In September I taught a wonderful Five Day Soul Retrieval Training. The group was filled with fascinating people and over the five days I had some very interesting conversations.

We were at the workshop during 09/09/09 and of course there were many conversations around prophecies. I think that as a culture we are still living in the belief that a date can create a change rather than looking at a continuum and observing what is happening over time. For when we look at changes on the planet we are now being shown what energies are being created that will manifest as changes in the physical world.

There seem to be more people moving into a divisive and angry mode which will continue to support states of separation. The root of this of course is fear. And at the same time we are seeing more and more people exploring how to raise consciousness and what that really means and this is creating states of unity and light.

When the tragedy of September 11 occurred I wrote on the Transmutation News that we could learn much from the fundamentalist forces who were acting out of hate. We could learn what can be created if a group of people really focuses together on one goal.

And I know in every cell of my being and in my bones if the global spiritual community would focus on a vision of a world filled with peace, love, light, harmony, and abundance for all we would see more evidence of our ability to create positive change.

But the egoic states of separation still run so deep in many in the spiritual community. As long as we continue to compete and judge the spiritual work of others our focus and intention to create positive change is greatly watered down.

I do feel that part of our vital work is to educate people that spiritual divisiveness will not bring us to our greater goal of being in service to humanity, all of life, and the planet. And I do encourage all of you to bring awareness of this into conversations where the theme of a conversation is that one spiritual teacher’s work or teachings is better or more powerful than another. We all must work together to create change or the bottom line is that the states of separation creating hate and violence will continue. We must change the momentum of how people think in hierarchical and authoritarian terms to cooperation, collaboration, and support.

Different spiritual teachings draw different people by the practices shared and also the vocabulary that goes with different systems. But the basis of all spiritual teachings embrace love and unity. For when we enter spiritual realms we leave the world of duality behind and enter into the knowledge of one source, one light, and unconditional love.

And of course the focus of our work together has been in striving to live the spiritual teachings of honor, respect, recognizing the divine light in all, and moving out of limiting belief systems.

I was talking to a woman who felt so deeply committed to being a light in the world and at the same time felt challenged of how to do this as her life was filled with such stress

If we look at the changes that are happening on the planet we can all see how important it is to live the work we are practicing. I think by now it is obvious that a new reality will not be created without doing that. There will not be a “magical” moment where one day we wake up living in a world where we shine and live in love.

This world can and will be created by the minute to minute changes we create in our lives. We can choose to react to what is happening or we can choose to reach deep within to the spirit and source that is within and make choices of how to respond with more consciousness, respect, and compassion.

There once was a time where spiritual masters could separate themselves from the daily tasks and issues that one faced in their ordinary lives. And their students looked to them for answers and healing. Now we all must be those spiritual masters who consciously walk the earth bringing blessings to all with each step we take on the earth and with each breath.

I still believe in the old adage “slow and steady wins the race”. We must have patience with ourselves as we tap into our inherent spiritual mastery which is the birthright of each and every one of us. Everyday that we can bring more love and light into the world and the collective by shifting our thoughts and our interactions with others brings us closer to our goals.

And part of our daily focus must continue to be to engage in our creation work while at the same time letting go of expectations and surrendering to the infinite wisdom of spirit of what is needed for our highest potential.

I know I have written all of this before and at the same time I felt that this is a good time to review so that we can reset our intention of who we want to be in the world and what we want to contribute at this time. We are constantly having many new readers of the Transmutation News and I think it is helpful to take some time to review and set our intention together.

Sit with what I have written above and allow yourself to reflect on how your daily life is going and how much you allow yourself to embrace and live the teaching that it is who we become that changes the world.

Reset your intention with your creation work. Remember you must have an initial intention for the brain interprets intention as an action has taken place.

Continue to work on the vision of the planet you wish to live in and the planet you wish to pass on to future generations. Engage all of your senses by seeing all the visuals of what your creation would look like. See what the earth would look like, the smiles on peoples faces, what the climate would be, etc. Listen to the sounds – the sounds in nature, laughter, the sound of the gentle breezes, etc. Feel what it would be like to walk in a world filled with beauty, love, peace, and joy. Touch things as you walk and feel the actual physical sensations. Smell the fragrance of clean air and the flowers, plants, and trees. Taste the tastes of clean air, water, clean and healthy food.

Other key elements are experiencing your creation as if it were already here now otherwise you are always putting it in the future instead of the present. Feel passion for your vision as passion is the fuel for all successful creation work. And don’t experience your vision as if you are watching TV or a movie. Step into the picture and actually engage in living your creation.

And we must continue to look at our limiting thoughts and beliefs about what is possible. For all things are possible if we can expand our minds to embrace the vision of a world filled with peace, love, light, joy, and abundance for all.

Look at how much was created by structures who planted seeds of fear. Look at the garden that grew out of fear and the desire to fight for power. Imagine a garden planted with the seeds of love, hope, joy, and inspiration. We can replant our garden we just have to make the choice to do so!

The full moon is October 4. Let us continue to be a source of light filling the web of life and light with love! And let us continue to support our global community with our monthly healing ceremony as is written on Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page.

I ask that as a global community we participate in working on the project described below by Marty Rutherford. We can work together by transfiguring and experiencing the water in the area in its divine perfection and divine light.

The Kumpi Mayu Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to transmuting the world’s water so that it is healthy for all. Currently we are working with a small village in Peru near Cusco called La Comunidad Huayllarqocha (this is Quechua for The Community that is a sacred place of peace, joy and harmony). The water contains a level of arsenic that is four times higher than what the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers highly contaminated.

Every day this community of four hundred people uses the water for drinking and for farming. This means that each person and each animal is being contaminated daily in multiple ways. The regular consumption of arsenic produces increased incidents of Cancer, a variety of breathing disorders and blood circulation difficulties. Engineers Without Borders has graciously agreed to work with this community to co-create a clean water system in the village. But anyone reading these words knows that more is needed. We ask that you include us in your prayers to transmute this water so that it is clean and pure allowing for each member of this community to live a healthy life. Should you want more information about this project, or to help in any way please e-mail Marty Rutherford at We are in abundant gratitude for you help.

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