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First, I want to share that it was so wonderful to sink into our ceremony of Creating a Human Web of Life during the Super Moon of August. It was really a lovely feeling joining with the light of our circle.

I think you have probably had the experience where the universe keeps giving you a sign of something you need to reflect on. I feel like I have been in one of those periods.

As I have shared, I wrote a new book that is being published by Sounds True. The book is titled Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life. It is scheduled to be released February 1.

When one writes a book there are different phases of the editing process. And in August I was in the final editing phase. That meant that after I turned in my final edit, I could not make any changes. The book is now being prepared to be printed. 

So, I read and re-read the book multiple times to make sure there was nothing else I wanted to add, change, or delete. 

One of the chapters I wrote on includes a section on initiation. And in this chapter, I raised some questions that stay in my mind. These are questions I continue to sit with and think about. Sometimes you might be done with a piece of work, but the work is not done with you. I completed this chapter to the best of my ability, but the work is not done with me. It keeps ‘working me” and settling deep within.

In June Tami Simon (the owner of Sounds True) interviewed me on an anthology about depression. The book will be released the beginning of April.

My editor sent me the transcribed and edited interview to review in August a few days after I sent Walking in Light back to the production department.

In my interview I addressed the shamanic understanding of depression as an initiation and rite and passage. I also wrote about my own life journey dealing with depression.

My initial interview had to be shortened to fit into one short chapter for the anthology. But in its succinct form I talk much about shamanic initiation and how it relates to depression.

And then sadly Robin Williams committed suicide. And I wrote a short post on Facebook about depression as an initiation and a bit about my own experience navigating the waves of depression in my own life.

So, the theme of initiation is really coming up for me. And I think that one key point about initiation is that through “surviving” an initiation we learn how to live.

We continue to witness the intense journey that people all over the world are experiencing today – whether it is through living in a war-torn area, being in the military and engaging in war, religious and political persecution, dealing with climatic changes, physical illness, a variety of emotional and mental issues, and so on. 

We tend to put labels on certain issues. But I do believe that most of what people are experiencing today is an initiation into a new way of living. 

And while you are going through an initiation you cannot think about it. You cannot mentally plan how you are going to walk “through the fire”. An invisible part of yourself has to take over and carry you through.

Yes, our helping spirits and invisible forces can provide support for us. But in the end, we must tap into the strength of our spirit. 

During the process of dissolution, it is our spirit that continues to shine through.

And I do believe that this is a great teaching of our time. The teaching is as old as humanity. But it is time we wake up to the strength of our internal spirit. 

I remember in one of the first journeys I ever performed in 1980 my power animal came to me. He instructed me not sit down in the darkness. He told me to stand up and put one foot in front of the other. He was not referring to a specific situation in my life. He was sharing a general teaching with me.

This advice always stayed with me. For in any initiation, you really cannot stop and sit down and refuse to move. For in a true shamanic initiation the only way to live is to keep moving guided by the strength of spirit. 

I know many of you experience personal challenges and are also touched by all you witness right now. I do believe that movement is key to coming through. As I use as one of my daily mantras, “The only way out is through.” 

Reflect on any initiation you might be experiencing in your own life. 

The key is really to develop the tools needed to navigate the waves of joy as well as the turbulent waves. The tools I have been sharing with you over the years are the same ones I use to navigate the dark waves that I ride. They truly have kept me alive. I work with all my tools daily whether I am riding light and blissful or dark waves.  I do commit to keep moving and flowing with the phases of life. I am compassionate towards myself, and I do not judge myself for whatever I am experiencing. But I do keep moving even if I can only take the smallest baby step.

Both of my parents were powerful role models to me who showed me how to forge ahead in the midst of challenge. But my mother modeled to me how to keep moving to not just survive but to thrive. I watched my mother’s dedication to thrive on a psycho-spiritual level despite the challenges in her life. We never talked about it. But I learned a lot just by observing her. 

Everything in nature is in constant change and movement. And all living beings grow towards the light and absorb what it needs to thrive. We are part of nature and not separate from it.

This month continue to cultivate a rich inner landscape as I have been inspiring you to do. When you do this, you do step into a new and beautiful dimension of reality. The doorway into this beautiful dimension is through our inner world. 

First you have to love and honor yourself enough to want to do the inner world work. Go into your inner garden and clean it up. Pull out old plants and roots that do not serve your well being. 

Really experience taking care of your inner soil so that when you run your fingers through it you feel moisture and it feels rich to touch. Smell the freshness and richness of your inner soil. 

And then with loving care plant the seeds that you would like to see grow.

Remember to leave space for some wild plants to grow too. 

In the garden at my house there are hundreds of this one wild plant that is growing for the first time. I do not know the name of it. When people come to our house, I can see them looking at the garden and then looking at me. I can hear them thinking why doesn’t she weed the garden. For the plants that are thriving and growing would definitely be considered weeds to most onlookers. 

I don’t pull them out for many reasons. One reason is that they are so green and strong. And in the desert, it seems like a crime to me to actually pull out green strong plants. 

But also, the plants flowered in August. And my garden looked so alive with all these vibrant yellow flowers blossoming everywhere. If I pulled these plants out, I would have missed seeing such beauty.

Sometimes we try to domesticate our inner and outer garden too much. It is good to leave space for the wild plants to grow. You never know what great beauty will grow and blossom in your life. 

Isis has shared with me that it is so important to focus on the temple of our spirit. And of course, the temple of your spirit is your body. This means that your body and temple is holy ground. You do not want to destroy holy ground.

This statement goes even deeper when we think of the sacredness of all of life. Everything that is alive is holy ground and all of life should be honored and respected.

Continue to build a strong inner temple. 

Absorb the light and power of your divine light and the light of life into your cells. Do this daily!

Experience what it feels like to be lit from within. 

Notice how you feel physically and the sense of inner peace. Notice if you feel a difference in your vibration as you do this. 

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The full moon is September 8. So many of us want to be in service during such a time of transition on the planet. We forget that there are spiritual practices that we can engage in that do make a difference.

If you have a drum or rattle that you can use do some drumming or rattling. This will help you to step away from an egoic state of separation and will assist you in finding your center so you can focus on your spiritual work.

Focus on your intention to be a light in the world. And on the full moon let go of your state of consciousness that keeps you separate from your inner divine light. Travel deep within and experience your true spiritual nature which is light. Experience unity with Source and with all in the web of light. Radiate your light and let it flow and grow exponentially as it adds to the light of our global community. Imagine that light traveling within and throughout the earth creating a radiant web of light.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

The equinox is September 22. We flow into fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

I think that as we celebrate the change in seasons, we often perceive that one day we are in one season and then as the calendar gives us a date we are now in a new season.

The seasons do flow into one another. There is a smooth transition as the change from one season of life flows into the next.

Notice the subtle changes happening where you live that give you signs of how a change is beginning to occur. Notice the change in temperature, how the air is moving, the plant life, the animal life and how birds in your area begin to migrate. Feel the difference in the texture of the earth. Put your feet on the earth for at least 10-15 minutes a day and sense through your feet a shift in the movement, hum, or vibration. Notice the change in colors and the fragrance in the air.

Change does not just happen. There is a flow to all change. We just don’t pay attention to the signs of how cycles flow from one into another. We tend to think and perceive in linear ways instead of in the circular fashion as the earth teaches.

On the equinox take time to appreciate how the seasons and cycles of life flow. In the Northern Hemisphere it is a time to surrender and let go of what needs to be released into the earth to give life a time to rest after the growing season of summer. And in the Southern Hemisphere there is the excitement for the birth of the new after the long gestation process of winter.

On the equinox let us together honor the earth and all of life. Give gratitude for your life. Take time to go within and experience the flow of change happening within you. Experience how one season flows into the next within you too.

Let’s take time to acknowledge our own inherent gifts and strengths as well as our loved ones, others, and all in our global community and in all of life. When we acknowledge the gifts and strengths that everyone and all living beings contribute then we truly honor life.

I wish you all a joyous autumn and spring!!


Copyright 2014 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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