I would like to thank all of you who joined me in the celebration of the life of my father Aaron Ingerman. It meant a lot to both me and to my mother.

For those of you who have been reading the Transmutation News over the years know I have been sharing how much my parents have inspired me. And it is so important to me to honor them for all they have done for me. So, thank you!

The greatest spiritual teaching that has been passed down throughout the ages has been the power of universal love. Universal love is beyond personality. And it is with the understanding and holding of universal love that all healing can take place. For no matter what is happening on a global or personal level being able to maintain a state of unconditional love assists in all healing and transformation.

Holding a state of universal and unconditional love is the greatest gift that we can give loved ones and all life on earth.

But as human beings we get caught up in personality. And once we are identified with our own personality and the personality of others our feelings become very complex. And when we are caught up these complex feelings, we stop being a true channel of love.

As I have written over the years life is filled with paradoxes. For on one level we have taken on personalities as human beings to experience the adventure of life. We each take on different roles that we want to live out, explore, and express in this lifetime.

And at the same time, we are divine spirit and always connected with Source and we are one.

Throughout our spiritual practice we must learn to dance the paradox of life. At the same time, we must remember the love of spirit and that divine love is holding and embracing us all the time. We must learn how to express this love more and more each day. This is what the times we live in call for.

On many levels we cannot change the physicality of what is happening in the world. But by perceiving the divine in all and holding a state of divine love we can transform the energies of what is occurring.

During one of my near-death experiences, I remember standing in front of a great brilliant light. And this light just radiated unconditional love to all of us who were standing before it. There were those we would judge as criminals and there were those of us who worked from a place of love. Yet the light did not recognize us for our deeds and who we were on a personality level. This light of Source just radiated love and light.

This was such a powerful teaching for me at such a young age. And now more than ever I see a need for us to learn how to just hold others in unconditional love.

And I do recognize that this can be easier said than done. For as personalities we judge who deserves love. And we put limits on our love.

We have been working with the principle of radiating light just like a star in the night sky. This light has no limits, and a star radiates light effortlessly. Source also radiates love effortlessly and there are no limits to the love of the universe.

This month I would like you to meditate on, journey on, experience fully in every cell of your being the love that went into your creation. Take some time as we have done in the past to experience your creator. Find the term that works for your belief system – God, the goddess, Source, creator, creative forces of the universe, the divine, the power of the universe, etc.

Put on some music and lie down. Set your intention to meet your creator and experience the love that went into your creation.

We have done this before together, but I have to say that the more you can do this exercise the more you can anchor the feeling of universal love in your cells. And the more you can experience this divine love in your cells the more you can express it in the world.

Love heals!!

On December 22 we celebrate the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

And as we all know this marks the Christmas holiday season which in many places around the world has become more of a commercial holiday than a spiritual one.

Many people during this time of year go out and buy Christmas trees. During our solstice celebration this year I would suggest a new way to bring in this holiday season. This creates a lovely and deep way for people in your community to connect with each other.

In my book How to Thrive in Changing Times I wrote about the tradition of creating a prayer tree that comes out of Siberia.

In Siberia trees are seen as sacred as they bridge the heaven and the earth. There is a wonderful shamanic tradition in Siberia of creating a prayer tree.

Traditional food and drink offerings are left by the tree. The shaman of the community also chants and gives thanks to the helping spirits for carrying the prayers of the people up to the universe so that their dreams manifest back on earth.

People tie ribbons loosely on the branches of the tree. As the tree will continue to grow it is important not to choke the branch with a ribbon that is tied on too tight.

The ribbons tied on the tree are empowered with prayers for individuals, families, and for the community.

One year I was teaching in Scotland and was taken to visit a forest in the Trossachs called “The Fairy Forest”. People from all over the world had come to the forest to leave letters, drawings, pictures, and prayers for personal and planetary healing. These were left by a tree or tied on to the branches of the trees in this forest. It was an extraordinary sight to see a whole glen of trees filled with colored ribbons, photos, gifts, and a variety of beautiful objects filled with love and hope.

In celebrating the solstice this year, I would suggest creating a prayer tree in your community. Start by giving thanks to the tree in a way that calls to your heart. Intention is the key. Bless this tree for the love in your heart as this living being works in partnership to carry prayers to the creative forces of the universe.

Loosely wrap different colored ribbons that contain prayers for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the planet. Invite others in your community to do the same. This way of working brings people in your community together and this in itself creates healing for all of life.

You could also buy a Christmas tree and instead of putting ornaments on it you can create a prayer tree for your community. You can even create a prayer tree in your place of work. In this way you support all you co-workers in their prayers.

Use your imagination!

The full moon is December 10. Let us continue to weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout this great earth! Let us radiate our light and love embracing all of life and our wonderful global community.

As we approach the end of the year please join me in giving great gratitude and send blessings to all the wonderful people who help to share the Transmutation News around the globe.

We give thanks and blessings to Sylvia Edwards who is the brilliant webmaster of www.sandraingerman.com. And Bob Edgar was the person who seeded the idea that I start a monthly column back in 1998. And he has kept the Transmutation News posted on www.shamanicvisions.com. Thank you Bob and we wish you all the best!

And a special thanks to Eva Ruprechtsberger who seeded the idea to find translators who would volunteer to translate the monthly column.

We join our hearts together and radiate light, love, and blessings to our translators who translate the Transmutation News into the following languages:

Lena Anderheim – Swedish
Nello Ceccon – Italian
Ines Fermosa – Spanish
Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese
Zora Fresnova – Slovakian
Dorota Goczal – Polish
Filitsa Giannakopoulou – Greek
Annie Idrissi – French
Aurel Mocanu – Romanian
Jitka “Jitush” Navratilova – Czech
Irina Osechinsky – Russian
Eva Ruprechtsberger – German
Filiz Telek- Turkish

To our global community we all wish you a joyous solstice!!

And next month we bring in 2012 together!!!

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