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I have been encouraging all of you to align yourself with new higher vibrations and frequencies that will shift you into living in a more “pleasant and evolved dimension” than what we are seeing now in the denser collective states of consciousness. At the same time, there are consequences in making these shifts.

Like many of us I have been working on navigating new vibrations and frequencies through my body. I have had a variety of challenges with this. I journeyed and set my intention to ask for some guidance on this issue. I met this amazing helping spirit who told me that when a plant, tree, or any creature mutates there is no going back. The mutation is the new normal. 

The compassionate spirit shared that it is important for our body to be in a state of coherence. For right now many of us are like an ant hill that has been disturbed. When ants are acting in their usual fashion they march in complete order and communicate with each other. When something disturbs them, they scatter and move into chaotic formations and stop communicating. 

At this point he shared with me that this same phenomenon is happening with the collective. As you know I often refer to the collective as an organism. 

The compassionate spirit I met said that this is what has happened to the cells of our collected field of energy.  He said they were disturbed and no longer communicating or are in connection. And choosing to move back into a state of coherence is part of our greater healing and moving into a new state of evolution. 

I felt that the information about experiencing a “new normal” is what is happening to so many people I know who are struggling with tuning into new energies. And to be a presence of love and light, as I have been encouraging you to do, takes some deep work to be diligent about working on body, mind, and spirit. 

Also, I feel the metaphor of the ant hill is an appropriate metaphor for much of the behavior we are observing in the world today. For there is a sense of a lack of natural order and that the energy has become chaotic. I think that this is why people are acting more aggressively.

I believe this phenomenon is happening to many of us as on an egoic level we are still operating out of old patterns. At the same time, as we keep up our spiritual practices, we are experiencing a shift in our vibration and frequency. This creates a natural state of chaos until we discover how to become more aligned on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. 

The instructions the helping spirit gave me was to spend time in the void where patterns could be reset. This message was interesting as a brilliant shamanic practitioner and teacher I know had brought through that she could reset her patterns by spending time in the void. 

He also recommended working with sound to create a sense of coherence in the collective and to attune to the new energies.

Once we move back into a state of coherence, our presence naturally changes for the better.

Journeying and finding ways to return to a state of coherence on personal and global levels is what is needed at this time.

I still believe that spending more time in nature is a way to do this. And moving our body more through dancing is helpful. Also singing and playing instruments that help us to align our vibration which will move us back into a state of coherence. And of course, deepening your practice of transfiguration has benefits for all of life but also for your own personal alignment and attunement to the new energies entering into the Earth.

We celebrate the equinox on September 22. As nature resets, this is a potent time for us to reset our old patterns. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere this is a perfect time to journey or meditate on a ceremony you can perform to release old egoic patterns and burdens from your past that keep you from fully being able to step into a life filled with harmony and coherence. I suggest that you do some work in your inner garden removing old plants holding beliefs and wounds that no longer serve you to carry around any longer. 

For those in the Southern Hemisphere as you welcome in spring travel into your inner garden and regenerate your soil. This is also a great time for you to remove those old plants of sabotaging beliefs, anger, and fear that no serve your health and well-being and that of the planet. Take some time to design your inner garden and plant those seeds that will bring love, light, and a feeling of renewal into your life.

The full moon is September 6. Let us make a clear choice and commitment to deepen our work and live from our inner light. This is a great time to make such a commitment to yourself, our community, all of life, and the Earth. Let your light flow and weave together with the light of our community. Radiate this light within and throughout the Earth bringing light and love for all of life. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.

In the April Transmutation News, I wrote about the exquisite being Octopus. I shared about the amazing abilities that octopuses have on a physical and intellectual level. My point in sharing was to encourage you to explore the magnificence of creatures we never think about when we tune into the amazing energetic signature that all life brings to the web of life. And I encouraged you to learn about the gifts of nature beings that you are not familiar with. For we live on a planet with a wealth of fascinating nature beings. 

Well, recently someone posted a short video on Facebook. And it was so heart opening to watch. A man had found an octopus that had been beached. He placed it in a cup and let it go back into the ocean. The octopus swam out of the ocean, got itself to the man who rescued it, and placed one of its tentacles on his shoe and then shortly after swam back into the ocean. To watch this octopus give gratitude to this man for saving its life is an image I will never forget. 

I know that we are experiencing challenges on the planet. And I know these changes impact all of us on different levels. But I have to say nature beings are so precious – from the microscopic to the large animals that we share this planet with. They are exquisite beings trying to survive like all forms of life. And they deserve the best we have to offer in being of service to nature during this time of extreme change. Please keep up your spiritual work. It really makes a difference!

In a recent session I taught in my Shift Network teleconferencing course we performed a remote long-distance transfiguration experiment. There are people from around the globe in the class which also makes doing transfiguration work so exciting to perform together. 

Sylvia Edwards was in a hotel room in Louisville, Colorado with a variety of substances to test before and after as well as volunteer participants who would soak in and absorb the light shared from all our global community who gathered to do the work. We got some great results. You can see them by visiting the homepage of this site and clicking on “GDV Results” and then click on “2017 Remote Transfiguration Experiment Report”. You will love the image of the marble. And we had some great narrative stories from the volunteers present about how they felt before and after the work. 

Although we know from our experience and practice how well transfiguration works it is always awe inspiring to witness the actual results of the work. 

Only a few of you sent in stories to share which is fine. I was just opening an invitation to share with our community. I will share the few stories I received over time.

Here is a lovely story that Diane shared:

“Hello Sandra,

I wanted to share a story of a recent experience I had with my mom.  My dad and brother’s ashes were spread off the shores of a beautiful place in Maine. Mom was visiting me and we went to the place near where the ashes of both dad and my brother were laid to rest.   The day was sparkling and clear overhead.  So too was the ocean and waves crashing on the rocky shore. 

We sat on a bench and talked about our loved ones and how magnificent a place to come and visit them.  We were expressing and feeling a lot of love! I had taken a couple of pictures with my phone looking out at it all.

When we got home, we looked at my pictures and saw that there was a very visible shaft of light in front of us. There was another with a shaft of light to the left of us.  I had taken these 2 pictures in succession from the same spot, standing next to my mom.  The sun was not overhead.  These shafts of light were not visible to us when we were there.  As a photographer, I’ve taken thousands of pictures outdoors and never seen shafts of light like this.  We knew that our loved ones were literally shining down on us.  

What occurred to me as I was reading your transmutation news, was the love that was being exchanged that day… made me think that when we send out love with our hearts, our thoughts, and our actions, love returns in kind.”

The photos Diane sent were beautiful, and I want to thank her for sharing her inspirational story with us. 

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I join our circle in wishing you all a beautiful equinox!


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