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When we focus only on the seen and visible world it is so easy to fall off of our spiritual path. The collective and the conditioned mind is drawn and magnetized to the drama and trauma of what is occurring in the outer world.

It is a challenge to be so hypnotized by our conditioning. It can be a struggle for many to focus on the beauty that life has to offer instead of only perceiving the challenges.

I was taking a walk in my arroyo after a very intense day of work. I needed a way to de-stress and clear my mind. As I have written in past, columns the arroyo I walk in is filled with magic for me. Walking the same path for 18 years and feeling my feet connecting deeply with the earth is healing balm. And over the years I have received a wealth of omens and signs that have guided me on my path and also have reminded me of the power of the unseen and the magic of life.

I really do not know how I would stay centered if I did not have such a familiar place in nature to walk in. I can visit with my favorite trees that have become friends, gaze upon beautiful red crystalline rocks, and listen to the bird songs. This is not just a place for me to receive messages; it is also a place of comfort.

Santa Fe is in a drought. As we know every place on the planet is experiencing extreme changes in climate. And if we are to believe only the research the shifts will continue to intensify. I still believe we have the power to call in balance and shift the impact of human behavior on the planet.

As I was walking, I could not help but start to worry about the dryness and the fate of this land. I got lost in thinking about the future and how long I would get to enjoy walking in this amazing and beautiful landscape.

And then I brought myself back from feeding the challenge and hardship to appreciating all the gifts I receive from the land. I brought myself back into the present moment. I had to shift my perception to see the divine health of the land.

I have written about shifting our perception and seeing the divine health of all in the web of life and the earth. I find that there is a physical shift that I can feel as I do this. When I perceive the health of the land versus the struggle, I feel my third eye opening. And with my invisible sight all that I see shifts. It is like I have another set of eyes that see into the unseen rather than only what is visible to me. With this other set of eyes, I see the strength in the trees, the plants, and all that is alive. And by seeing through my third eye, I can change what I am projecting. It is quite amazing.

Over the last few months, I have felt myself surrender more to the divine Intelligence of Nature. I feel in all my cells that The Spirit of Santa Fe knows what she is doing. I trust how she is allowing the land to be sculpted and changed. I don’t understand on a rational level all that is occurring. But I have trust and faith in the process of evolution.

We do need to keep taking action to protect our environment. But we need to blend this with strengthening our spiritual work.

A key part of our spiritual work is to keep our focus on the beauty and divine strength and light of all that is alive.

Most of us continue to seesaw back and forth with being able to touch into the divine and then back into an egoic state of worry, fear, and anger.

Try using more of your invisible senses to shift your perception of what is happening for you and in the world. Maybe focusing on and opening your third eye as I do might be a way for you to project light onto the earth and the world.

For we know that the world is our projection. When you use your invisible sight to change the image of your projection you end up changing your life and all connected to the web of life.

As I was walking with my third eye opened, I also reflected on the conditioned mind. I wondered if future generations will have an easier time perceiving and projecting love and light. I feel we are working so hard to be vessels of love and light in the midst of challenge and change.

But will there truly be an evolution of consciousness when one day only perceiving the beauty and divine light and love is how people go about their day? With an expanded sense of perception, I can absolutely see this way of living coming to fruition.

For now, we do our work and go back and forth between experiencing the divine and then getting caught up in a dual state where we also only see the struggle and move into states of fear, anger, and grief.

I am working with a friend to design an app. I am testing the first version of it, and I have a device programmed so that I receive an alert every two hours. The alert is the sound of bells. And when I hear the bells ring my task is to stop what I am doing and reflect on what I am thinking about.

There are times in my day when I love hearing the sound of the bells. And there are times when I yell at my device and feel like throwing it against the wall. When I am lost in the stress of my day, I don’t want to stop and reflect on my state of consciousness.

I can say with confidence that I respond to this constant alert in a more positive way then I might have done many years ago. I can truly see that the focus on my spiritual practices has brought me to a more conscious way of living life. And I want to be reminded that I need to reframe my thoughts and my feelings to feed the energies of light and love. Those are the energies I want to see grow in my own life, the rest of life, and in the earth. And you have to feed the energies that you want to see grow.

I also notice that even when I am irritated (to put this mildly) by the alert if I have a word, phrase, or photo that is uplifting that I can immediately look at my irritation lasts for only a few seconds. Having visual prompts around me does really work to change my train of thought.

Please consider carrying with you, words, phrases, or a photo that can help shift your consciousness. This is important to do throughout the day. For if we cannot shift our awareness and consciousness during stressful times then we need to ask ourselves what benefit will come from our spiritual work.

We cannot spend part of the day emanating love and light and then shift into anger due to the stresses that naturally occur as we work, run errands, and travel to and from places throughout the day. We cannot maintain a spiritual state only when it is convenient for us to do so.

It is important to find ways to keep your practice consistent. I find that having something I can look at essential in keeping me focused on my spiritual work.

Find something that you can carry with you that reminds you and inspires you to radiate love and light instead of frustration and self-sabotaging and self-defeating thoughts.

Notice how your practice strengthens and does become more consistent as you learn how to shift the words you use and your thoughts in a way that will lead you to a positive outcome.

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Part of our spiritual practice needs to include creating regular ceremonies to cleanse from the dense collective energies. In the December 2012 Transmutation News, I suggested that we cleanse ourselves and the collective by placing dense states of consciousness into a cauldron of light.

There is a tremendous amount of fear, anger, and frustration in the collective. We add to these collective energies by feeding the collective with our negative energy. And we are also impacted by the collective energy we are part of.

This month take some time to meditate or journey on a ceremony you can perform to cleanse yourself of any energies that do not serve you or the collective.

You can use an element that calls to you to work with. If air calls to you then you can light some incense and cleanse yourself of anything that needs to be released. Remember to transmute with intention what energies you release into love and light.

If fire calls to you release energies that no longer serve you into the flames of a fire built in a fireplace. Or you can focus on the flame of a candle and let fire transmute the energies needed to be transformed. You can also meditate or journey and perform a fire ceremony to cleanse yourself in the non-ordinary realms.

You can use water to cleanse yourself of energies that need to be transformed and with intention transmute those energies that flow into the water into love and light.

Burying what you need to release into the earth, while transmuting the energy, is another way you can work. The earth will compost those energies into fertile ground when you work with the earth with honor and respect.

The next step would be to meditate or perform a shamanic journey to cleanse the dense collective energies that need to be transmuted and transformed. As we do this together as a global community, we create a clear space in the ethers for positive change to occur. And we can breathe easier on all levels.

Make a decision to perform such cleansing ceremonies on a regular basis. Just like we physically cleanse ourselves we must keep up a spiritual cleansing process too. Notice how such a ceremony supports the ease of your spiritual work. It is hard to keep up spiritual practices while you are clogged up with compromising energies.

The full moon is May 14. Start by spiritually cleansing yourself. Do some work to prepare yourself to support the depth of your transfiguration practice. Working on a superficial fashion does not contribute to the health of the web of life. Find a time to transfigure when you can let go of the demands of your life and leave your ordinary concerns behind.

You might listen to some music that heightens your consciousness. Some people find dancing or singing helpful to support a deep spiritual state. Find the way that works for you.

Transfigure and absorb the light of the divine into all your cells. Soak in the light. Radiate light so that it flows and shines within and throughout the earth. Feed the web of light with love. Let us continue to weave into being a radiant web of light.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage.


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