The announcement that U.S. President Obama won the Nobel Peace Price really shocked many communities. I found his nomination and his recognition to be a symbol of great change.

For the controversy surrounding the award was that he has not done anything yet. He received the award because of his attempts of creating global unity.

And this is all a good sign. For we do have to take action to create a world filled with peace. But in following spiritual teachings from all times the energy behind the actions is what really creates change. As I have written all change that manifests in the physical realms starts first in the spiritual realms.

So Obama’s recognition that came from planting the seeds of a need for unity in the global community shows that there is a collective shift that is beginning that can lead to very important changes. And we can all join this wave of change by continuing to speak about the need for global unity in our communities. For the possibilities of healing that can happen for all of life is unlimited when we gather our energies together.

We are looking at a death of an old way of life and the collective beliefs that have been limiting us in the possibilities of what we can create together. It is important to hold the awareness of the new world that can be born out of the changes ahead.

I know for many it is hard to hold an optimistic attitude right now. But it is important for us to gather our energies together and to truly focus on the unlimited possibilities that can be created by the death of a way of life that no longer supports life, peace, health, and equality for all.

As the old fabric of reality starts to dissolve it is up to us as dreamweavers to hold the vision and keep weaving and reworking a new fabric of reality. This is our destiny at this time on earth.

We are really unlimited in what we can create if we focus our energies together as a global community. I have said this before, and I will keep inspiring you with this understanding again and again. We are dreaming the world into being with each breath, thought we have, word we speak, and with each step we take on this great earth.

Focus, focus, focus on the world you want to live in and leave to our descendants. Concentrate your spiritual work on a good vision and join in with others who are doing the same. As we join in with others we create an exponential power to manifest a healthy planet and web of life into being.

And remember when your focus is on your egoic state of attachment you remain in fear of loss. When you surrender to divine light, Source, oneness and the eternal there is nothing to lose and you can remain in a state of awe, wonder, and appreciation each day.

Barbara in Germany is a wonderful shamanic teacher and practitioner. She wrote me asking that our global community focus our transfiguration work in behalf of the people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Barbara writes:

There is a “silent catastrophe” going on in Sub-Saharan Africa. 12 Million orphans are struggling to survive under the most horrible conditions. Traumatized by the loss of their parents, stigmatized through the disease of their parents, uneducated because of the lack of a bread-winner, they are without hope, not only for the future, but for today. Sometimes the head of the household is not older than 10 years having to see to smaller sisters and brothers. Their situation is exploited relentlessly everywhere. They have no voice and so their silent scream for a decent life goes unheard.

How about raising our chants at the transfiguration ceremony at the next full moon for them, holding them in their divine light with a bright future ahead? I know, there are other AIDS orphans on the planet, but none are so shamelessly left on their own.
For more information:, then click on Statistics – then on African HIV&AIDS Statistics, then on Sub-Saharan Africa. You will find all the information there.

The full moon is November 2. Let us gather our spiritual energies together by transfiguring into the divine light of oneness and Source and perceive these children in their divine perfection. And let us continue our work by perceiving all life in its divine perfection too. In this way we continue to weave a brilliant and perfect web of light throughout the earth.

And let’s continue to transfigure and do our work to strengthen the health of our global community.

The instructions for our monthly full moon ceremonies are written on the Transmutation News page of this site under Creating A Human Web of Light.

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