Let’s join our hearts and spiritual light together to welcome in the New Year and the beginning of a new decade and to offer blessings to each of us in our global community.

Some of us tend to think in a linear fashion and perceive the New Year of as a new beginning where we have a chance to let go of the past and create something new. And of course the New Year can be a good psychological marker to feel like we have a chance for something new to occur.

It is also important for us to remember that we do not live in a linear existence. For our past creates the foundation for which we can continue to spiral forward in our evolution. I like to think of this as knitting a new row. A new row is being stitched into being but carries the energy from all the previous rows.

So we are spiraling forward together into a New Year and new decade.

Much of what we worked on together in 2009 had to do with surrendering to our own spirit. And if you are new to the Transmutation News you might take a look at some of the past monthly columns.

For we all came into this world with a destiny and our soul has been creating experiences for us to learn from and grow. If we look within to our inner spirit and surrender to it we will gracefully be led to the life we are destined to live.

I like to think of a seed that is growing into a plant. The seed has the intelligence and blue print that contains all the information it needs to thrive when it grows into a plant. The earth creates a space for it to be nurtured and grow. When it bursts forth the earth allows for its inner intelligence to guide it. The earth doesn’t try to control it.

We often feel as if life is controlling us. But in reality our own inner spirit is guiding us forward with an intelligence that is beyond our rational knowing. And the more we can surrender to our own internal guidance life becomes a dance full of grace instead of a dance that is filled with kicking all the way.

When we allow our own egoic desires to guide us we find ourselves trying to control what is happening and what will happen to us. For as human beings who perceive ourselves from separate from Source we are looking for safety. It is when we experience ourselves as Source then we truly experience ourselves being held in the loving arms of the universe where our Divine Intelligence leads us into a life of beauty.

We are all aware of our tendency to want to try and control our environment and our lives. And we must understand that trying to control will always limit what is possible.

One way we try to control is by making predictions and in believing in predictions made by others. Whether the predictions are positive and inspirational or whether they contain gloom and doom scenarios we still have a feeling that if we can predict then we have control. The need for external knowledge is a form of control.

Nature has been trying to show us that we are not living in a time where we can predict and therefore control what is happening. The weather patterns around the world have been and are now unpredictable. In the United States, this winter, we are in an El Nino pattern which creates unpredictable weather and storm patterns.

If we surrender to our divine self we create and hold a large space, that is solid like as a star, but at the same time like the void where all things are born from the unpotentiated energy. But we must surrender to spirit.

In How to Thrive in Changing Times, which has just been published, I give an exercise to both merge with a star and also to work in the void to give you a sense of these forces of nature. For a star is so solid yet so expansive. And the void can feel empty and at the same time everything is created from the void. As we learn how to expand our inner world to embrace the solidity yet expansiveness of a star and tap into the richness of the void we get an internal feeling of the unlimited potential when we hold space and do not try to control space.

In this time of transition I do believe we are being asked to hold a bigger space that supports bringing through the formless into form. And to do this from a true spiritual space we must explore the difference between creation and manipulation. We must look at the difference between molding and controlling. And these are key ingredients that we must explore together as a new world of form is being created into being.

A practice that I find to be helpful is to take some time each day to just be in awe and wonder for the beauty of life and grateful for having the opportunity to simply be alive. And don’t attach your awe, wonder, or gratitude to anything in the material world. Don’t say I am grateful for my health, or my wonderful marriage, or my house, or my work, etc. For simply being in gratitude for life itself acts like a mirror where the universe and nature reflects back to you that state of gratitude.

For me it is like when I merge with a star and see how expansive the energy and light is. And from a state of non-doing and just being at the same time attracts to it all it needs.

We were all born to experience this time of transition on the planet and in consciousness itself. And we all came in with the blueprint to know exactly what is needed to thrive and evolve.

As we can be still and find time to be in nature we can start to allow our inner knowing to lead us. As we stop trying to control through getting trapped in predictions and trying to manipulate our own world we can then open to the beauty of growth and life.

And as we join together in excitement of what can be that excitement shines forth fueling the light of the divine to reach all of life.

We don’t want to control and manipulate. And at the same time we must hold an intention. For all seeds and all of nature holds a strong intention for life. And we are life too.

We can all set an intention to surrender to our inner Divine Intelligence that holds the knowing of how to hold a life filled with love, light, peace, beauty, light, harmony, and abundance for all. And we can hold our intention to do this from a place of awe and wonder and excitement for all that is possible. Asking questions beginning with “What if….” leads us to manifesting unlimited potential.

This is such an exciting time. Our past has brought us to this place and this time on earth. Let’s connect our light and love together with excitement as we spiral together into this new time on earth. We came here to experience many adventures of being a spirit who can create the formlessness into form as earth, air, water, and fire come together as Divine Nature to do the same. Nature is a divine helping spirit and we are part of nature. We came here to manifest the invisible into the visible. We do this with every thought we have and with each word we speak aloud. Let’s be of force of beauty, light, love, and grace in movement together. Let our inner spirit and divinity be our guide.

Take time this month to go within to silence. Go within and allow your spirit to speak to you and inspire you. Go within and experience the web of life that connects us all and be grateful for the seed of knowledge that holds all of where the amazing adventure we are on together in oneness.

The best way to prepare for the coming times is to live fully in the present and enjoy your life. Stay connected with your inner knowing. Do your spiritual practices daily. And trust that you will get all the information you need when you need it.

I want to say something about the Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark. So much anger and frustration was expressed there. The challenges to the planet seem so great. There are definitely changes that all countries must make around our policies to control pollution.

It always amazes me about the level of ignorance of how humans thought they could dump toxins into the earth, air, and water and think that there would be no consequences to this.

But here we are. So yes, changes have to be made in our physical relationship with the earth and how we treat the earth.

And taking from the Medicine for the Earth work, that is based on thousands of years of teaching, we can all focus on a different outcome and really concentrate our thoughts and words to create a new dream for the planet. And we can continue to honor the elements and nature and teach others how to do the same. This is the whole point of my new book How to Thrive in Changing Times.

The spiritual work we do does make a difference!

The full moon is January 30. During the full moon we continue the practices that are written up on Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page. We continue to radiate light into our global community. Those of you who feel you need some healing help imagine yourself lying in a giant circle formed by our community from all over the world. And just absorb the light that is flowing. And those of you who feel you would like to transfigure for our community, please do so. And as always remember you can be in both roles throughout the day.

And we continue to weave a beautiful web of light. Here is a suggestion from Kate in Delaware who meets monthly with a local group to weave a web of light:

“Instead of weaving the web of light up and out, we weave roots down into the earth. Once all the roots are joined with the light from everyone else the lights bursts forth from the earth and envelopes every being on the planet.”

Using the principle of as above, so below, as within, so without it is important for the spiritual community to develop the as within part. For many in the spiritual community have a tendency to leave the body during spiritual work. And the strength of our work is really fueled by our ability to stay embodied as a star shines from within.

Let’s try rooting the web of light into the earth. We want to really feel the web of light within and throughout the earth.

My new book How to Thrive in Changing Times is now out and published by Weiser. The book contains many of the practices we have been working on together throughout the last couple years. Each translator and the webmasters for “The Transmutation News” were named and thanked in the acknowledgments. For we truly are a global community.

In this book I encourage readers to think of themselves as members of a growing global community of conscious change agents. We need to be realistic about what is happening in the world and then we must use our thoughts and words and other creation principles to feed the vision of the world we want to live in. This exciting work begins by learning how to shift our thoughts and words we use throughout the day. It involves setting an intention to be part of an incredible adventure – an adventure in working together with millions of others to put our vision for a healthy, beautiful, vibrant planet into action.

This is a book that points you toward a new way of being in the world, with practices that support that change. This is a call to action!

I hope you will share the book with others in your local community. As I have written previously I know in every cell of my being that we can shift the challenges on the planet today by working together to bring forth the invisible energies into the visible. And as a global community we can manifest a world filled with harmony, peace, health, love, light, abundance, and joy for all. We must move out of defeatist ways of thinking and keep our focus on the vision of the world we wish to live in.

Here are a couple of quotes to inspire you this month:

From Addalena Menzel:

“When you send out grief and complaint to Life, like a mirror, Life will reflect it back to you. Speak words of joy and gladness and plenty, and as a many sided mirror it will faithfully reflect plenty back to you.”

From Edith Wharton:

“There are two ways to spread the light:

to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Happy New Year!!

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