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We join our hearts together as a collective to radiate love and light to all life around the world that is being impacted by floods, drought, fires, and severe storms.

We rededicate ourselves to living a harmonious life that will be reflected back to us by the Earth.

I just returned from teaching in Europe. I had some deep experiences as my groups were filled with lovely people and very dedicated to the work. It was also a treat to be back in Europe again. I taught in both Germany and Scotland, and it was a beautiful time of the year to visit both countries. The hills in Scotland were just covered with blue bells. It was such an amazing sight, and the air was filled with their sweet fragrance.

In Scotland I taught Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light. I personally work with all the practices daily that I teach in the training. But as I taught, I was able to reflect on what practices that I need to deepen in my own life.

The practice that I realized I need greater focus with is how and what we project onto others and in the world. The example I use in my workshops is something that happened in my life many years ago.

I had arrived at a workshop to continue teaching a long-term training so I already knew everyone in my group quite well. The first day of the workshop a woman came up to me and asked me if I was okay. She said she had never seen me looking so tired. I actually was not feeling tired, but I found my energy dropping dramatically after she made this comment to me. A minute later someone came up to me, and she said that she had never seen me looking so refreshed and bright. Immediately I felt my energy shift, and I could feel radiance flowing through me.

This goes back to the Medicine for the Earth teaching of our perception creates our reality. As humans we all project. We can project suffering onto others and onto the world or we can see the brilliance and divine light in all that is alive.

What we feed grows. The more we nurture our projections of perceiving suffering the more that energy grows. The more we nurture our projections in perceiving the beauty and what is working we feed the energy of strength and beauty.

This does not mean that we should deny the challenges. But when we lift the veils between the worlds and look beyond human conditioning what we see is beauty, joy, love and health.

We really need to reflect on how our shifts of perception is an important piece to creating the world we wish to live in. For the more we feed the energies of what is not working the more we manifest problems. As we can focus on beauty the more all of life is lifted up. I realize how difficult this can be as the times we live in are so intense and filled with so much change. But at the same time this is an important practice to keep up.

This has to do with energy and what energies we choose to feed. And there are some very practical changes we can make in our daily life that can help to shift our perception, which shifts the reality that manifests.

When you look at friends, loved ones, and people shown in the media notice whether you focus on how someone you know, or groups of people are suffering. We can have compassion for what people are going through. But to pity people and focus on suffering creates a heavy energy for those you are projecting onto.

While you are conversing with people notice something that you can focus on that feeds the energy of their beauty and divine light. When you watch the news or read newspapers focus on the courage, beauty, strength, and divine light of groups of people that a news story is focusing on.

This does change the energy. It changes your perception, so you feel lifted up and on an energetic level you lighten the energy of all around you.

When you look at yourself in the mirror don’t focus on how tired you look or how your age might be showing. Focus on how beautiful you are and the light shining out of your eyes.

Notice the difference of how you feel when you do this. Also notice how the energy might change for another as you silently focus on their beauty, strength, and divine light. You will notice a true shift as you do this.

We need to learn how to project the best onto life. Right now, as a collective we are projecting suffering and challenges onto all of life and the planet itself. This needs to change for us to witness a shift in the energies needed to create true healing.

There is another piece of work that might help you to learn how to project the best onto others and the world.

I have written quite a lot about creating a rich and fertile inner garden. We need to nurture a fertile and rich inner landscape.

The light and joy shining out of the eyes of indigenous people comes from the depth and richness of the inner landscape they have developed.

If our inner landscape is barren, then when we look at others and the world around us, we see our outside world as barren too. If we feel empty the world around us seems empty too.

In 2011 I wrote an article for the Huffington Post on “How to Create A Rich Inner Garden”. You can read the article by clicking on Huffington Post Links on the homepage of this site.

Here is another practice you can work with to go along with creating a rich inner garden and landscape.

After my training in Scotland was over my husband Woods and I spent some time with my sponsor and his family. Stephen, who sponsored my workshop, is a long-time student and has become a good friend.

My husband and I have spent some wonderful time with Stephen over the last 10 years, and it was a joy to have some days together after the training.

Stephen really likes Woods a lot and they always spend their time together joking and laughing. Stephen decided to honor Woods and induct him into his family clan.

So, one night he created a ceremony for Woods. Stephen’s wife and I were also at the ceremony. Woods and I were so touched by Stephen’s words and the ceremony he created.

At the end of the ceremony, we held hands and shared words that came from our heart. When it was my time to speak, I found myself talking about my family. My ancestry was tribal, and I felt that the tribe of my family was coming through in love towards Stephen.

There was such a deep rootedness that I felt inside me. At that moment my inner landscape felt so rich and deep. I cannot even find words to describe the feeling. I cannot really remember feeling such deep fertile earth filling every cell of my being.

So many of us today focus on what we did not get from our ancestors. But the fact that we are alive shows we are carrying on a richness and gifts from our ancestors.

In my books and workshops, I have people journey on the gifts and strengths that they are carrying through from their mother’s and father’s line.

But I have never asked people to journey or experience the pure energy that they are carrying through their ancestral line. To do this I believe makes us feel a whole new level of feeling complete and rooted to this great earth.

You might wish to take some time in silence, get still, and to try to experience the energy of your mother’s and father’s line. It does not matter who your ancestors were and what they did or did not do. They were part of the earth and carried to you a richness of living on this earth. And to experience this will help you to feel a deep power growing in the soil of your inner landscape.

The more you can work with nurturing and deepening your inner landscape the easier it will be to project love, light, beauty, and gratitude into the world. For if you are feeling barren and empty within you cannot project the beauty onto others. You have to feel and experience and carry beauty from within first.

The full moon is July 22. Let us travel within and connect from a place of depth and beauty to experience our own fullness, radiance, and divine light. Feel yourself as part of a global community radiating love and projecting that love within and throughout the earth. Allow our collective radiance to feed and weave a human web of light within and throughout our great earth.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions of how to participate in our full moon ceremony.

A few days ago, I had a dream. In the dream I was speaking with a woman who had been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. She asked me for advice. I told her the most important advice I could give her was not to lose hope.

For when we lose hope what is the point of going on? She agreed with this, thanked me, and then the dream ended.

It is so important as we go through so much change to keep up a state of hope. This is key in helping us to ride the waves of the times.

If you do the practices that I write in The Transmutation News, which are also included in Medicine for the Earth, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, and How to Thrive in Changing Times (now titled The Shaman’s Toolkit) you will find yourself experiencing more strength, power, and most important you will experience hope.

When I taught Medicine for the Earth as part of the cardiac study with the Michigan School of Integrative Medicine, we found that the Medicine for the Earth group experienced long term feelings of hope. Hope is key for creating and maintaining a state of health and well-being.


Copyright 2013 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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