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I just returned from a wonderful adventure in Scotland. I feel so nourished by the training I led, the brilliant group I worked with, and the land.

We do get so nourished by working in community. I find that whether I work with a group in the physical or through the virtual realms through teleconferencing I feel so inspired, nourished, and filled with hope. 

My husband, Woods, was telling me about an article he read about some of the men and women returning from war. For some the hardest part of their experience in coming back and what feeds their PTSD is leaving the community of other soldiers that they had created such a deep bond with. The level of community and coming back to feeling so isolated causes such deep emotional problems.

With all that is going on in the world today we are being pushed to create community. It is local communities that come together to help rebuild houses and businesses destroyed in a disaster. It is the people who come together in local communities who can help each other get through challenging times.

Of course, the issue we must address is why do we have to wait for a disaster to happen to create deep bonds through community. It is time for all of us to share nourishment on all levels in our communities. And over the years I have encouraged you to bring some of the spiritual work you have been practicing into your local communities. For the spiritual work we have been doing together transcends different religious beliefs. The spiritual practices we have been working with touches the heart and soul of all people and goes beyond words and concepts. 

While I was in Scotland, I had some time to reflect on a few issues I wanted to share during this month’s column. As you know I keep encouraging all of us to stay focused. Focus has been such a core principle to the work I have been teaching. But as with everything in life, balance needs to be found with every principle and practice we work with. 

Woods and I were having a wonderful day hiking on Ben Nevis which is the highest mountain in Britain. Every day we were in Scotland it was mostly rainy and cold. I love the rain and cold, so I was thrilled to be in such weather. This one day we got one of those perfect sunny days and even for me it was a perfect hiking day. 

We were slowly meandering up a trail of Ben Nevis with no goal in mind. Ben Nevis is one of those mountains that is a popular spot for mountain climbing. And due to snow and ice at the top it was a difficult climb while we were there. During our slow walk on the trail, we got to see groups of people descending after they made it to the top. Some people were descending with bright smiles and had a lift to their step. But most of the people we saw were truly miserable. Yes, they made it to the top but did not enjoy the journey. 

I started to think about focus. For whenever we walk the path of life and continue our spiritual work, we need to stay focused. But when focusing on a final destination brings exhaustion and takes the joy out of life then an imbalance is created. And whenever there is imbalance some form of illness can occur. 

This can also be true with how we engage in our spiritual journey. For a key principle to successful spiritual practice is staying focused. But if you are clenching your teeth and forcing the journey then obviously it is time to take a step back and review your process. 

For we need to find the balance between keeping a focus and having a relaxed attitude. This is a key for all of us.

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During this month of July, you might want to take some time and reflect on places you are trying “too hard” with your spiritual work and look at where you need to maintain some focus without forcing yourself to some goal. 

I also had some time to reflect on what I feel the focus of my work has been. And I have realized that with all the books I have written since Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self and the CD programs I have created I have been teaching people about spiritual self – reliance. 

So many of us want someone else to do “the work” for us. But in truth as you can rely on the power of your own spiritual practice you thrive and learn how to create the life you wish to live. 

Spiritual self-reliance is something I feel strongly will help all of us thrive through these changing times. 

You might also take some time to reflect on how much you trust your own spiritual practice and how you rely on your own inner wisdom as well as the assistance of your own helping spirits. 

Yes, we all have times when we need to ask for help from others. But the key to thriving in life is to rely on your own spiritual work and guidance. 

The full moon is July 2 and July 31. If I am correct, we have a blue moon month! Let us join together as a bonded virtual community holding each other in love and support. Do your preparation work to step away from your ordinary thoughts and concerns. Let us travel within to our inner starlight, inner sunlight, divine light and let’s shine. Let the rays of our collective light embrace the planet and all of life with love. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for the instructions of our full moon ceremony. 

A story to inspire us from Eva who lives in Austria (Eva Ruprechtsberger is a brilliant shamanic and Medicine for the Earth teacher): 

“How the Medicine of the Earth work changed my life:

When I was joining my first Medicine for the Earth workshop I was still in a time of despair and confusion in my life. My child had just had a heart operation and I was still in a deep fight with myself, my life, my child, who had to go through so much pain, my work that I had lost twice, and many of my relations that were broken. I tried to find direction, help, healing and hope and meaning in life. In my old broken life, I had been a dogmatic empirical scientist, an intellectual person and psychologist of measurements, yet nothing I had ever learnt seemed to help me. Several very strange coincidences made looking for ‘crazy things’, and I ended up in shamanism, with Sandra’s books, workshops with Sandra and finally in the Medicine for the Earth workshop in Austria, very near to Salzburg where I live.

We did the water ceremony and we transfigured in front of a water sample that had a PH of 11.5 as we had added ammonium hydroxide. We transfigured and the PH went down to 10.5. Then the group (a huge circle of about 70 people) asked if we could do it again. And we did. And the PH went down almost to normal. I could not hold back my tears and I will never forget that moment in my life. It happened, a miracle happened on a very physical level and I was part of it, all the hope of my childhood and years as a youngster and later came back, when I tried to keep up hope in times of challenges on a personal and a global level at the same time. I was part of a miracle and it happened in front of my eyes NOW with water from my region, with a teacher that came from so far away, to prove and teach me that all the impossible is possible in connection with the creation, the light inside my self, the light we share. At that moment I wished with all my heart to become once a Medicine for the Earth teacher as I knew this wisdom is changing the world.

As a woman, a mother, a scientist, a political and social worker I went through a fundamental change in that moment to. Consequently, this experience meant that I could never ever … give up … lose hope… put limitations on the things I thought are impossible: environmental and social and personal and physical changes… I hope I will always be able to find the light even in the darkness and share this with others. I hope that I will always be helpful in my community and a source of inspiration for others. I hope I will always be a happy mother for my beautiful daughter. I hope I can become a good ancestor for my descendants. 

I asked if I could drink just a little bit of that water so that I could carry this moment in my cells with me all my life, crazy I know but I doubted myself, maybe tomorrow I would find some reasons to destroy the miracle through doubts. I was allowed to put my finger in the water that just moments ago had burned a hole in a carpet (with PH 11.5) and put a drop in my mouth. It tasted like cleaning product, yet it did not burn me at all.

For several years now I am a Medicine for the Earth teacher and my learning process is never ending. As I stopped using poison to ‘prove’ spirituality I still use aquarium strips to ‘measure’ some parameters in the water sample before and after the transfiguration ceremony. My students know I cannot put away my scientific side completely and most of them laugh about it. Yet we had very often, almost always observe changes in different parameters. The water sample in the room changed and the other one I hid in secret did not. 

One day I thought about the transatlantic experiment of Mark Dammer with the plant and said to myself: How strange that the plant reacts transatlantically but the water sample I hide in the garage around the corner does not? This is quite illogical. (From: Sandra: Look at “Remote Experiment with a Plant in Scotland” under GDV Camera Results on the homepage to see what Eva is referring to.)

I shared these thoughts with my circle and … from that moment on the water sample outside also changed or even worse, the water sample outside changed and the water sample inside did not. My groups got more and more amused about my attempt to understand ‘water’ and teaching to merge with it at the same time. I still ‘measure’, and I do it just for fun as I am excited to see how the water spirit is playing with me in my classes. Yet we pray for water samples I carry or carried with me, for example, the river Ganges, Lake Atitlan, Bad River, Rio Grande, and others, until I find somebody bringing the samples back to where they came from, knowing, that our prayers in our circles here in my region, in my little country in the heart of Europe can contribute too to serve all life. And still I dedicate every step and every breath I take to my child, that is healthy and wise, the opposite of all medical prognosis we ever heard in the beginning, 17 years ago. Whenever I am drinking or touching water, I try to be conscious and thankful and remembering what it taught me about miracles.”

Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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