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I have been diving deep into the writing process of my new book on how to design and perform ceremonies. It is being published by Sounds True in the fall of 2018. That is the scheduled publication date for now. But I suspect the book might be published earlier.

I have so enjoyed writing the book, and it has brought back such incredible memories of performing ceremonies with groups for over 35 years. Participating in ceremonies at my workshops are not only some of the happiest memories of teaching, but also have produced positive and miraculous healings for so many. The healings that have occurred have been beyond my imagination showing that joining with the power of the unseen worlds does work to create positive change for us personally and globally.

Performing ceremonies is a way for our inner divine to commune with the divine forces in the universe to make our prayers for healing and blessings so.

I feel this is an important book for the times we live in. For in our modern world people often fear performing ceremonies and relate them to dogmatic teachings that many experienced while being raised in different religious traditions.

But in reality, ceremony is a magical process (in the highest sense of the word) where we can work in partnership with our helping spirits and divine forces to change the dream we are dreaming for ourselves and all of life.

When I wrote my book How to Thrive in Changing Times (now titled The Shaman’s Toolkit) I wrote about the science of neuroplasticity and how it teaches us to change our brain chemistry by shifting the negative thoughts we focus on to holding a positive vision.

I started to use the principles of neuroplasticity as I shifted how I performed soul retrievals. For so many clients who come for shamanic healing are stuck in a trauma loop, and I felt based on the science of the brain we can help people shift out of this loop to be inspired that health and joy is possible in their lives.

My power animal, who works with me in all my healing work, encouraged me to move away from talking about past traumas to focusing on sharing healing stories that would start to create new neural pathways in the brain. New neural pathways are created by thinking about the positive things in life.

I started sharing healing stories with my clients about the gifts, talents, strengths that their lost essence returns with during a soul retrieval. I also started talking to clients about “soul” being “essence” which is light. And after performing my healing work I began the process of asking clients to absorb the light of their soul into their cells before even telling them any story I was shown in my journey. This led me to write a new Afterword in my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self.  For I felt working with telling healing stories instead of embedding the story of the trauma deeper into the client’s psyche was such an important factor in creating true and long-term healing. And I found when I shifted to this way of working the results of my soul retrieval work became more powerful.

This is not about denying that we have all suffered different forms of trauma. But unless we stop carrying our past around we do not have the opportunity to create a better life for ourselves. Last month I wrote about how carrying our past burdens can become too heavy for us on physical and emotional levels and can create illness.

The principle of changing brain chemistry, by shifting our looping thoughts, was what prompted and inspired me to create the Transmutation App. For the app is a way to stop and reflect on our thoughts and help to create positive energy by looking at the Library on the app to be inspired by an encouraging word, blessing, phrase or uplifting photo.

Although I created the app a few years ago I still use it everyday. The sound of bells, a Tibetan bowl, or chimes alert me to stop every two hours to reflect on what I am thinking about and transform any negative thoughts and dreams I am imagining to something I do want to see manifest in my life.

Now every website I visit, interview I listen to, books I see advertised are all talking about neuroplasticity. It is really a powerful form of healing, but as with all powerful ways of working it takes discipline.

I am finding that many people are in such despair about what is happening on the planet that they simply do not have the energy to engage in spiritual practices. For the challenges being experienced seem so overwhelming and more people are feeling hopeless and powerless. Of course there are many people who feel their power returning as they are becoming social activists and deepening their spiritual work.

In the times we are living in only focusing on the challenges and what is not working is perpetuating the bad dream that we are imagining. For when we imagine things so completely we bring them to life.

As always, I will encourage you to use the gift of your imagination to change your brain chemistry and start creating neural pathways. Yes, it takes work, but it is how we will change our lives and that of the planet.

We must continue to step into the new dream we want to live and engage all of our senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. We need to step into the dream as if we are living our new life now and live from the dream. In this way, we start to shift what we are calling into being through our imaginations.

Performing ceremonies embraces all the teachings of neuroplasticity and helps to change our psyche. Performing ceremonies is a wonderful tool to help you shift your thinking and visioning. Journey or meditate on a short ceremony you can perform inside or outdoors to release what is burdening you from you past. And then you can perform a blessing ceremony to commune with divine forces to invite in a new vision, a new way of life for yourself and the world.

I think that performing ceremonies alone or with a group has great power to transform our lives and the world we live in. And this is why ceremonial work was performed so widely by shamans around the world for thousands of years. It was a way to change thinking and to call in harmony for the community.

We have so many tools to use right now to be in service to the planet. We just have to make a choice to break out of the trance we fall into as we watch or read the news and listen to the media. This just leads to feeding the negative thoughts we keep looping. We have to choose to break this pattern and use our imaginations to envision, live, and manifest a different dream.

And the practice of transfiguration is such a powerful way to change our own health and well being. Transfiguration is also a way to heal our environment, all of life, and the Earth.

The full moon is July 9. The full moon is a powerful time to perform ceremonial work as spiritual work is magnified during this time.

Perform your preparation work so that you are not carrying your ordinary thoughts and concerns into the sacred space of our collective. We want our collective energies to be positive and safe for our community to join into.

Travel inside through journeying or meditation and experience your divine light flowing through you while it weaves together with the light of our global community within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for the instructions for our ceremony.


Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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