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I wrote the May Transmutation News before the earthquake in Nepal and the unrest in Baltimore. I trust that you were able to perform your spiritual work and radiate light to the places, people, and nature beings that were impacted. It is so important to stay focused on our spiritual work!

It is so easy to move into a place of pity as we watch people move into challenging situations. And the key to our work is to project strength onto others instead of weakness and pity. And also, it is key to shift our perception to see all impacted in their light. This is key to changing awareness and to provide true healing. 

Also, it is important to remember that people and living beings all over the world are facing very challenging situations. Not all of these stories are covered by the media. We are simply in a time where the structure of our world is unraveling. People are acting in ways towards each other, all of life, and the Earth that show such a lack of honor, respect, the understanding that life is precious, and that all living beings contribute to the health of the web of life. 

We will continue to see challenges as the way of life we know continues to dissolve and unravel. But the key for us is to not lose hope and to keep working spiritually to raise our own consciousness and to raise consciousness of people in our communities. We must continue to see through the eyes of spirit versus the eyes of ego which only sees suffering, doom, and gloom. There is so much that is occurring beyond what we can see through our ordinary eyes. And by focusing on our spiritual work, we will learn to see a new perspective that will inspire us to know that all is possible. 

Last month I had the opportunity to merge with Isis to share wisdom and healing with a group I have been working with. 

There were a couple of messages that Isis shared that were not solely for the group I was working with, and that I would like to share with you.

Isis strongly stated that whenever you are triggered or impacted by something happening in the world or in your life to return to yourself and repeat the phrase to yourself, “I love you”. The more that you show love towards yourself the more the world around you will change. 

One of the teachings that Isis has shared with me is that humankind has tried to control, manipulate, and define nature. She has shared that when we ask questions of how we can help and be in service these questions are a form of control. For Isis said that these questions lead to structured answers which in the asking is a form of trying to control the answers given. I know it might be hard for some of you to comprehend how asking questions of how to help is a form of control. It is a subtle form of control. But this is interesting to just sit with and reflect on. 

Isis shared that it is time to stop asking questions in your journeys and meditations. But this is a time to practice deep listening and “being” so that you can actually hear what the Earth has to share. For we form the questions we want answers to instead of truly listening to what really needs to be shared by our helping spirits and the Earth.

And Isis also reminded us that you cannot create strong new healthy structures out of broken structures that are crumbling. She said we must go back into the world of formlessness to create the new forms that support life in a healthy way. This means to focus our continuing dreaming work by going beyond the world of form and to dream into being new forms and ways of living and being. That is how we can change the dream. 

Please take time this month to focus on this wisdom that Isis shared. This is a time for us to step up our work and really expand past our limitations that we put on our spiritual work and the possibilities of positive growth and change that can and will occur on the planet. We are co-partners with the Earth and the helping spirits. We just have to open to new ways of perception and new ways of working. 

The full moon is June 2. The full moon empowers our ability to focus on calling into form a good dream for all of life. We really need to step up our work. Let the full moon empower your spiritual work and your practices. 

Let us join together as a global community to create a human web of light. Do your preparation work so you can be a hollow bone for spirit. Journey within to who you are beyond your skin which is spirit. You are radiant and divine light. Be a light in the world. Perceive the planet and all of life as light and in its divine perfection. Let us join our inner divine light, our inner starlight, our inner sunlight together as we weave a web of light within and throughout the Earth. 

For those of you who are new readers of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage. 

Once again, we are flowing and cycling into a new season. On June 21 we celebrate the solstice. We welcome in summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. A new cycle in nature and in our lives begins. 

As the seasons change the Earth informs us on how to shift our internal cycle to be in harmony and flow with the change. This is a powerful time to integrate the message of Isis into your life. Take some time to just be in the elements. Lie on or put your feet on the earth. Listen to the breezes and the wind. Merge with the water where you live. Absorb the power of the sun. Just be and let your body harmonize with nature. You are not connected with nature. You are nature. Don’t ask the Earth what she needs just simply listen to any guidance that the Earth has to share with you. 

And as Isis also shared, we cannot create new forms out of outdated forms. In order for our dreaming work to take on power we must travel back into the territory of formlessness and by engaging all of our senses we can start to create new forms and new dreams to birth into being. Do your work. In shamanic cultures it has been the responsibility of everyone in the community to dream a good dream for all of life. Be a dreamer.

During this powerful time of celebrating the solstice dream a good dream for yourself, all of life, and the Earth. 

Let us join together to wish everyone in our community a joyous solstice!!

Inspirational Stories From Our Community:

Here is a wonderful story that Kevin shared to inspire us:

“Giving and receiving is part of my daily being however sometimes I forget about myself. As a result, my day can be negative. All I need for my day to become positive is for me to take my dog for a long trail run. By observing nature and nature’s animals I receive a wealth of enlightenment.

May your day be one of light.”

And here is a lovely sharing from Sylvia:

“I have always appreciated nature. Perhaps it was going fishing with my dad as a little girl in the mountains of western Maryland, staying in a log cabin in the woods and rowing on the lake to my heart’s content. Nature balances me and is one of my teachers. 

In the last two years I went through a period where everything was up for review, how and where I spent my time and what I believed to be true. At one point I picked up my camera and started photographing what presented itself while I was in nature. To me this was a pure connection – it was a chance to connect to spirit and just observe while experiencing the elements of nature – the wind, the sun, the patterns of the earth and water. It was just me and spirit, nothing else. 

I would watch the ever-changing beauty of the sunrises and sunsets in absolute awe. It soon became apparent that spirit showered me with gifts – the clouds would form objects and pictures, the sun and clouds gifted me with their artistic interpretations each day often with rays that seemed to stretch for hundreds of miles. This connection was real, and the interesting part is that whenever I thought I knew what the sky would look like as the sunrise or sunset approached, I was wrong. I was taught to be present in the moment and from the beauty in sunrises and sunsets, my appreciation for the beauty in all things deepened.

This connection to nature has become my most treasured spiritual practice and my photographs seem to have a different quality about them, as if spirit is the artist presenting a painting for the lens to capture. This time has become the welcoming to a day of new possibilities and a thank you for moving through yet another day. There are times I feel like I am physically bathed in the beauty of nature’s light and seen as a most welcomed guest as I appreciate what nature is presenting to me. It is a connection that continually deepens and helps to outweigh the negativity that we are bombarded with in this world.”

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