We all join our hearts together to pray for peace between Ukraine and Russia. What is happening is so tragic. It would be tragic in any case. But with the Covid added to the trials of the refugees leaving Ukraine what is happening is heartbreaking. So we do our ceremonies as we feel called to do, for peace. My ancestors come from the Ukraine, and I might still have family there. So yes I am performing my ceremonies!

 I have promised my Russian and Ukrainian friends that I will be asking our circle to pray for all people who are caught in the middle of this chaos. For people of all ages are suffering in ways right now that are unconscionable.

And of course we must remember that there are unspeakable tragedies, abuse, and war all over the world that is never talked about in the media. So our strength of spirit is strong enough to hold all in love right now.

Although I am not on the internet much anymore – at least not as much as in former times- students still find a variety of ways to contact me and share what is going on.

The general question that is coming up in all my correspondence is how to deal with a world where humans have literally lost their minds and are acting with division and destructively towards themselves, others, all of life, and the Earth.

This is just my opinion and what I have been sharing with others. I believe social activism is so important right now. But you have to have “the stomach” for it. For there is not much rational thinking going on right now. Experts from every profession are preaching to us about what we need to do to feel better. What we really need is for people to go within and do their own work.

Being inspired by others is essential right now. But so many people are giving their power away to people calling themselves experts. Really no one has the key except you to unlock you from any prison you feel yourself living in.

I do not believe anyone is going to make our lives better and peaceful except ourselves. And that takes a commitment to ourselves, our community, nature, the helping spirits, and to the creative forces of the universe. Once all the sacred beings in the unseen realms have been called in they will shape your path, your heart, and your life and bring you to the truth of who you are and what you need to do right now.

It is not easy work. But we are not living in easy times. As I keep writing on most of the columns the only person you can save is yourself. This might sound selfish when you just literally read the words. But we don’t understand how much the world will shift if enough people shift their own energy to one of emanating love, radiating light, and living in a state of internal peace, the world around us will change for the better. This teaching is as old as humans have been here.

We have choices right now. We can go out and engage in social activism along with our spiritual practices. But if you are a true empath, as so many are, you don’t just want to open yourself to the suffering of the world. For that is not helpful to anyone.

Will those beings who are suffering feel the love and light we are emanating? I don’t know. But try an experiment for yourself and get into a clear and sacred space and breathe in and out love and light and imagine it touching every living being on this Earth. And radiate your spiritual light. Notice for yourself the quality of the energy pulsations being generated by you. And then ask yourself if you truly believe that being a presence of love and light helps to change the energy on the planet.

The frustration I hear from authentic teachers and true students on the path is “no one is listening”. And that is true.

I do not have any belief that our 4.6 billion year old Earth is any danger of extinction. But I do believe humans are now due from how we have treated ourselves and each other. And as I have written in past columns, we have watched human civilizations bring themselves into extinction time and time again. Amazing to think that we are simply repeating history over and over again and don’t learn from our past errors.

A really good friend of mine sent these words in an email. I asked her permission to use what she shared with me with all of you. I think many of us feel like this right now, and I do believe it is our destiny to remember our vulnerabilities.

”I  used to imagine that my soul picked these times to manifest as human so that I could be part of fixing the broken parts of the world.  Now I think there is also the soul purpose of finding beauty, love, delight and wonder despite all that is broken.   It seems part of my lesson is to find paths of pleasure or laughter even among all the pain and losses. And that also I need to rest even if things aren’t fixed in myself or in the larger world.”

Those of us who are sensitive really need to be taking care of ourselves right now. And the Earth asks us to remember the beauty of and the gift of life.

The full moon is April 16. Step into the magical place your soul lives in all the time. Strip away your mind chatter for awhile and let your spirit shine through all the concerns we have about life on Earth today. Drop into your deepest place of knowing and spirit and experience your eternal light shining through every cell of your being connecting with all of us in our global community. This web of light shines throughout every place on Earth. This one practice of coming together on the full moon as a global community to create a human web of light has so many more effects on the collective then we know.

It is the invisible part of healing we need to learn how to have faith in.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News, please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

Please remember that every spiritual tradition teaches that for anything to be created on Earth, first it must be woven in the unseen realms. Everything is born out of the unseen. So we need a new weaving for our collective life. And the first step is doing your own spiritual work, clean out the old spiritual clutter and old wounds that will not lead us to a new evolved consciousness. And start to form the new dream of life as a weaving in the unseen.

This is the time for daydreaming in the most positive way possible! Please join me in this. This is the work that must be done now!

I don’t know why, but I keep receiving the message to encourage everyone to read The Little Prince. I was introduced to The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry while I was in Junior High School taking French. I loved the book so much I memorized Le Petit Prince in French and The Little Prince in English. I still read this beloved book from time to time.

Many years ago, while I was teaching in Austria a woman from Milan in my circle tried to get me to trade my Petit Prince watch for her Rolex. My watch is a children’s watch and did not cost much. But with as many times I have had to rebuild the insides I might have well have bought a Rolex!

I really don’t know why this is so important to share about this heartwarming book. But I keep getting the message.

There was a day when everyone knew about Le Petit Prince.Now no one knows the book anymore which I find tragic.

The book will open you back up to your inner child and the beauty of life on Earth.

A message from my book Welcome Home:

In times of great challenge:
Stay focused
Stay positive
Stay centered

To watch or listen to the ceremony I am leading this month please click on:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03GdRulVNHc


I am getting tired of having to keep sharing my same announcement about not being ready to schedule in person trainings due to the Covid. So I won’t keep looping my same announcement. I am patiently waiting until the time feels right. But I can tell you I can’t wait to teach in person trainings again!!!

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Margaret Paul has done extraordinary work with her Inner Bonding Process. Her books are highly successful as are her workshops. She has showed me so much kindness over the years. She is a true authentic healer and teacher and has been sharing her work for 50 years!

Margaret Paul is putting on her new online course, and if you want to learn about her work to see if you are interested in exploring more you can do so. You will learn about issues of self-worth and self-love.

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Steve Patterson went through a remarkable journey as he was regaining his health. It is truly remarkable! Check out Steve’s book on his healing adventure! I am so inspired by his story and how he turned his life into a blessing.

Is it possible to be prepared for the end of the world? What is it like to find out you have a terminal illness? Is it possible to break the cycle of addiction without traditional therapy? In addition, how do you respond to seemingly insurmountable odds when you’ve achieved success in nearly every other area of life? This is How it Feels to Heal tells a man’s story about how a series of midlife crises forced him to re-evaluate every aspect of his life and led him to places most people do not even know exist.

Born in the mid-1960s, Steve Patterson is a father of four, former soldier, counselor, and business owner. He is currently working with individuals facing significant life challenges while traveling Latin America to rebuild his life following the story told in this book.

Many years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Emmanuel Itier who is a brilliant filmmaker of documentaries. He is so passionate about being in service and has made numerous award-winning documentaries on topics such as on the feminine and also on stopping war. And we have become good friends over the years.

I was part of a documentary Emmanuel made titled “The Invocation”. I am in some of his other documentaries. But I wanted to share this one with you. Gary Quinn actually wrote a book based on the transcripts of the documentary titled The Invocation.


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yicNscEO0y0
Film: https://vimeo.com/48445823    password:  INVOCATION1
To see Emmanuel’s other films, you can visit his website  www.Wonderlandentgroup.com

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