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I was having a stimulating conversation with another shamanic healer, and a topic came up that I wanted to share with you. I think it is an important aspect to add to what I have been writing on initiations.

In my workshops and in my books, I teach about a delicate subject that can come up while working with a client, a friend, or loved one who has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Sometimes a client or a loved one might ask those of you who journey to consult with a helping spirit to get a prediction of whether they will live or die.

The issue that arises is if someone has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and is cured, he or she will die on some level in order to heal. For that kind of healing involves quite a lot of dying to what does not support a healthy life.

If you journey to a helping spirit and ask if a client, friend, or loved one will die the answer is yes. If you journey and ask if a client, friend, or loved one will live the answer will be yes. For our spirit is eternal.

In my practice sometimes clients show up saying that a doctor gave them a terminal diagnosis. I am often asked to journey on whether my client will live or die.

My response in these cases is that I will perform the healing needed so that you are whole. I perform a soul retrieval as part of the healing to return any lost soul parts to a person. In doing this the soul is now present to help to guide the next steps of the process. It is only our soul that knows the next step. For some people, the next step is physical death and for some it is remaining in this life.

Life is a series of initiations where we die to certain aspects of our life so that our own inner light, our divine nature can shine through.

As we continue to bring back lost parts of ourselves, we live in a more conscious fashion. And when it is our time, we die consciously. The key is being fully present so that we can raise our awareness to the gifts that life brings to us so that we can die to the old and be reborn into new levels of consciousness.

People in the helping professionals who work with people who are in the final stages of life often remark how bright a person is as they are facing death. I have seen this again and again with people I know. The light shining through as the body declines is quite amazing and beautiful.

And I also find that people have the same brilliant light coming through as they go through initiations in life that create a death experience where so much of the old is left behind. The death leads to something new being born. People who have some kind of life dismemberment come back feeling renewed and regenerated. We all know how brightly a pregnant woman glows. When we are giving birth to a deeper and more conscious aspect of ourselves, we glow too.

The process of dying and the process of birth all bring us to a deeper level of spirit where the divine shines through.

Last year I wrote about how heart break leads to our hearts expanding so that we can become bigger vessels of unconditional love. I wrote about how unconditional love is beyond personal love. It is love that has no attachments to people or life circumstances. It is the pure love of the creator and is a reflection of the love that went into our creation and also the creation of the world.

I also have started to experience in my Inner World how joy has that same unconditional quality.

I continue to write and teach how true joy, health, wealth, and peace lie within. And that the key to our spiritual practice is cultivating our inner garden in a way that creates a rich Inner World.

I write and teach what I need to learn myself. And my life is truly devoted to practicing what I share in my teachings. I have been challenged through my life as I have searched for that real sense of inner joy.

And what I have come to realize is that my block to experiencing that inner joy is that I attach joy to my conditions in the outer world. But from a spiritual perspective joy is unconditional. Joy is beyond any personal desires. Unconditional joy is simply the joy for life itself. We were born into this material world to fully experience the joy of life. And when we can tap into our original desire to experience the joy of life beyond conditions, we experience unconditional joy as we do unconditional love. This is also true for the spiritual definition of wealth and peace. For these qualities that we embrace in our Inner World have nothing to do with our outer conditions.

The full moon is April 25. Let us travel within and experience unconditional love for all life as well as unconditional joy for the gift of being alive. From this potent place of divine light, love, and joy let us continue to weave a brilliant human web of light within and throughout our planet earth.

Let us continue our transfiguration work for each of us in our global circle.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” for instructions on our full moon ceremony.

Copyright 2013 Sandra Ingerman

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