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This past spring I posted a photo of me working on my old computer Blueberry. I posted a photo showing me writing Walking in Light on Blueberry while I was wearing my father’s ski hat and fingerless gloves. Blueberry has been my writing partner since 2000. I wrote 6 books on Blueberry, countless articles, chapters for other authors’ books, and many years of columns of The Transmutation News. 

Blueberry and I started to work with each other on May 29,2000. Due to finally upgrading my equipment Blueberry’s life ended on July 29, 2015. It has been a long and wonderful partnership together. I am one of those people who do anthropomorphize cars and computers. And you know from reading my monthly columns that I enjoy being a true eccentric.

I want to take this time to honor Blueberry who helped me to share a wealth of information with people around the world. 

For years now I have been writing about the effortlessness of radiating our divine light. I have used the metaphor that the stars in the night sky do not try to shine. And they do not focus attention on where to shine. Stars just shine and radiate their light all over our great Earth. The same is true with the sun. The sun does not effort on radiating light and energy. It just shines. And I have encouraged you to immerse yourself in your own inner starlight and sunlight and simply be a light in the world. 

In working in this way we work with the feminine principle of being versus doing. 

When we work with the feminine principle of being we experience the stillness of life and of Source. And this is also a place where we can experience unconditional and divine love flowing through us. 

Many of us effort too much as we give and receive love. On a rational level we understand that love is the greatest healer, and we were born to give and receive love. But we can make “loving” into such a complicated process especially when our ego gets involved.

Reflect on the flow of the ocean. The tides come in and out. The waves come to shore and then recede again. There is no efforting. The state of flow is a true state of being. Just like waves flow so does divine love. We do not have to try so hard to share our love with others and with the Earth. We do not have to try so hard to receive love. Love is a natural state of being that flows effortlessly like the waves of the ocean.

This month I invite you to journey or meditate to experience being with the ocean to feel and observe its state of being and natural flow. And then journey or meditate and go deep within to your Inner World and feel that same state of flow within you. Put your hands on your heart and tap into the power of divine love and let it flow in and out. Absorb the love like I have encouraged you to absorb divine light into your cells. Soak it in to every cell and then just be with the waves of unconditional and divine love as it flows within and then radiates to others and to the world.

So much of the key to healing ourselves, others, and the planet is simply to hold the state of love. The goddess and feminine energies allow the waves of love and light to simply flow. There is no efforting.

Of course as you do this different emotional issues might be triggered for you. By letting love flow in and out just like your breath flows you might start to tune into times where you did not feel loved, or where you felt hurt, or where you might have hurt others. This is natural. Perform your practices to honor what you are feeling while at the same time clearing and transmuting the energies that need to be cleared. As humans we can feel so fragile at times. But once we experience the power of divine love we can sink into a power, strength, and way of being in the world that most only imagine. Being love and light is part of our evolution. Experiencing the stillness of the divine and allowing what flows from this state is part of our evolution into being able to hold and work with higher frequencies that create personal and collective healing. 

Stay focused with your practices this month and observe what comes up for you and what starts to radiate through you.

The full moon is September 27. There will also be a total eclipse of the moon on this day. September 27 was my father’s birthday and will be a day when I honor all the unconditional love he shared with me. Perform your preparation work to step out of your ordinary thoughts, concerns, and daily activities. Start by taking a few minutes to do some deep breathing that will bring you a place of peace, stillness, and center. Travel deep into your Inner World, into the stillness where you will find your inner starlight or sunlight and your inner natural flow of love. Imagine the waves of the ocean flowing within and through you carrying love into the world. Let us all join together as waves of light and love and weave a brilliant and exquisite web of light and love within and throughout the Earth. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage to view the instructions for our full moon ceremonies. 

The equinox is on September 23. In the Northern Hemisphere we flow into autumn and in the Southern Hemisphere we flow into spring. 

When I journeyed for a ceremony to perform for the equinox I was given two ceremonies to share depending on whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. By working in the way I was given we will be honoring both the cycle of death and letting go of what no longer serves us and the collective as well as honor the process of rebirth and welcoming in the new. 

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere this is a time to bring to the earth any limiting state of consciousness and old wounds you are ready to release. The earth will take this from you and compost the old just like she composts the old leaves that the trees and plants release during the season of autumn. During this composting process organic matter is created that feeds, fertilizes, and nurtures the earth to help to create the healthy plants that are born during spring. 

Take some time to enter into a deep meditative state. Let go of your ordinary concerns. Take time to focus on your spiritual practice so that you are truly entering into the invisible realms where change is possible. Sink deep within to your inner knowing. Allow your psyche to reveal to you that which you need to release at this time of your life. Look at the past wounds and states of consciousness that are anchoring you and not allowing you to fully move forward to creating new dreams and a new life for yourself and the planet. 

Imagine traveling into a beautiful place in nature where the soil is rich and moist. Smell the fragrance and feel your feet as you walk on the earth. Notice how fresh the air feels and smells. You can taste the fragrance on your tongue. Look around you and soak in the brilliant colors of the nature beings all around you. 

Find a tree that calls to you, and sit with it for awhile. As you sit with it align your breath and heartbeat with that of the tree and the earth. Feel your own heart beating. Focus on the desire to let go of what no longer serves you.

When you feel ready imagine kneeling on the ground and digging a hole in the earth. You can blow into the earth what you are ready to let go of. Or you can imagine burying the states of consciousness and wounds that bind you to your past.

Thank the earth for taking all that needs to be composted and transformed into rich earth that creates a fertile environment for new seeds of hope, light, and love to be planted.

When you feel like you are complete with this ceremony return to the room you are in and to an ordinary state of consciousness feeling light and unburdened. 

You can also perform this ceremony in a place in nature following the above steps. 

While our community in the Northern Hemisphere is releasing the old those in the Southern Hemisphere will be planting new seeds of visions that are free from past memories of old wounds and limiting beliefs. 

Work in the way I describe above of bringing yourself into a deep meditative state and traveling into a beautiful place in nature to do your work. You can also perform this ceremony by going outside to a favorite park or place in nature.

Imagine the seeds that you wish to plant as you welcome in the spring. This is a time to welcome in new life in both nature and also in our own Inner World. Plant the seeds that you wish to feed and see grow in your inner garden. 

Again when you are complete thank the earth for accepting and gestating your new seeds containing visions, thoughts, and daydreams of hope, love, and light. 

Return when you are ready.


Together we join together as a global community to honor the transition of death and rebirth. They are all part of one cycle.

I wish you a joyous autumn and spring! 


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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