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We must keep feeding the goodness of life and what we love so this energy builds and can override the forces we now see governing our planet.

Do your work inspite of what is happening in the world. We must stay focused in the midst of the challenges. We have to feed the energies we want to see grow in the world. We must continue to be gardeners and tend our earth garden.

In order to stay centered to keep up our spiritual practices during such intense times we must keep returning to Self. Self is our true nature that does not change and has a sense of inner stability and permanence. You can review chapter 5 in Medicine for the Earth for some tools to work with.

I keep exploring the process of creation. This has been a passion of mine throughout my life and I have written quite a bit on this over the years.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News you can read an article I wrote on the Huffington Post to get caught up with the work we have been doing. Just visit the homepage of this site. Click on “Huffington Post Articles” and read the article “How to Create a New Vision for the Planet”.

The ability to manifest healing and abundance for the planet and ourselves really is unlimited. But when I examine how most people practice manifestation, I see that many of us are manifesting from fear and an energy of scarcity.

We cannot be successful in our creation work while we are in a state of fear. Often, we try to create outer circumstances where we will be safe from harm and change. We do our creation work feeling that there are not enough resources for all.

When we think we are doing our spiritual work, but we are in a state of fear and scarcity then we are practicing our work from ego. And as I have written in the last couple of months you cannot create form when you are in a state of separation.

Form is created out of invisible energies and from vibration. All form starts in the invisible spiritual realms.

When you find yourself practicing your creation work out of a state of need and fear this is a sign that you will not be successful. For you are not in the required state of consciousness to be able to manifest abundance.

The key is to be able to sink deep enough that you find yourself floating energetically in a sea of abundance. And out of the energy and vibration of abundance then you can manifest form.

To enter into such a deep state of consciousness takes preparation. You really have to take the time to move from a state of separation into a state of oneness and experience the divine.

In shamanic cultures shamans really take their time in preparing for the healing work and ceremonies they are about to perform. In the West we often dive into the work without any preparation.

As shamans work in the invisible realms with formless energies, they allow themselves the time to move into the appropriate state to do their work.

I believe that we do not allow ourselves to go deep enough into the state where we can experience unlimited resources, wisdom, health, peace, light, and love.

For one we try too hard and end up attempting to force the work because we might feel some state of desperation.

We feel stressed out by all our responsibilities and we don’t take the time to just simply relax, be, and sink into the depth of the divine.

And then we feel disappointed when we do not feel successful.

The metaphor that comes up for me is that we are trying to squeeze water out of a dry sponge. Or in English we have a saying, “You cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip”. The point I am making is that you cannot create abundance when you are feeling empty, desperate, fearful, and experiencing scarcity.

We want to do our work from a place of inner richness. We want to tap into the wealth of beauty that grows from a true fertile garden.

In May I encouraged you to experience the expanse of the void. For we often limit the creative power of the universe as we limit the space we work within.

This month I would like to encourage you to take time to move out of fear and scarcity. This will require that you do some kind of preparation work to move into a state of peace.

You might take a walk in nature, meditate, sing, or dance. We all have our own entry points into a state of calm and inner peace.

From that state be still and allow yourself to sink deep within and imagine traveling into the sea of abundance. This is the true state of the divine feminine.

Then from this vibration start to form your creation. You must sink into the energy of abundance to create form from it.

Notice the difference of how it feels to practice your creation work from this place versus from an egoic state of fear and the belief, “I have to get what I can for there is not enough.”

Once you attain this state keep anchoring the feeling so that you live out of a place of abundance versus living out of a state of fear.

Any spiritual work practiced out of fear only feeds the dense collective trance we are actively choosing to transform and free ourselves from.

You might notice that there has been an ongoing theme that I have been writing about over the years. And this theme has to do with moving spiritual concepts from our heads and allowing our cells to absorb and then radiate spiritual energies.

I wrote many times about the importance of feeling our divine spiritual light through every cell of our being. For it is not enough to understand that who we are beyond our skin is light. We must feel it.

I wrote about absorbing the love of the creator or creative forces of the universe into every cell of your being. We must really experience universal love in our cells to be a vessel for that love.

I also shared with you that it is important to experience the force of the spiritual global community in our bodies versus understanding that there are millions of people around the world praying in their own way for the earth.

It is crucial to feel the power of the collective in our bodies to be a true channel of change and healing.

And now I am writing about sinking into abundance or any vibrational energy in which you are trying to create form from.

We tend to rationalize spirituality in our culture. We must experience it fully in our bodies in order to live the practices and also to be positive changemakers.

As we can experience the power of spirit more on a cellular level then we can surrender to the true power of spirit.

In the Western world we are always trying to figure things out. We try and think our way out of problems. We attempt to come up with a plan.

Many of us are learning the hard way that we cannot think our way out of every challenge. Our spirit knows how to create the healing and transformation we are seeking. And it is now time to surrender to Spirit.

When a problem or situation that needs healing presents itself call in the power of Spirit to guide you.

When you take time to reflect on your life you will notice that often an invisible force, the divine, God, brought you out of a dark place into a place of healing or to a place where good things started to manifest. The place you ended up might have been beyond what your thinking mind could have manifested.

It is time for us to stop working so hard to figure out how to transform what is happening on the planet. The more we can call in Spirit and let that force move in ways that are beyond our rational comprehension the more we open the doorway for true healing to happen.

As we experience on a deeper cellular the power of the spiritual work it opens up a stronger door to the realms of spirit. But we must surrender.

Write down 3 –5 very challenging times in your life when you felt some invisible force created change that you were not planning or expecting. This will give you an opportunity to reflect on how Spirit has been your true guide in life.

We have all had times where the divine took the reigns of our life and guided us to a good place. The time to wonder if we can trust Spirit is over. For Spirit is truly the force we must trust right now and surrender to.

The problems we have created in the world are beyond a rational plan of action.

The full moon is July 3. Let us together sink into our divine light, experience in our cells the power and true force of our global collective, and experience fully in our bodies the unlimited energies that we can bring through for healing and transformation. And then together as we align our heartbeats with each other, and the heartbeat of the earth let us continue to weave a brilliant web of light and love within and throughout our great planet.

If you are new to reading The Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

Valerie Farr, a brilliant shamanic teacher and practitioner in Los Angeles, sent me this wonderful quote from Albert Einstein. I think it fits in perfectly with our work:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein

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