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Close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Travel into your heart and start by breathing slowly with the intention to align your heartbeat with the heartbeat of the earth.

Feel your heart expand and give thanks for your life. With your breath radiate love and light throughout the earth, touching all of life.

Imagine yourself sitting with many thousands of others who read the Transmutation News. We are one unified circle.

And now join your heart with the heartbeat of our global community and together let us wish all a Happy New Year!!

Bring your awareness back to the room you are in and read on as we bring in a New Year filled with the possibility of expanded growth and change.

Time is not linear. Our mind tends to translate time in a straight line. But we are really spiraling through time. The New Year often inspires us to reflect on how we wish to change our lives.

One thing I have shared in the past is the caution about getting caught up in predictions for the New Year. I think that we tend to want to hear predictions for the year to come as a way to establish a sense of safety and a sense of control in our lives. Even if a prediction speaks to challenges we think if we know beforehand what might occur we can prepare.

One of the great teachings of the times we are living in is to expect the unexpected. For we have all seen changes and events that caught us in surprise. We live in a time where predictions can simply end up being another distraction from following our spiritual path.

We need to wake up each day knowing that we have the strength and inner knowledge to meet whatever the day brings. The day might bring us smooth waters to sail on and enjoy. Or we might find ourselves navigating through turbulence. It is all about accepting what is and using all of our tools to navigate the current waters we are in.

In the past few months I have been encouraging you to deepen your spiritual work and to truly reflect on the difference of doing your work through the eyes of spirit instead of ego. Sometimes we feel like we are engaged in spiritual practices without realizing our ego is still in control and not allowing the true strength of spirit to shine through.

This is a time in our lives where we must allow spirit to shine through us more and more. We need to stand tall and feel spirit flowing through us – above and below and to all the horizons.

What a feeling of beauty and strength accompanies such a flow. There is an unburdening of thoughts, distractions, and being caught in dense collective energies when we can do this. Allowing the light and love of spirit to flow through us is freedom.

As you continue to deepen your transfiguration practice allow your divine light to flow more throughout the day. Keep your heart in an expanded place. Don’t close down. Instead be a presence of love. I wrote about the wonderful benefits of the practice of transfiguration in December.

My absolute passion is to create communities that work with the principle of cooperation and collaboration. And I do believe it is the power of working in community that will create the changes needed in our times.

As I began writing the Transmutation News in 2000 I wrote that the stories our descendants will read will be about communities of people coming together to create a positive world to live in. These stories of how communities worked together will replace the old stories of how one hero or heroine stepped forth to save the world.

I believe that we have unlimited potential when we join in community to work with the power of focused intent. This means dropping the egoic desires and joining together in spirit with intention, concentration, focus, love, union, harmony, and imagination and be a force of change in the world.

First we need to raise our frequency by continuing our spiritual work and allowing spirit, love, and light to flow through us. When you do this you will notice yourself feeling lighter, stronger, and inspired. There is a new frequency that really needs to be brought through right now to lift the dense collective energies that have been fed by all of us.

And then we must change the vocabulary in our prayers and meditations from using the word “I” and replacing this with the word “we”.

We pray for……
We join our hearts together in behalf of…..
We see the divine light in others, a challenged part of the world, or the world at large.
We perceive the beauty of life.

Well, I can give endless examples, but you get the point. During this month of January I ask to you experiment with replacing your intentions from starting with “I” to “We”.

Use the word “we” as much as you can throughout the day. Let us work together as a community with the power of focused intent.

This still means that you have to do your personal work in order to be a healthy member of the community. You still want to work on what you wish to create. As you strengthen yourself you strengthen the community.

We are individuals having an experience of what it is like to be a human living in this world. On a spiritual level however, there is only unity consciousness. And it is in joining together in unity where we have tremendous potential to be a positive loving and healing force in the world.

I still hold a tremendous amount of hope. I still believe that a different dream can be created. Whether we will see the new dream manifest in our lifetime I do not know. But simply imagine the potential we have together if we truly focus our spiritual energies in complete union with no breaks or no weak links. Just imagine!

And as you continue to daydream you might notice that your daydreams do inform you of the personal work you need to do.

No matter how cold it is in your area, spend time in nature. For nature is the doorway that connects the visible and invisible realms. Nature teaches us how to lift the veils between the seen and unseen to perceive a new dream. There is so much to learn through the Divine Intelligence of Nature. Right now, many are caught up in how nature is reflecting a state of imbalance and disharmony within us. But when we lift the veils and step into the divine part of nature, we enter into the realm of the pure beauty of spirit manifested into form.

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There is also such a power that comes from working in anonymity. Often people confuse being leaders and changemakers with having to be public. We are part of an invisible community that works together with concentration and the power of focused intent to shift the energy in the web of life.

A few years ago I shared with you how to visit the Inner Chamber of Light. I would like to repeat this meditation this month to welcome in the New Year.

I once had a very powerful journey where I was shown the power of community working together. In my journey I was taken to a territory called the Inner Chamber of Light. Once there I was met by two faceless beings. The beings escorted me to what felt was my spiritual workstation. I could not see forms, but I was aware that there were thousands of others who were doing spiritual work together in this Inner Chamber of Light. There was no talking, discussing philosophies, or comparing spiritual practices and teachings. Everyone just did their work out of love for all of life. The power was tangible in this place. I was so touched and really understood how many people around the world are doing their work in silence without having to be seen, recognized, and acknowledged for what they are doing. The power of focus and concentration and working in unity is how we can gather as a global community to be a force of change and healing in the world.

It does not matter your education or what you do for work. We all can be a vessel of love and light together and work in unity.

In some of my workshops we perform a ceremony whereas a group we travel to the Inner Chamber of Light to find our personal spiritual workstation and also to experience the power of working anonymously. In this place you can feel on a cellular level the power of working in community with the power of focused intent.

You can try journeying to The Inner Chamber of Light if this work calls to you. You can perform this as a meditation while listening to some expansive music or you can listen to some drumming and do this as a shamanic journey. In my workshops we use the music CD “The Ultimate Om” by Jonathan Goldman to do this work.

Start by darkening the room you are in. Put something over your eyes. Even if you drum or rattle for yourself put a bandana or scarf over your eyes. I find that performing this journey in darkness adds to the power of being anonymous.

Set your intention to be led to the Inner Chamber of Light. Once there you will be met by two faceless beings. They will not talk to you. They will simply lead you to your spiritual workstation. Once there take a seat. Although words will not be spoken to you will sense and intuit instructions of what you should be doing to repair the web of life. You might find yourself sitting in silence while you work. You might get up and dance and move as you perform the work you feel guided to do. You might begin to tone or sing.

As you do your work sense the immense energy and connection with others working with focused intent. Know you are not alone in your work in behalf of life. Feel the hope and passion that guides your work.

Either when you hear the return beat of the drum or when you feel ready put out a telepathic message that you are ready to leave this chamber. The two guides who escorted you to your place will return to escort you to the entrance of the Chamber of Light. Once at the entrance return back to the room you are in.

Once you have returned reflect on your experience. Take a walk in the fresh air with a sense of regained hope.

As part of a community your piece of work ripples and creates changes in the web. Your unique gifts add to the entire world community. And even just simply sharing a smile with a stranger might heal a person beyond your wildest imagination.

The full moon is January 16. Let us take the time to feel ourselves truly connecting with the global community. With the power of focused intent let’s gather our spiritual energies together. Let us transfigure and experience our divine light weaving a beautiful and radiant web of light within and throughout the earth.

For those of you new to reading The Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Last month to end the year we thanked all the translators who volunteer and devote so much time to make the Transmutation News available to readers in many countries. We thanked Sylvia Edwards who volunteers her time to be the webmaster of this site.

I feel called for us to honor Bob Edgar. For Bob was the person who back in 1998 encouraged me to write a monthly column. He was the original webmaster who posted my column on Carol Proudfoot’s website Shamanic Visions. I started by writing a column sharing the teachings in A Fall to Grace. And then the column shifted to the Transmutation News.

I was not on the internet as the first years’ columns were posted. I would type the column and fax it to Bob. Wow! How things have changed.

Bob is retired now, but I want to bless him for all the brilliant work he has shared in the world.

There are times when my heart and spirit call me to support an organization whose work touches so many.

An organization I feel called to support is Two Circles – the American Indian Institute: Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth. The “Friends and Family 2013 Year End Letter” sent out in December was so powerful. I immediately jumped into action and asked if there was any way they could post the letter on their website so I could link to it.

To visit the homepage please visit: I hope you will feel called to donate to support their work. To make a donation online you will find a link “to make a donation” on the right side of the homepage. The link appears under “Friends and Family 2013 Letter”. And of course you can send a check.

The letter speaks to the many ceremonies led by Native American elders this year. There was even a delegation of four Kogi Elders (two men and two women) from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia who found their way to the Weaving of Women’s Wisdom gathering held at Akwesasne Mohawk Territory in Upstate New York. Haudensaunee Clan Mothers called for this meeting. They shared the binding strength of the Mother Law – the inherent feminine authority in the natural human pattern of life’s vital flow derived from the celestial mother and carried forward over millennia in a continuous sisterhood of matrilineal clanship.

The letter is four pages long and was so beautifully written by Eric Noyes, the Executive Director. There is such a wealth of information to drink in. I was completely entranced by this letter.

Eric starts the letter off by writing:
“From my vantage point the great loom that provides the frame for the weaving is our cosmic position that, according to the Maya and many other calendar-keepers from South America, finds us at the end/beginning of another “long count” cycle of light (5,200 years), which marks a speeding up of humanity’s reawakening and our ascension to a higher spiritual consciousness. It is the time of a new beginning as is written in the stars for us to see each night.”

In communicating with Eric he wrote to me that he is convinced the ancient traditional ways are not lost. And the traditional teachings offer continuity to life.

‘The Elders say our Grandfather the Fire is still here; Older Brother Sun is still here; Our Mother the Earth and Grandmother Moon, still here for us. The Elders say we still have the responsibility for the generations yet to come, and that the ceremonies will give the strength that will be required for all of us to survive.”

We are grateful for the traditional ways. And I feel it is important to honor the elders who have lit the way for us in the past and continue to light our way for the future. The Two Circles group has been together for more than 40 years.

I hope you will read the letter posted and follow your heart in invisible and visible means of support.

Blessings to everyone for a joyous and deep meaningful New Year!!


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