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Being on a spiritual path is not always easy. For the truth of the matter is that when we are truly on a spiritual path we are driven by spirit and not by our personality and ego.

But we are human beings with a personality, ego, mind, and body. And these aspects lead us to experiencing great joy and but also lead to experiencing states of suffering. For when we perceive the world through the eyes of ego the world is not looking so good. Life is falling apart all around us. The climate is changing to such a degree that we are watching mass changes to the earth right now impacting not just humans but all of life. I don’t need to share what is happening in political and economical arenas, as this is obvious. And the violent behavior of humans toward each other and the rest of life is not what we would like to see continue.

Then we do our spiritual work. And once we are in contact with our spirit, we leave the arena of duality and move into a place of oneness. From this place of divine light and love everything looks different. For in the arena of spirit there is no judgement or imperfection. It is what it is, and spirit accepts the changes that are leading to evolution and growth.

Here lies the paradox. How to do we see the divinity in floods, drought, cyclones, war, violence, etc? And do we just sit and say that everything is in divine perfection so I should not care, worry, or take any action? The answer to this is no.

Human beings have not been taking care of the earth, which is the body that we live on. Consider your own body. If you continue to put toxins into it and do not take care of it at some point your health breaks down. When health does break down it is important to take action and make changes to how you take care of your physical body. You need to learn how to work with your emotions and mental states so that you support your health. And most people find a tremendous amount of healing in also adding some kind of spiritual practices to support their health and well being. Taking care of body, mind, and spirit all works together to create a harmonious life. Disharmony causes illness.

What we are seeing in our lifetime are the results of not taking care of ourselves but also not taking care of the earth, air, water, and sun that give us life. Not working through personal issues such as a desire for amassing more and more on the material level has created disharmony. Not working with mental states have led to people becoming power hungry causing violence towards children, women, and men and all of life.

We go into forests and jungles and cut down trees in the millions without honoring them or thinking about the web of life and how the life of these trees contributes to the health of the planet. We kill entire species in the name of “money” and not just dishonor their beauty and life but don’t recognize how they contribute to the health of the web of life. And the list goes on.

I am certainly not trying to depress anyone reading this column. You know my intention with each column of the Transmutation News is to inspire us to keep up our spiritual work.

I am just trying to say that the human race has not been spirit driven. So, although we fall into places of despair it is time for all us to stand up and do our spiritual work to shift our own consciousness and perception. It is time for us to stand up together as a global community so that we can create exponential change, which leads to healing for the earth and all of life.

And it is time for us to surrender to the fact that the earth is evolving and that landscapes are changing as they have done since the beginning of time.

We need to examine our behavior of how we are contributing with our actions to supporting the health of the earth and the climate. What are some simple changes you need to make?

I am absolutely amazed by how many people on a spiritual path do not even try to recycle. There are some very simple actions we can take to begin to move towards caring and honoring the planet and the environment.

We need to continue our work of looking at the thoughts and words we feed the collective with. We have been doing this work together for years. This is something we must keep up. To add to this, we must be diligent and vigilant about the energies behind our emotions that we send to ourselves and into the collective. What we feed grows.

We need to continue experiencing our divine light and perceive the beauty in life. We cannot stop this practice because we are troubled by world events. Spiritual work that is only performed while remaining attached to the outcome is NOT spiritual work. When we become attached to outcomes this is the work of ego not spirit.

We must continue to do our dreaming work of creating the world we wish to live in. For it has been understood and known since the beginning of time that everything begins in the invisible worlds before it manifests in the physical.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News all this material is written up in my books Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and The Shaman’s Toolkit. As a global community we have working together for many years with the practices written about in this monthly column.

It is important to acknowledge that although much is dissolving in the fabric of reality of what is no longer supporting life that there are beautiful new weavings that are starting to manifest. Through new ways of thinking and new perceptions, millions of people are shifting into new levels of consciousness. There are positive changes occurring.

You just have to look around and see the positive changes that are happening in your community instead of only being fed “the bad news” that the media provides.

We can get so overwhelmed by the media coverage of world events. Many world events do not get covered. And in former times people did not know what was going on in so many parts of the world. With so much knowledge comes overwhelm.

Find simple practices that you can do where you can focus your spiritual work on feeding what you want to experience for all of life. Be a conscious positive change maker. Work with your emotional and mental states. Remember the literal definition of the word “alchemy” is working within and through the dense darkness inside.

Experience your pain, frustration, and levels of despair and work it through. Be a presence in the world and do your work so you expand more into being a vessel of love and light.

There is a bigger picture to what our ego and personality can embrace right now about what is occurring in the physical world. And simultaneously there is A LOT OF LIGHT manifesting and radiating through the invisible worlds.

Let go of needing to see immediate outcomes of your spiritual work. We have been part of the problem as we have allowed our own bodies and the body of the earth to be worn down. Let us be part of the solution by doing our work to nurture and feed our own health and the health of the earth and all life.

This is not the time to give up. This is the time to stand up and use the elements of the Medicine for the Earth work of intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transmutation, transformation, and creation of a good world to live for all of life.

Do not move into a place of pity for humans or any life form that is going through challenges. You end up projecting weakness onto them. Project strength and power onto them by seeing all in their divine perfection.

The full moon is November 17. Let us truly do our preparation work to move our ego and personality aside and let our divine light and love shine through. Radiate that love and light within and throughout the earth. Join together with the light of our global community to create a strong and powerful web of light throughout the earth.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Recently I was honored by the magazine Spirituality and Health in the November/December as one of the Top 10 Spiritual Heroes in 2013. Other people honored are India Arie, Adyashanti, Paige Elenson, Chief Oren Lyons, Sister Simone Campbell, Stacey Kennealy Pema Chodrin, Robert Peng, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

What touched me about this honor was that the decision to be included in this list was based on the Medicine for the Earth work. It is wonderful to see that spiritual practices done on behalf of the planet are being honored. We have so much potential to help heal the planet right now. Let us forge ahead as a strong spiritual community creating exponential shifts as we work together in love for all of life!!

To read the article in Spirituality and Health magazine, please visit:

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