I am writing this month’s Transmutation News mid November after returning from a wonderful teaching time in Europe. Although the trip was mostly work related it felt like I really had a chance to regenerate while I was there.

I have been teaching in Europe since the 1980’s in Austria and Switzerland. But this is the first time I taught in Germany. I felt so nurtured by the land there and it truly was a healing experience for me.

I also worked with two extraordinary groups. So many people told me how much they relied on the monthly Transmutation News for inspiration. It was really good to get this feedback and of course it inspires me to keep writing.

It also touched me deeply to hear about the ceremonies people performed on October 18 when we were all working on behalf of the Rio Grande. There really is a strong network and community that has formed working together. It is important for all of us to remember that as we do our ceremonies that we are connecting with a world community.

One of the things I have also noticed this fall is how much easier people are “getting” the spiritual work I present. In October I taught a beginning workshop on shamanic journeying to over 100 people at Omega Institute. I am used to quite a bit of confusion coming from people who are first learning to journey. I found this group to be extraordinary in how easily they all journeyed and experienced a shamanic state of consciousness.

Then when I went to Europe I taught a 5-day Medicine for the Earth Gathering and also continued working with my group in a Three Year Training. Both groups also experienced all the work I shared in a smoother, easier fashion than I can remember.

There were of course still left-brain questions that came from the conditioned mind. But people seemed to experience the work faster and in a very deep way.

I talked to another teacher in Europe about this. It almost feels that a morphic resonance field has now been created where the work is now more natural. This is exciting to think about. I will be curious to see if this trend continues.

When I was in Germany I did hear about the fires in Southern California. When I returned home there were some letters waiting for me asking me to “share my wisdom” about fire.

It is not an easy issue to speak to, as we need to look at what is happening with the planet today on many different levels. On a material level there is a lot of destruction going on through different natural events – fires, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.

As you know I have been living with the danger of fire changing my material world for many years now. So I am not going to say that we only need to look at all this on a higher spiritual level. There is trauma in losing precious things you own and watching your outer environment be destroyed at the same time. There is grief and loss on a personal level when these events occur in our lives. There is also the grief over the loss and death in the plant and animal kingdoms.

On a spiritual level we learn that there is more to life than what we have in the outer material levels. It is always interesting to watch interviews with people after they have lost everything during a natural event. Some people take the stance of victim and bitterness. Some people take the stance of gratefulness that their own lives and the lives of their families were not lost and that is what is important.

There are many events that happen throughout our lives where we are all asked to get clear on what is truly important and we have to find peace with the challenges that life brings us.

On another level we live in a world out of balance. Are we seeing more natural occurrences of earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, fires, etc.? Or is it that because of media coverage we are more aware of what is occurring around the world?

We are part of nature. Nature is always looking for harmony. Nature has ways of cleansing itself. Nature has ways that create regeneration that might seem to us as destructive.

The land needs fires to regenerate itself. I remember months ago in the newspaper articles about the importance of fire in New Mexico as the land needs the regenerative ability of fire and the new growth that occurs after fire.

There is always a bigger picture going on. When our lives are being turned upside down by the what is needed in the bigger picture we cannot see all the deeper levels that are being touched in our lives and for the planet. This is natural and of course there is a natural process of grieving and even “why me” questions that will occur.

There are times when we as a community can “hold the space” for others as they grieve what has been lost. For if we are doing our work we grieve and then look at the regeneration and new opportunities and growth that are being created for us. Death is not an end, it is a transition. Losing what we have in the material world is not an end to our lives. It is a transition into something new. With all death whether it be the death at the end of our lives or the little deaths that occur along the way there is an initiation that occurs. All initiations bring us to a new place in our lives.

We cannot stop the earth from regenerating. We cannot stop evolution. But we can work on our reactions to what is occurring. The elements are not “evil” for coming through the land changing the landscapes of our lives. We need to honor our feelings about the loss we observe. If it happens on a personal level these feelings of loss will be deeper. The process sculpts us into different beings. But we must all learn how to band together as community and support one another on a physical level as well as a spiritual level. Change is part of life, we must not fear it.

Over the years of writing the Transmutation News I have been emphasizing the importance of transfiguring and experiencing a state of source, divinity, light and oneness. I have also on and off spoken about the spirits in the Middle World as important to establish a partnership with in creating miracles.

For those who only journey to the Upper and Lower Worlds a split between the non-ordinary and ordinary realms is created. As I mentioned in Medicine for the Earth, this split did not occur in former times. The gods and goddesses and helping spirits danced on this earth with us.

In our hearts we all want to heal this split of keeping the non-ordinary worlds and our ordinary world separate. We once again want to experience the magic of life and wake up from the trance that society has put on us that either the non-ordinary does not exist or that we are separate from it.

In the Middle World the spirit of the plants, trees rocks, animals, insects, fish, reptiles birds, and other life forms exist here with us. They are sentient beings who we can relate with. There is the spirit of air, water, earth, and fire, which is alive and we can establish a relationship with. There are helping ancestral spirits that love the earth as we do who can help us in healing ourselves and our environment. And there is the devic realms and the spirit people who we share the planet with: the elves, fairies, forest angels, etc.

I do believe that the devic realms hold a real key for us in our work. I no longer call these beings “the little people” as some of the elves and angels are quite tall. So I prefer to use the term the spirit people.

We all knew of their existence when we were children. We actually thought everyone saw them when we were young. Then we fell into a trance and closed the veils to this realm of being. We have been asleep and living in a very dense dimension. I think those of us reading this page are striving toward waking up and experiencing a higher and lighter dimension. There are many “demons at the gate” who try to stop us from waking up. For most of us the “demon” is our own conditioned mind who keeps telling us to “get real” and stop doing this crazy spiritual work. We keep forging ahead as the voices of society try to distract us. And we keep moving ahead with the knowing that a wealthier world exists for us.

Part of this experiencing a richer life is feeling as if we are communicating and relating with the spirit that lives in all things. We have been doing journeys and meditations over the years together to help deepen this connection.

This month let’s turn our attention to the spirit people. The spirit people and the devic realms do exist. In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about how the government in Iceland has a representative for the little people. You might be familiar with the extraordinary gardens in Findhorn, Scotland that were created by working in partnership with the spirit people. You also might be familiar with the work of Michelle Small-Wright and Perelandra and what has come out of the collaboration with the devic realms.

The spirit people are also caretakers of this earth. As we continue to explore together how we can heal ourselves and our environment it is time for us to establish a strong and deep relationship with the elves, fairies, and forest angels who are already working to restore harmony in the natural world.

As part of your spiritual practice this month journey or meditate and ask to meet the spirit people who live where you live. Don’t get trapped into having to “see” them outside to believe in their existence. Reach out to them with your heart. Let them know you are aware of their existence and that you wish to communicate with them. Experience what comes from setting this intention.

They are strong partners for us in our work to restore harmony and balance in our environment. Let’s meet them and establish a relationship first and then see how we can work together.

We are moving into the wonderful season of winter. I would suggest that during this month you perform a series of journeys or meditations to merge with an aspect of earth, air, water and fire where you live. Learn about the energy of vibration of these elements during this time. Learn especially how you might wish to rebalance the fire within during this time.

After you have experienced the elements during this season ask your higher consciousness to help you balance to be in harmony with the vibration of these elements. Do this purely by setting an intention. Remember that setting an intention is experienced as action taking place by the brain. When we ask our higher consciousness to create balance this is done through setting an intention, which happens on more of an unconscious than conscious level.

Depending on where you live in the world the winter solstice is either December 21 or December 22. The times vary depending on where you live. I journeyed on what we can all focus on during this time.

I received the information that it is important for all of us to create a strong network of dreamers that can work together in this dreamy time to dream into being the planet we wish to live on.

The first step is with your imagination or in your journey or meditation really experience yourself as being a part of a solid network of people who are dreaming on behalf of the world.

Next journey or meditate so that you are in the void, the place of unlimited possibilities before things are created and manifested on earth. If you are not familiar with the void experience yourself in a nice dark nurturing place. Light was born out of the darkness. In the void or this dark nurturing place begin to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world you wish to live in. Experience a world in harmony where all life is respected, honored, and considered precious. Experience a world of unity with the great web of life. Experience a world of love.

Experience this world as if it already exists now. Don’t experience it in the future or it will never manifest. Call it into being as if it is happening now. Feel the love for this world with your heart. We know that love and the heart fuels the energy needed for manifestation to occur.

On the solstice let’s establish our dreaming network together. Throughout this dreamy internal time of winter keep up the work on your own. Let’s gestate and manifest our dreams together.

The full moon in the U.S. is December 8. Due to time differences the full moon is on a different day depending on where you live in the world. I was reminded when I taught in Europe that I only post the U.S. day for the full moon creating some confusion for people in other countries. Please consult with a moon calendar and the sky for the time of the full moon where you live.

During this wonderfully powerful time let’s continue to weave a brilliant, radiant web of light around our beautiful planet.

May the time of winter be a joyful and rich time in your life.

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