We live in a time of transition. As a world culture we have lost our sense of connection to one source. We are not connecting our hearts beat with the heartbeat of the earth. And we have forgotten that there is one web of life in which we are all connected.

I don’t have to explain to anyone reading The Transmutation News the effect that this is having on all of life. And so we are in changing times. But right now as a collective we are in a trance. And we continue to be kept in the trance by the distractions of the outer world.

There will continue to be great suffering on the planet as life as we know it is so out of harmony and balance. The wake up call keeps getting louder and louder. And unfortunately for many the wake up call comes with a great deal of pain and loss.

For some of us doing the work this can be a frustrating time. For we are beginning to wake up and see the error of the way life is being led and how we have become lost in a trance. It is like we are waking up from a bad dream.

So how do we take care of ourselves during this time of transition? And what is needed from us to be in service during this transition? I shared some spiritual practices in the August Transmutation News to continue to work with.

But I think we have to take a deep look at how we are staying so busy by buying into the collective trance of “busyness”. People are so overwhelmed right now while time is speeding up. Why are so many spiritual seekers still choosing to stay busy and lost in the collective trance of overwhelm?

So many spiritual teachers and organizations are feeding into the trance by saying just read this book or take this workshop and your life will be changed forever. We continue to allow ourselves to be charmed by the spiritual supermarket.

As I continue to say over and over again you can be inspired to go within and do your inner work by reading some books, listening to CDs, and taking some workshops. But to spend all of your time reading or taking workshops is just one more distraction. For the truth and all the answers lie within. As long as you keep looking without you will not be doing “The Great Work” that the alchemists talk about.

Busying ourselves does not change the world. Breaking out of the collective trance and doing the deeper inner work does. As I have written before I had received a strong message during a dream back in the 1980’s that humankind has been looking for God outside for two thousand years and that humankind will look for God within for the next two thousand years.

When do you make the choice to take the inner journey within? We all have the knowledge within to heal ourselves and the world around us. But are we distracting ourselves from our deep inner wisdom and knowing by the journey without into the outer world?

To choose the path into the inner worlds takes a strong intention and making a very clear choice. You can choose now to stop the distractions and go within. You will find true wealth, joy, and peace as you do so.

As the world chooses to get lost in the outer there is great hurt in that journey. Stop looking to the outer skies. Choose to journey to the deep still waters down below where we will birth a new time.

I recently received a long account about Reinee Psarow who had a near death experience. She was 16 years old when she had an allergic reaction and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The account I was received was from a talk in Reno, Nevado in 1989. So this dates back a bit. She was shown some very interesting things about earth and humanity.

I thought that I would just copy here a few paragraphs that I feel are relevant to our work. You can read her full account at http://www.near-death.com/forum/nde/000/64.html

As Reinee went deeper into her death experience she says:

“The earth was alive and the earth was singing. It was singing a single song and in that song everyone had a voice. Every human being had a very important note to add to this precious song of the earth. It was a song of love and every living being had something to add to the song of the earth. Every one of these essences was very much connected. I was seeing it not like we see normally. I was seeing it both from a macroscopic (from the point of view of the spaceship) and from a microscopic vantage point. It was microscopic in that I could see that an amoeba in the ocean was connected to the song of the heart of all humanity and that this world was responding to the song in our hearts in a miraculous, unified, and beautiful way. I too began to sing. I was so overcome with joy. It wasn’t a song obviously with the mouth. I had no mouth. I had no body. I simply was. I became a part of that song and very full of joy that I could have something to contribute to this sacred beauty of our earth and of all people.”

She goes on later in her talk to say:

“Reinee described a number of things that she was shown, such as a group of individuals on the earth that she referred to as “the just” who were working towards the unity of mankind instead of focusing on the divisions like many countries and religions do. She described seeing groups of individuals that she ‘knew as her own parents’ who were living and working in other non-physical worlds.

She then described an encounter with a ‘Being of Light’ who showed her various elements of her past past life and reviewed them with her. She talked in general terms about how little acts of kindness were far and away more important than the activities we usually give so much value to in normal life. She described how the most positive thing she did was to give special attention to a not so lovable boy at a summer camp so that he would know he was loved. During the review, she saw this act of kindness was more important from her viewpoint of expanded awareness than if she had been president of the United States or the queen of England.”

I hope that this month you will try to find some time alone in deep silence to experience the song of life Reinee talks about and connect with it.

Reinee speaks about what other people who have near death experiences share. And I find her words inspiring and a great reminder of how we can make a difference in the world.

Over the last couple of years I have facilitated in two different workshop settings long distance transfiguration work with a plant that belonged to Mark Dammer in Findhorn, Scotland. I have written about the results we have received.

In the spring I was teaching the Medicine for the Earth work in Findhorn. Mark was present at the workshop and he brought in a plant that he hooked up to a device that could measure the plants activity. The plant was present during our transfiguration ceremony.

Please visit Mark’s website to get an explanation of what we did and the results. His website is http://www.mdammer.net/secretlife/010605/

The Fall equinox is September 23. The trees and plants around us drop what is no longer needed on the outside to support the time within during winter. What external distractions do you need to drop to make the journey within during the dark rich time of winter?

To journey within and stay focused on your spiritual work is how you can be of service to the planet right now. You must disconnect from the pain and suffering that comes from being disconnected from source. You must find your own inner light. And you can focus your prayers that others do the same.

What commitment are you willing to give the earth this equinox that includes doing deep inner spiritual work that will increase your ability to be in service to the planet?

The full moon is Sept. 17. Let’s journey deep within and transfigure into light and love and weave that light and love deep within and throughout the earth. Focus on creating a web that connects and supports all the lightworkers on earth right now.

Happy Autumn!!

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