Since the year began I have asked you to incorporate a number of spiritual practices into your life. I have asked you to expand your perception to see the beauty in all things. During the months I have asked you to connect physically with all the elements. I have asked you to work with the material from Medicine for the Earth on writing your own creation myth. In March you were to pick different spiritual practices to work on when you start your day to help you transmute the problematic and dark thoughts and feelings that arise throughout the day. You were also asked to reflect on your day before going to bed and transmute the events and thoughts of the day that still needed to be worked on. In April you were asked to find a practice of observation that you could use to find the still place inside yourself and to learn how to stay present. In May I asked you to work in collaboration with the nature spirits through joy.

This is a lot of material to work with. Before we move on to new material, please use this month to reflect on what you have been able to incorporate into your daily life. Remembering that it is who you become that changes the world not what you do, it is essential that you have found a way to change your priorities to bring some of these spiritual practices into your life. Alchemy teaches us that what is inside of us will be reflected outside of us. If our consciousness is polluted so will be our environment.

If you have only been reading Medicine for the Earth and the transmutation news it is just not enough to help reverse environmental pollution. If you have only been trying to learn techniques that will heal, it is not enough to reverse environmental pollution. The way to reverse environmental pollution is to transmute ourselves first. Yes, we can perform healing ceremonies to heal the earth, but there will be no long-term effect if we do not change ourselves. All the ancient spiritual traditions teach that our environment reflects back to us our inner state. As this has been known throughout the ages then it is time for you to refocus your energies to work on changing your inner state.

During this month work with the principle of focus and set your intention to incorporate the spiritual practices that feel right to you to change your inner world thereby affecting your outer world. Take the time to evaluate your relationship with yourself and other living beings such as the elements, the plant, rock, animal, and insect beings, the nature spirits, etc. to ensure the principle of collaboration. Make sure that you are setting your priorities straight and have created the time in your day to do the work you have committed to do.

Caroline Casey author of Making the Gods Work for You shares a Haitian proverb that says, “The gods won’t appear, the magic won’t happen, if we are not living our real life. Studying life is not living life, and therefore has no magic.”

The full moon this month is June 5 and I hope you will continue join in on the meditation to create a human web of light.

I have read a couple of wonderful books that I wanted to let you know about:
Going Native by Tom Harmer. This book has been published by University of New Mexico Press. For more information you can call 1-800-249-7737 or go to

Deep Power: The Political Ecology of Wilderness and Civilization by David Kowalewski This book was published by Nova Science Publishers. For more information you can call 631-424-6682 or e-mail them at or visit their web site at

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