As we move into a new year I feel there is quite a wave of spiritual energy that we can ride. Using the principles of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination we weave our dreams and create them into being.

There is a lot that can distract us from using the potential of this potent wave of spiritual energy. We have the media, our own internal dialogue, and the noise of city life that creates distractions. Another distraction is feeling like there is not enough time and that our lives are spinning too fast to contend with.

Of course one of the biggest distractions is fear. We watch how the media, government, religious organizations, businesses, and even spiritual teachers monopolize on the energy to control through fear. “If you follow me or my way I will protect you from harm.” You know the scenario; we are all surrounded by it. Fear can be a great distraction from using the spiritual energy of this time to manifest a world that creates equality and empowers others. Fear is used to divide and control.

There is a difference between instinctual fear where our bodies and our intuition help guide us to making decisions that will lead to our survival. And then there is the fear of social conditioning where we are told some person, product, or belief system is needed for our safety. Gavin de Becker wrote a brilliant book that I have written about before titled The Gift of Fear. It reads like a novel and teaches us through sharing case studies how he helps others to use instinctual and intuitive knowing for signs of when are truly in danger versus fear that is instilled upon us by social conditioning.

Desire for power and greed drive people and institutions to try and control through fear. By staying focused and developing our abilities to keep our concentration we have the potential to change the vibration and frequency of our lives and follow a path that creates harmony and peace. We have the potential to fully know the true power that comes when we feel empowered and empower others.

Spiritual practice and the practice of transmutation and creation need fuel. For years we have been focusing on love as fuel. We have been deepening our relationship with the earth, the elements, and all of life with love.

Concentration and focus are also needed as fuel. We can’t manifest our spiritual work into reality without concentration and focus.

Those of you who perform shamanic healing know you can’t partner with the spirits in bringing healing help to a client if you can’t focus and concentrate on bringing that healing help, the power of the universe into the body of the client.

Our abilities to concentrate and focus need to be exercised, as they are not supported in the world we live in. Some examples of where we practice concentration and focus is in playing music, an art project, meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, cooking and baking, fixing mechanical things, etc.

I am not trying to hook you into another system of working. But I do believe it is important to engage in some practice that you enjoy which improves your ability to concentrate. Without this ability there is not the fuel needed to heal our environment, ourselves, and manifest our dreams. For instead of spinning and weaving the world we wish to live into existence we end up spinning out of control and creating chaos.

There are many waves of energy we can feel right now. There is a wave that is leading people into a dense life of feeling the need to gather more material objects, be controlled by fear, and stay in a trance that prevents them from seeing the truth of what is happening in their lives. There is a wave that is leading people into a higher vibration and frequency of love and empowerment and waking up from the trance. All paths will ultimately lead to growth and evolution. And we do have a choice of which path we want to explore right now.

In December I had a teaching come through in a journey that really sank deep into my cells. The message of the journey was that scarcity comes from not living from a place of interconnectedness. When we acknowledge and experience the interconnectedness of everything there is only abundance.

I reflected on this knowledge for days. For this wisdom effects how we relate in our love and work relationships. It effects how we relate to all life around us.

For example, if we truly embrace the interconnectedness with everyone we work with and who is connected with a creative endeavor the only possible outcome would be that which would bring abundance on all levels. If we embrace that our food comes from our interconnection with all the elements and the spirit that lives in all things growth and abundance comes out of the flow of energy created. Any feeling or perception of separation stops the flow of energy creating scarcity. It is through the feeling and perception of interconnection that allows energy to flow freely resulting in abundance on all levels.

I would like to ask you to really try to get the experience of this as you proceed with your spiritual growth this month. As there is this intense spiritual energy on the planet right now let’s ride the wave of interconnection to create abundance. Reflect on who or what you feel separate from. Look at all your relationships. Look at the relationships with those you work with as well as your relationship with the spirit of the business or organization you work with and for. Look at those people who you love in your life. Look at your relationships with the plants, trees, animals, rocks, insects, fish, birds, reptiles, water, earth, air, fire, the weather, the sky, the stars, the moon. We are not separate from anyone else, any life form, or form of energy. For the light inside connects us all.

Explore through your journeys and meditations how through connection you can create unity and an energetic flow to heal those places where connections in the web are torn.

Notice what changes occur in your relationships and with your perception about life from deepening and creating energetic connections.

One of the effects the media can have on us is to make us feel very overwhelmed by the enormity of problems in the world. You might try doing the variety of practices I have been presenting over the past months to work with the locale where you live. As you notice a difference that is created where you live and your life you will truly know the impact the spiritual work you are performing has. This is one way to feel more empowered with the knowledge that the spiritual work we do does make a difference.

In my own case I transfigure to experience the perfection and divine light in the trees where I live and in the well that provides water for my house. The trees all around me in Santa Fe are dying. Yet with the love and light that is shared through the practice of transfiguration the trees in the area where I live are still flourishing. The water where I live is contaminated. So I focus my spiritual work on recognizing the divine light and perfection of the water knowing that this will create change inside and out.

When we do our ceremonies for other parts of the country or the world I participate in them. But I continue to do my daily spiritual work on the environment where I live knowing that what happens where I live and to myself affects the entire web of life. This is another place where the spirit of interconnection is strong.

Every time you are healed, or a plant is healed, or an animal is healed the whole web is affected and changed. The microcosm does affect the macrocosm.

On the winter solstice we began our winter dreaming together. We want to keep this up throughout the winter months. There are two practices I would like to invite us all to work together with this month. I will share some dates we can focus our energies together after I share the spiritual practices to engage in.

I would like to invite you to focus your spiritual energies of giving support, thanks, love, appreciation, and to honor all the people around the world who are working to feed the heart of love, unity, and light.

You can create your own way of doing this. You can light a candle with the intention of having the light shine and support those of us working together. You can do some dancing and singing in honor of the world community that has formed in honor of all of life. You can transfigure knowing your light is honoring the divine light in all.

You can do this alone or in a group you are working in. Again the purpose is to link with all the people around the world who are focusing on creating a field of light and love.

The other spiritual practice I would like you to try is to transfigure and experience walking about where you live. You can experience yourself walking around through a journey or meditation. Or you might choose to go outside physically.

From all the case studies of how people are experiencing their outer environment shifting from the practice of transfiguration, we know that change does occur.

As we focus our spiritual energies on shining our own light and recognizing the divine of our own locale the effects of making changes on the microcosm will affect the whole world.

Once again you can work alone or in a group. However you decide to work remember that you are part of a world community and you are never really working alone.

I would suggest that we do these practices twice this month. Once on the full moon on January 7 and then again on the new moon on January 21.

January 7 is the full moon. I invite us all to continue weaving a web of light around the world. Remember the light within is what connects of us.

“I am that living and fiery essence of the divine substance that flows in the beauty of the fields. I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is the mysterious force of the invisible wind. I sustain the breath of all living. I breathe in the verdure, and in the flowers, and when the waters flow like living things, it is I.”

– The Holy Spirit, in a vision to Saint Hildegard of Bingen

I wish you all a joyous New Year! Ride the potent spiritual wave of our time and experience the
beauty of the light which connects us all.

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