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I can start every Transmutation News speaking to the turmoil we are seeing all across the planet today. And since I started writing the Transmutation News I have been writing about how the fabric of reality is unraveling. And this continues. It is no surprise as  we observe humans getting more lost in the collective trance that the material world can lead people into it. Yes, there are people who are waking up out of the trance, but not at the levels needed to turn the quality of life around on the planet. 

I am a dreamer. And I still do my dreaming work to dream into being the global community becoming so spiritually strong and so focused that we can shift the current vibration on the planet. But we are not there yet. I just believe we can do it if our priority in life becomes our spiritual work, and we truly dropped into the power of focus. The ancient ones knew how to focus and concentrate in ways that did create huge dimensional changes. 

So we keep continuing our work in any way we can and in how we have been been guided.  And we ride the waves that our work produces and creates. 

I journeyed on what practice I can suggest for us to do together this month. I was told to journey or meditate to either the planet Earth or pick an element of earth, air, water, fire and ask to be told a healing story.

For there is a healing story and healing words to be shared by the Earth and the elements. The elements are our allies. 

In our work we give thanks daily to the Earth and the elements for our lives. In my journey I was shown it is time to let the Earth, air, water, and fire inspire us. 

If you know the practice of shamanic journeying you can journey to the Lower World, the Middle World, or the Upper World to meet the spirit of the Earth itself or one of the elements and ask for a healing story. If you do not journey put on some spiritually expansive music and simply hold your intention and you will receive the healing story from the element you wish to communicate with. You can sit in nature and let nature speak to you. You can take out crayons or paints and let images of a healing story be transmitted through you. You can do the same with writing. Write your intention on the top of a page close your eyes half way and just allow your hand move in an automatic fashion while you become a hollow bone for the spirit of an element to write through you a story that will bring you to a place of awe and gratitude. You can play some music and dance the healing story you are gifted with. 

I think we all might learn something that can inspire us to keep us focused on our work and also learn how much support the Earth and the elements that give us life have to share with us. 

In the July Transmutation News I asked people to share any wisdom that came through the journey work I suggested. 

If you did not have the opportunity to read the July Transmutation News here is a link to the column:

Here is some of the information that readers in our global community felt called to share. I did a bit of editing and deleted everyone’s last names. I am very grateful for your responses and your willingness to share with our community as we all have pieces of the puzzle to share.

From: Richard

Hi Sandra & Sylvia

This is the information that I received regarding this important question keeping the invisible realms clear of “thought pollution created by our own emotional and mental baggage.” 

The energy level that contains the pure and clear messages of love and healing for our planet radiate at very high levels of vibration. It is like a radio tower transmitting radio waves on the radio station of love . If we are not at that same energy/vibration level, we will not be able to receive the messages of healing and love as clearly as we’d like. 

We will get some “static” on our inner “radios”. But, we are not able to “pollute” those vibrations – we simply won’t be able to connect completely with that level of pure & positive energy. The Source energy that transmits those vibrations is patient and loving, but is not damaged by our emotional turmoil.  

The sun continues to shine clearly above the clouds, even though we may be experiencing our own inner emotional turmoil of rainstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes.



From: Francoise

…smudging was the indication I had received for my patient as I had not well prepared my sacred space , so it REMINDED ME TO DO IT PROPERLY …that’s it 

From: Hana

Before the journey, cleanse the hands ritually, with the intention of washing away the energies from here.

In the journey, rabbit came and led me down the rabbit hole. Down the long corridor we came to the cave of the ancestors. A shaman met me at the entrance. I asked him the question at hand, and he indicated that we must come through all four elements to be cleansed of all energies. We had already come through the earth element. Now  we must travel through fire, water, and wind to be completely cleansed and purified.

I hope that helps.

From: Nancy 

I have thought about this issue for a long time.  I have a power animal (this one does not want to be revealed- some others don’t mind) who helps me a great deal with home and family issues.  I have some family members with severe communication impairments.  I  communicate with them a great deal from a spirit level and frequently walk with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spirit world, which facilitates this.  This power animal helps me clear to avoid letting material concerns seep into the spirit realm, both in daily life and when I go on a shamanic journey.  By seeing this power animal’s clearing technique frequently with my inner eye, I have gradually become able to quickly ask for clearing when needed and instantly feel the clearing.  In addition to this, I very often visualize everything, including material world problems, completely permeated with bright spiritual light and love, so that even material world problems can show their spirit aspect and the spiritual path through them can be revealed. For me doing a little rattling facilitates this, but is not necessary if it’s not convenient.  I am seldom in a position to completely remove myself from material concerns for very long, so techniques like this that can be used even in the midst of daily concerns have been of great value to my ability to do positive spiritual work.

From: Jennifer 


I meditated on Sandra’s July newsletter. I came up with parables but they were long stories, too long to share, but fun for me to read over.  The upshot of the stories is that I think this space of light and spirit can absorb people’s emotions rather easily, whether it be anger, fear or depression. But the space of light and spirit can’t absorb the unhealthy ego so easily. It can absorb or integrate the ego but not an unhealthy ego.

What I mean by this is I see some internet psychics and teachers who I think are actually genuinely psychic but have adapted belief systems, like new age beliefs, that they teach people.  This means their belief system is intertwined with their psychic abilities. 

I have drawn and written many stories, but so far my spirit or my inner self has never taught me about law of attraction, which is a common new age teaching. What I am taught by my stories is about focus and will power and also lessons in synchronicity and receiving help from Love. 

Thank you for letting people contribute!  

From: Katharine 

Helping Ancestral Spirit of Shamanism appeared as Snake/Woman/Goddess who shared that humans have been influencing wherever they are for a very long time, sometimes wisely, sometimes insanely, developing a strong habit of dominance.  

She advised that to support the beauty of life and keep the field of inspiration clean to follow the Earth’s breath.  The Earth breathes Life anew.

Throughout the day/night knowingly breathe in the pure air of the New Earth.  Let your out breath go where it will as a blessing.

Create a habit of knowing that you are drawing in pure New Earth air.  This will lead you to being one who uses human dominance to purify yourself and support the field.

From: Natara 

Dear Sylvia:

When I tried to go to the Forum to share, I received a message that the link did not require authentication and it may not be safe.  We have a strong firewall which is good.  At first I thought, well perhaps I am not meant to share the message I received re letting go of energies in our world so we do not pollute the invisible realms.  But this morning I read the message and felt called to share it.  Of course I also have a tenacious nature and I also know that it is meant for me if not for the Global Community.  Here it is:

First unburden yourself from your ordinary world –  I saw an image of a heavy backpack and letting it fall from my shoulders onto the Earth.  Cleanse yourself by either lying in a shallow stream or stepping under a waterfall.  When done,  see yourself wearing  white clothing.  Light and Purity must be greater than your need for Guidance & Healing.  Use your transfiguration and come as Light/Spirit only into the Invisible Realms, emptied of your Life.

When I trained with Alberto Villoldo, when we began our Journey, we always cleansed in water first.  Then when I trained with John Perkins, he shared the backpack unburdening.  Now I am training with Sandra and have learned transfiguration.  All three are included and then the most important is surrendering our personal needs to keep the Invisible Realms pure. 

Many Blessings,


From: Samuki

Hi Sandra, here is the result of my journey in response to your question.

During my journey a scout-person came to my encounter to escort me. I was shown an immense plain. At the horizon I saw the profile of a distant mountain. I was told to walk the whole way through. Under way the person escorting me called an eagle, which took away my backpack, then another eagle took another piece of baggage, and further eagles came to take all the rest away from me, piece after piece, until I was entirely light and freed of any charge.
Arriving finally at that mountain. I was expected and smudged with something like sage. I was invited to enter. In complete darkness I waited fore my senses to accustom, but no vision, no sound came… I was however fully aware of presences around me. I realized then that even my senses had been neutralized. I could communicate directly from soul to soul(!). This was an utmost unusual feeling!

The message was that we need to journey deep in the other reality to arrive at a real and authentic communication. The long way we have to walk may allow us to leave our ordinary baggage behind.

On my question how to keep the invisible realm clear from our ordinary worries and thoughts, a very simple answer came: everything that we leave there will be absorbed into the vibrations of the invisible world and ‘digested’ !

The full moon is August 18.  Let us deepen our practice, perform our preparation and cleansing work and truly become a giant diamond of light with all of us in our circle as being a facet of this diamond. Let us truly radiate the depth of our spiritual light touching the threads and beams of light from all of us and allowing this light to dance and flow within and throughout the Earth raising the vibration of the web of life and holding all of life in love. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News, please read “Creating A Human web of Light” for instructions on our full moon ceremony. 

Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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