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Take a bit of time out of your day for a short time of reflection. Get into a comfortable place, take a few deep breaths, and imagine sitting in a favorite place in nature. It can be a place in the country or in a park you walk through. You can also choose to do this exercise outside in nature. 

We are shifting once again into a new season. In the Northern Hemisphere we are shifting out of summer and out of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. 

As you sit in nature feel the earth you are sitting on and notice any changes in the texture or the fragrance as the season begins to shift. Smell the air and notice if you can pick up any hints of change in how the air feels on your skin and changes in the temperature. Notice if you have been able to sense how the plants and trees are responding to the change in season and if you notice changes in the population of birds, animals, insects, other nature beings where you live. Have you observed how the sunrise and sunsets are moving to a new time and how the moon and stars are shifting positions in the night sky? 

Drop in and feel the change inside of you. It has been a long and intense season for so many people around the world. Our hearts have been touched by terrorist, political, and climatic events. Our hearts keep expanding with compassion as so much has occurred that impacts us on deep levels. There is the desire to hold to a positive vision for our world, and when we witness so many challenges it is often tough to keep the faith. 

As you feel the change in the air notice how you are feeling. I always feel such a tangible change in the air when we begin to greet a new season. It is not something I can describe in words, but I can feel such a difference as the air touches my skin and as I breathe it in. Reflect on what changes you have witnessed in the past season that have touched your heart. Think back to your reactions and how true you have been able to stay to honoring your emotions but also performing your spiritual work to keep a good dream alive and transmute the energy behind any challenges you have been effected by. 

Travel inside to your inner landscape and open your invisible eyes and take in all you have planted and what has grown in your inner garden. What type of care does your garden need as we move into a new season?

As we move into the season of fall/spring it is good to take some time to reflect on the season we are spiraling out of. It is also important to reflect on how we participated in life and all that is happening in the world. For once again change is in the air that brings new possibilities as nature reflects back to us a time to let go of what needs to be returned to the earth to be composted into fertile ground and what seeds we want to plant in our inner and outer landscape. 

When you feel like you have taken the time you need to tune into the subtle or not so subtle changes within and around you bring your awareness back to the present. 

In past columns of the Transmutation News, I have usually asked you to merge with the earth where you live during the changing season. For you experience the same changes as the earth does. And to merge with the earth gives you a sense of the inner changes that are occurring. We often numb ourselves as we get lost in the flow of the collective trance and just go from season to season without opening our invisible and visible senses to the shift in our inner our outer world. And when we take time to notice how our inner world is changing it improves the quality of our participation in life instead of letting life pass us by. 

This month in my journeys I have felt a strong pull from water to focus on how the tide and current of our life is shifting as we move into fall or spring. It is a good time to see what messages water has for us as we celebrate the Equinox. How the shifting season impacts the currents brings information for us on how to flow with the changes rather than resist them. 

Pick a body of water that you would like to connect with and learn from. Water reflects back the nature of our soul and gives us life. Our waters within are impacted by the change in seasons just like the waters around us. 

Listen to some music and tune into a body of water you wish to connect with. You might wish to merge with water and let it inform you about the changes ahead. Or you might wish to imagine yourself sitting beside a body of water that you wish to communicate with. Once we move into the invisible realms we can communicate easily with nature. You might also go outside and sit with a body of water and allow the stillness, or the waves, or the running water give you a message of how to attune to the change in season. 

On September 22, which is the Equinox I invite you to create a small altar with representations of the elements. Spend some time in silent meditation reflecting on your love, honor and respect for the elements. Breathe in love and breathe out love. Sing to the elements and honor them as we move into a new cycle of life. After you have breathed appreciation and sung love into the elements bring them to a place in nature and leave them outside allowing the love you expressed to sink in and become one with the earth. 

When you are outside, continue to sing to the elements and the nature spirits. All life sings and loves to be sung to. Touch the ground beneath you and feel your energy attune with that of the earth. Reach your hands up to the air and let the breezes or wind play with your fingers.  If there is water where you live touch the water with your eyes closed and feel the softness, beauty, and life force merging with you. Reach your arms up to the sun and absorb the power while singing a song in gratitude. 

Our prayers and love do have meaning and do affect the vibration of the web of life in ways we cannot notice with our visible senses. But the effect is real. 

When intense events occur on the planet, sometimes the simplest spiritual practices we can do uplift us and have an impact on raising the vibration on the planet. 

If you have a personal altar at home, make a change to your altar marking the movement into a new time of life. It is always good to change your altar to reflect outer changes that are occurring.

If you are cycling into fall reflect on what you are ready to release in your life creating more space in your inner landscape. What do you need to clean up in your life? If you are greeting spring, let your imagination move you to what new practices or dreams you would like to set into motion. 

Most of all let us all honor all the invisible helping spirits who continue to be by our side and guide us through life. Let us thank our ancestors, and the ancestors of the land we live on, earth, air, water, fire, and the nature beings that live in the elements. Let us honor the hidden folk who caretake this great earth. 

Let us put our focus into honoring all of life. This is a way we can join together as a global community in love to greet and celebrate the Equinox and all that gives us life. Remember the power of reciprocity. When we love and honor Nature we are loved and honored in return. 

The full moon is September 16. Let us sink deep inside to the radiant light that flows so effortlessly within each of us. This light is as radiant as a diamond and has so many facets. As we allow ourselves to feel our own light while opening our hearts to our global community, we weave a beautiful strong loving tapestry of light within and throughout the earth. Take time on the full moon to feel the subtle fullness of energy in the collective as so many thousands of people join to work together in behalf of the Earth. We have more spiritual strength when we can feel the tangible nature and energy of our spiritual collective. As we keep up this practice with love, concentration, persistence, patience, and focus the frequency of the web of light and the web of life becomes vibrant in a way that allows a new dimension of life to be born into our world. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site. 

I join our circle in wishing you all a joyous Equinox! May all of life know how much love and light is holding them in honor and respect at this time on the planet. 


Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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