help clients so much they are working in this way full time. This is such wonderful news that so many people are being helped by intuitive work. So now we are looking for a new Japanese translator. If you are willing to bring the Transmutation News to Japanese readers, please email info@sandraingerman.com.

For my video recording this month we will journey on exploring what it means to be woven into the land as well as a topic I am personally working on about the elements. You can watch here:



Some GREAT NEWS: I stopped talking about the updated version of the Transmutation App. We ran into quite a few technological issues. I did change the name of the app to Healing Your Thoughts and it was accepted by the Google Store and the Apple Store. I did have to change the name so the cost is $1.99. And this is a one-time fee. The app has no sign in, and I designed for me and those who not computer savvy. The references in write ups on the app still say the Transmutation App. The app is available for sale now!! Check out Healing Your Thoughts.

I would like to thank Cypress who updated and developed the new app. They were such a pleasure to work with! And I really trusted them the entire way that they were trying to update the app into something very beautiful.  And Mark Dammer, a friend and colleague, was a true angel in helping me to work with testing the Android app and helping me make some decisions, and also helped me with the Google Store.

Mark and I have some history with our circle.  He lives in Scotland and used to live in Findhorn. We conducted a remote transfiguration experiment with his philodendron which was feeling a little low and responded very well to our work. Our group was working in the U.S. and Mark and his plant were in Scotland. The results of this wonderful work can be seen on the Research section on the homepage. Look for GDV results Remote Findhorn Experiment. You can see the graph and photos of our long-distance work.

If you are ever interested in creating your own app I liked working with Cypress a lot. I like to share good resources with you. Here is their contact info:

👉 Website:                       cypressoft.com
👉 Upwork page:              upwork.com/ag/cypress/
👉 LinkedIn page:             linkedin.com/company/the-cypress
👉 Portfolio:                      https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f2Hhp_P3C2EyLuKOPCSaxcF1zW2u_nRU/view?usp=sharing
👉 Testimonials on Clutch:   http://clutch.co/profile/cypress

I am still waiting until the spirits give me the go ahead to create an in-person practitioner and Teacher Training. But there are resources for all of you to keep learning. I have once again engaged in the world and am doing some traveling again. So now my next step is finding a good retreat center for the in-person trainings I would like to do. Right now, it is not easy to find one that fits my needs.

I really have moved into a place of grief around this as I so miss being in circle with shamanic practitioners learning the deep and ancient ways of healing. I miss the pilgrimages we all had to take to leave our homes and travel to workshops in all different places around the world. This brought us to a more bonded and sacred space than what we can create online.

I taught every year in flu outbreaks as I loved to teach five 5-day residential workshops in a row in the fall. So I am used to the flu circulating entire groups. But the Covid feels different for me. I know everyone has a different opinion on this.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information. And you have all received my dedicated email that all my Shift Network courses are now all digital and can bought by you to learn from at any time. “The Dark Night of the Soul” is such a powerful course and has great tools to get you through challenging times.

And Healing with Spiritual Light produced by Sounds True is a course that brings me the most feedback and how much it has changed people’s lives and ability to move with grace during these times.

On www.shamanicteachers.com you can find shamanic practitioners from all over the world who trained with me who are doing remote healings right now. And many are working with people in person. And I have been training brilliant teachers since 2004, and you can find online workshops and in person workshops by visiting the website.

Please check out my books and audio programs. I have received such great feedback, and they include information and exercises I teach in my workshops. All my books sell well. But if you haven’t check out Walking in Light or The Book of Ceremony. You might be missing some valuable shamanic tools and practices you can use in your life to receive guidance, healing, and to honor all the transitions and changes in life.

And don’t forget to visit our Shamans are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page to post inspirational stories and images and also to be uplifted by what our community is sharing. To join the Facebook group Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/991720834662313. The password is “Transfiguration”. I am back on this FB page. I had to leave FB for awhile, just for a rest. But I began participating again.

And of course Renee Baribeau and I have a popular podcast called the Shamans Cave. People love it!! I love doing the podcast with Renee!  Join us! Subscribe on ShamansTV.com. And subscribe on You Tube! Our show had completely taken off on You Tube, Buzz Feed, and Apple. We are getting the most amazing feedback on our podcast! I can’t believe the emails we are getting. People so appreciate our wisdom, humor, experience especially during these times.

And if you have a topic you wish for us to address you can email shamanscave@gmail.com. I will receive your email and the topic is appropriate Renee and I will discuss it.

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A couple of months ago I posted an interview I did with Cissi Williams. She was interviewing me on my work, and it was the first time we met. Cissi is so passionate and so filled with fire and joy to introduce her work to the world. I rarely see that kind of passion anymore.

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