Why do fundamentalist groups in the world have so much power? How is it that corporate groups have the power in the U.S. to change policies to ones that disregard the health of the environment, animals, plants, trees, humans, and all of life?

Focus. It is all about focus. These groups have learned the power of focus to manifest what they want in the world.

I get a wealth of emails about laws that are being passed and that will be passed that disregard all of life.

If I allow myself to get distracted by this information I will just go and buy a lot of ice cream and try to comfort my egoic self. I would be buying the concept of well we won’t survive anyway so let’s eat, drink, and be merry.

If I write about the details of all these broadcast emails circulating around the world I am feeding the negative and destructive impact of the words and energy. In other words I am not feeding the heart filled with love, harmony, light, and unity.

The key is how I react to what I read and then how I act. It is important to maintain balance. Yes, I feel sad and sometimes get lost in “what’s the use”. But I do not stay in this state. I focus. I move into seeing every living being on this great planet as divine light. I see the earth and all the elements in their divine light.

People working spiritually in this way might be a minority. And that does not matter. What does matter is if you do your spiritual work and hold the focus.

Remember: intention + love + union + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination = transmutation and creation.

Now more than ever we must hold this planet and its inhabitants in spiritual light. Now more than ever we must drop our differences and bond together in absolute harmony and unity to create change.

When people used to ask the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi, “Shouldn’t we go out and take social action?” His response was first find out who you are and then respond from there.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about Ramana Maharshi and his great work. His message is that there is no ego or “I”. This is just an illusion.

Krishnamurti another great Indian sage would respond to people who wanted to run out and take social action. He would say that if you go out without transforming yourself first then you will create more chaos.

We see this as groups of people get caught in their ego and move into states of division. From this place true change does not occur.

So we keep doing the work to remember the truth of who we are. The alchemists called this “The Great Work”. And as we watch the news and read letters, emails, and newspapers talking about the state of the world we respond by perceiving the planet and all living beings in their divine light.

This is one way for us to take social action. This is the way I choose to work. I know in every cell of my being that who I become has a huge impact on the web of life. And I know as has been taught for thousands of years that everything manifests on the spiritual level before manifesting on the physical level.

Focus, focus, focus!

Here is a prayer by St. Francis that I find helpful:

hold in our hearts love

Honor and adore,

serve, praise, and bless,

glorify and exalt.

magnify and give thanks.

For over a year now I have written from time to time about a pilot research study that I am engaging in with the University of Michigan Medical School. We had been working on the research design for close to two years.

The study is to look at the effect that the Medicine for the Earth work has on people. We know the changes we have seen in water. As we are mostly water the changes will also occur in us. Over the years of teaching Medicine for the Earth I have received letters and case studies about miraculous healings coming from engaging in a practice of transfiguration.

Sara Warber, MD, the primary investigator for Michigan Integrative Medicine was a participant in a Medicine for the Earth Gathering in Ohio led by Dr. Greg Miller. They got to talking about doing a research study, and they contacted me after the training.

We began doing conference calls on a monthly basis. Kate Durda who is a Medicine for the Earth teacher in Michigan joined our team. Vera Moura who is also a student of Medicine for the Earth and works at Michigan Integrative Medicine did an amazing amount of work to pull the work together on paper and also do the screening of volunteers. We came up with a great research design. We decided to work with a population of people who had had a heart attack.

There would be three randomized groups. One group would go through a Medicine for the Earth training with me. One group would go through a Lifestyle Change training learning yoga, meditation, and how to work with their diet. And one group would get their regular cardiac treatment with no other interventions.

Once we got the research design money literally started dropping from the heavens so that we could move forward. Our one obstacle was getting approval from the IRB (the board at the university who approves studies) which is known to take forever.

We set a date for Feb 10-13 2005 and had to wait to fully advertise for volunteers until we got the approval. Before we could advertise in newspapers, magazines, and radio in Michigan we had to wait for approval.

Approval came at a very late date and we didn’t think we had time to get enough volunteers. But another miracle happened and we did.

So we did meet this Feb. 10-13 and what an extraordinary experience it was. We had 23 participants in the Medicine for the Earth training. All participants got psychological tests and blood tests measuring immune function before we began.

I taught the group all the Medicine for the Earth principles. We worked with how to transmute negative states of consciousness, how to transfigure, and how to work on creation and manifestation. It was an incredible circle of people and we created a sacred and loving space where change and healing could take place.

Some of you who participated are reading this month’s Transmutation News. And we welcome you into the global community working together to create harmony within which manifests as harmony without.

The key of course is for all to continue the practices taught as I have been encouraging all of you who read this page to do.

There will be quite a lot of group support to make sure that this happens.

The Lifestyle Change group will meet next month.

After 3 months and 6 months everyone will get blood tests and surveys about how they are feeling emotionally. A medical paper with the results of the study should be published by this time next year.

It really is the first study in the world of this kind. And it all just came into place naturally. I was contacted by the University of Michigan to do the study. Money came effortlessly for the study to happen. The perfect group came together. And without thinking about it our training ended right before Valentines Day. So for all of us looking at how Medicine for the Earth could heal our hearts with the power of love we ended at a time where people celebrate the heart and love.

It will be interesting to watch the results. So far every step of the way has been truly miraculous. I have no doubt the miracles will continue.

And I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an incredible group of people!

I also want to thank all of you who had been reading the flyers I posted on the Transmutation News and helped to create support for the work in non-ordinary and ordinary ways.

I cannot say more about the study until a paper is published. But I will keep you informed in whatever way I can.

The possibilities are endless!

I had a powerful dream one night after I returned from Michigan. I was told that as people heal through alternative practices the field of energy would change so much that others would experience spontaneous healings. My dream definitely had to do with changing the morphic resonant field. I was very encouraged in the dream by how much healing can take place naturally as more people incorporate spiritual healing practices into their lives.

On this note it is now time to introduce as many people as possible into the principle that we are one, source, divine, and light. If you have been reading the Transmutation News for awhile you will remember the journey I had that in our world we operate as fingers that have fallen off the hand thinking we can have an independent life. We are part of a whole and none of us are truly independent from the web of life.

March 20 is the spring equinox. This is a time where we celebrate the possibilities of new life. We celebrate this month the change in season circling into a time of new growth.

To celebrate this time of change I ask that you find a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor who you can introduce one or more of the principles of the Medicine for the Earth to. Depending on the person you talk to you will have to choose your words.The Medicine for the Earth work bridges all world religions. Every world religion has the practice of transfiguration but it is explained in different ways.

Read over the section Creating A Human Web of Light. Initiate someone in your circle and community to this work. As we do this on the spring equinox the ripples of new growth, evolution, and unlimited possibilities will also ripple across the entire web of life.

I also wanted to let you know that as we talk about expanding our circle the Transmutation News is now translated into German, Italian, Spanish, and Slovakian. It is also in the process of being translated into French and Portuguese and Dutch. It’s exciting how our circle is growing.

March 25 is the full moon. Let’s continue weaving a web of light, divinity, and love within and around the earth. New life is sprouting and light and love is encompassing our great earth now.

Happy spring!!

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