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Recently I had a very profound realization in the middle of the night. I would like to share it with you in case my experience sparks some awakening in you.

First, I would like to give you some background information on what I feel might have inspired my experience.

During the last few months, a number of my friends, students, and peers have died. Death has been around me, and I have been reflecting on how many people close to me, that are a similar age to me, are leaving this plane of existence. I am sure this has been affecting me on a deep level below the conscious feelings emerging for me.

To add to this, I feel increasingly challenged as I watch the dense collective behavior toward the environment and all of life. The level of greed and violence continues although humans think of themselves as an evolved species.

I have always been a sensitive person and so being deeply impacted by the unconscious behavior of humans is not a new issue for me. I can imagine that many of you feel the same. I continue to engage in the spiritual practices that I teach. I do these practices throughout the day whenever my ego/personality gets triggered by what I am observing. And they do help me to shift into a more positive level of awareness.

I always felt I was born to be “a worker bee”. I do have a strong inner creative fire that keeps me working. And this creative fire has led me to work with clients, write and teach with a hope that I inspire others to live a more conscious way of life.

Those of you who know me, worked with me, or have been reading this monthly column know that I am a hard worker. I am very devoted to my work on all levels. And as you can imagine this has not always been to my benefit. But at the same time this is what I feel called to do, and I have followed my calling.

To add to all of this background information I have also dealt with riding the waves of depression and joy throughout most of my teenage and adult years.

This is all to say that I often question the meaning of life.

The end of May I woke up in the middle of the night. I was in some altered and self-aware state that I cannot explain. I was in between the worlds. I was not asleep, yet I was not awake. This state only lasted for probably one minute. In this waking dream I became completely aware of the meaning of my life.

What was of the most importance to me was that I had the opportunity to see beautiful places and landscapes on the earth. I had the wonderful opportunity to actually visit some beautiful places in my travels. And due to the media, I was able to see photos and videos of extraordinary places on earth that I could not physically travel to. I was aware that I did not have this opportunity to see so many colorful landscapes and such variety of unique life forms in any of my past lives. For in the far distant past there was not the ability to view photos that had been taken from around the world.

Being able to see the extraordinary beauty of the earth was what had the most meaning to me.

Second to that was that I experienced love.

And lastly, having the opportunity to take care of both of my parents at the end of their lives created deep meaning in my life.

Once I received the awareness of these three things that gave my life meaning I fell back into a deep sleep for the rest of the night and had some interesting dreams.

I was deeply affected by this experience upon awakening. For this was no ordinary experience of waking up in the middle of night and thinking about things on a rational intellectual level. I was in a very deep spiritual state when I had this awareness, and I felt it in every cell of my body.

It was like when I had my near-death experiences where I experienced spontaneous and profound spiritual truths and a new level of consciousness that sank into my cellular awareness creating deep inner change.

After waking up I reflected on what I received in the middle of the night. I was surprised that my work of service did not come up as something that gave my life meaning. Of course, I know and acknowledge the gifts I have shared with my clients, students, and the collective at large. But on a deep level this is not what was revealed to me as what gave my life meaning.

I have been with so many people at the end of their lives. And I hear the same thing again and again. People often reflect on what they gave priority to in life. I often hear people speak about the simple things of life that they felt were the most important to them. I rarely hear the obvious “good work” as what was reflected on at the end of life. And I don’t hear people saying I wish I worked more or harder.

This goes back to what I brought up in the June Transmutation News about “tearing up the script”.

During such an intense time of change are we focusing on what is important to our soul rather than what we think we should be doing?

I know many teachers suggest that we examine our lives as if we are looking back on it at the end of our life. It is important to reflect on how you would reprioritize your life so you can make changes now.

This month journey or meditate on the simple things that make your life meaningful. How would you change your life to make sure you engage in activities that are truly meaningful to you?

The other teaching that I received in this clear and heightened state was the importance of focusing on self-beauty. For I feel that I was also being shown how the beauty of different landscapes on the earth reflect back my inner beauty.

In my work with others, I am often struck by how little we acknowledge our self-beauty. As a collective we define ourselves by the collective definition of outer beauty. And we forget to allow the beauty of our soul to unfold like a flower blossoming in the spring and summer.

As we continue to radiate our divine light, we must also acknowledge the deep and true beauty that lies within each of us. We are as beautiful within as the earth reflects back to us with the beauty of nature surrounding us in the outer world.

A dear friend had sent me an email where she was reflecting on the teaching “As above, so below”.

She wrote that from an astrological perspective this does not assign cause and effect in the relationship between Earth and Sky. The emphasis of the teaching is with the correlation and the mirroring that occurs when Two Beings gaze upon one another; each of them mirrored in the Eyes of the Other. The Earth reflects what is in the Sky and the Sky reflects what is on the Earth.

Her words struck a chord in me thinking about gazing into the eyes of others and into the world. For if we shift our gaze and see the light in all that is what is reflected back to us. And this is ancient wisdom that has been carried down since the beginning of time.

I know I have written about this before. But it is so essential not to lose focus when we gaze into the eyes of others. As you can truly see the light in the eyes of all of life, we change our reality by shifting our perception.

Raise your awareness and be conscious about how you judge what you see in others and in the world. We always have a choice to see illness and/or suffering or we have the choice to recognize the brilliant spiritual light that is part of all of life. The more you can maintain your focus with this work the deeper you can travel in other dimensions of life. For the dimension of beauty is present at all times.

The full moon is July 12. Start your full moon ceremony with reflecting on your inner beauty and the beauty of all of life around you. Gaze upon photos of nature and of the earth and appreciate what a glorious planet we live on.

From this place of appreciating the beauty of life perform your transfiguration practice to drop what keeps you separate from your divine light. Radiate this light while focusing on joining with the beauty of our global community who is all doing the same. Imagine and gaze upon this beauty and the lights of all weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth touching, embracing, and connecting every being that is alive.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage to read the instructions for our full moon ceremony.


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