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I received correspondence from many of you letting me know that the December 2013 and January 2014 monthly columns were very helpful to you. Those of you who wrote me really loved the Inner Chamber of Light practice. This is a meditation/journey you can continue to do. I visit the Inner Chamber of Light on a regular basis.

Let’s move forward with moving from a life guided by ego to the path of being guided by spirit and seeing life through the eyes of spirit. This is a bridge that we can cross together, and I invite you to join me.

I had a very interesting conversation with a student of mine who was visiting Santa Fe. We were having tea and at some point, our conversation moved to talking about the state of the world. When we look at the world through the eyes of ego things are not looking good. The deterioration of the environment is certainly continuing at a rapid pace.

I found myself sharing that even if “the world ends” during my lifetime I want to leave this earth as conscious as possible. Rachel, who I was having tea with, asked me if I really thought that leaving consciously made a difference.

This question made me pause. For I have journeyed for so many people who died. And in my journeys, I typically see them returning back to Source and oneness again. This does not seem to depend on how consciously they led their lives.

In my continued reflection on this conversation, I still feel for myself that life here on earth is an adventure. The outcome is not what I am focusing on. For we all know by this time that the outcome must be surrendered.

But it is important to reflect on how we want to spend our time while we are alive. At this point I approach my life with a sense of curiosity.

What if I fully focus my efforts on living a path of spirit? Where does that path lead knowing that I will only be shown a portion of the path during this lifetime? What amazing and incredible landscapes will the path of spirit lead me through?

I find that asking these questions and being curious fuels my exploration deeper into the path of spirit. For there are wonders, gems, riches revealed as the veil is lifted from the dense consciousness many live in now, to the realm where life shimmers with vitality and radiance.

The earth is our home. We came here to live a life filled with spirit. Our spirit is clothed by the body. And at the same time the form of our body does not bind our spirit. It is expansive and connects with the spirit that lives in all things.

The promise that life brings us is that our visions and dreams are already manifested. We just need to step fully into living the dream we have been creating. The seeds are already manifested in us. We just need to allow the growth.

Part of stepping fully into the dream is continuing to shape and work with the words you use throughout the day. For ancient spiritual traditions do teach about the power of both speaking and sending words.

We have done a lot of work over the years with transmuting the energy behind our thoughts and attitudes so that we are sending loving energies to ourselves and to all of life.

We can also pay attention to the words we are sending. Take time this month to reflect on the words that you are sending to yourself and to the world. Do your words feed the state of health you would like to experience for yourself and the web of life?

Are you sending words such as joy, peace, love, light, abundance, and health into the collective?

As a community, let us send the words we wish to see manifest into the collective.

Someone sent me an article titled, “Words Can Change Your Brain”. Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman wrote the article. For more information you can visit

The authors shared what has been shown with people who have had brain scans with an MRI. When the word “no” was flashed for less than one second the scanner showed people releasing dozens of stress producing hormones and neurotransmitters. Seeing a list of negative words for only a few seconds deepened any states of anxiety or depression.

Negative words have been found to affect the person saying them but also of those who listen to the words being expressed. Negative words actually send alarm messages to the brain.

The last point I want to share from the article is that fear-provoking words stimulate parts of the brain such as the thalamus and amygdala to react as if there are actual threats occurring in the outside world.

Over the years we have been working together to learn how to use words that reflect what we desire. For in spiritual traditions words are seen as seeds. And these seeds when watered and nurtured grow into healthy plants. Most cultures who have their own stories of creation share how sounds and words created life.

We do have tremendous power to shift our own health and that of the planet by focusing on using and sending positive words that match the state of consciousness we want reflected back by the outer world.

During the month of February let us focus our practices together on being conscious of the seed words we send out to the collective and ourselves. Let’s state and send the words that will help rebalance our state of health.

To add to this practice, take some time each day and repeat to yourself, “The earth is my home. My body is the home of my spirit.”

Go out and feel the earth each day and open your invisible and visible senses to connect with nature and all the sentient beings. If you live in a city visit a local park.

Attune yourself to the earth, moon, and stars. Move into alignment with these powerful forces that light your way.

Deepen your connection with nature and learn to communicate with the spirit that lives in all things. A new dimension of reality will continue to show itself if you focus on this practice daily.

Join with all in our global community to bless each other and all of life with love, light, joy, abundance, peace, equality, and good health.

The full moon is February 14. What a great time to join together as it is Valentine’s and millions of people take this day to honor the spirit of love. Although popular culture celebrates romantic love on this day, we all know that love is unconditional and we were created from love.

Let us join together with our hearts open to the energy of love flowing through all of life. Let us transfigure and radiate light throughout the web of light. State words of blessings for all. Let our words weave love and peace into the fabric of reality.

For those of you new to reading The Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” for a description of our full moon ceremony.

Copyright 2014 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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