Let us take a minute to wish our global community a glorious New Year! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let’s connect together from a place of love. And after you have wished our circle blessings for a New Year extend your blessings to include all of life!

All human beings have a variety of core needs. One need we all have is to feel loved. And the desire for love actually drives us in all areas of our lives. Not feeling love is what drives all misbehavior. We all seek love. And many people have forgotten how much love went into our creation. We did reflect on how we were created from true love in 2008.

Another basic need humans strive toward is freedom. And freedom is what I would like to talk to you about this month. This is a deep rich topic that I can only begin to speak about. For there are so many different levels of freedom that we seek.

On one level we seek the freedom from different emotional painful states of consciousness. We look for freedom from fear, and humans have all kinds of strategies to feel safe. The tricky side of this is that the part of us that experiences ourselves as separate from the divine will never feel safe. And all means to find safety usually create more pain and suffering.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about Jack Schwarz who was able to heal his wounds while being tortured by the Nazis. He was able to achieve a state oneness with the universe in which there was no way to hurt him. While Jack Schwarz was in this state he could not be in an egoic state feeling fear. The state of oneness had to be complete for such a miraculous act to occur.

For many of us on a spiritual path we go back and forth between separate states of consciousness and divine states. The mind comes in and tells us all the things we should fear. And then divinity comes in and says fear is an illusion for as a spirit we cannot die or be hurt. We waver back and forth. And true freedom comes when we can be released from this wavering back and forth. One key is for us to choose spiritual practices that we feel passionate about committing to that will lead us to a deeper state of experiencing a state of oneness in every cell of our being. This of course is a work in progress.

Our egoic thinking mind is great at listing all the things we should fear as well as listing all the reasons that living a life filled with love, joy, light, unity, peace, health, wealth, and success are impossible. It is amazing the beliefs that we hold that regularly sabotage us. The collective has done a magnificent job in brainwashing us to believe that we do have not our full power to be a creative genius in the world.

At the same time society has also told us what we should desire. So we spend quite a bit of time attempting to acquire physical possessions that don’t bring us to a place of feeling true wealth or to a place of freedom. For we become a slave to our egoic desires, the need to acquire, and then to keep our acquisitions. And when we believe that others have what we perceive to be more than we do jealousy and envy start to invade our daily thoughts bringing another level of suffering.

So where do we go with all of this? The key is finding balance. For we do have egos that experience ourselves as separate. And yet we are divine and in a place of divine light all things are possible, what we need looks different than when we are in a separate state, and the destiny we are evolving toward takes on a different meaning.

To continue our journey toward freedom we must keep surrendering our egoic desires to the divine within. I use the words “to continue our journey” for we have been on this journey whether we have been conscious of it or not. To be walking on a spiritual path means walking toward freedom.

We don’t always know what our soul’s journey has in store for us. But there are so many opportunities we are not exploring as we try to control our destiny. To surrender our destiny to our divine light brings us to truly manifesting what will bring to us true joy, wealth, and health on all levels.

We are all going through an initiation. The planet is going through an initiation and we cannot separate ourselves from the whole. An initiation is an experience that takes us from the past and brings us to a new place in life that we have never experienced before.

Initiations demand from us to discover new ways of thinking and moving through the world that we have never tried before. What we have used in the past will no longer work.

For years we have been watching organizations whether they are business, religious, or spiritual starting to be challenged in maintaining power and their hold over us. On one level organizations give us “manuals” of how to live our lives and also how to solve different problems.

I believe that one reason organizations are so challenged today is because “the manuals” for how to operate in life are outdated. We have the download of the true “manual” and “operating instructions” inside of us.

I will use the practice of shamanism as an example since this is a path I have been practicing for many years now. The definition of shamanism is that it is a path of direct revelation. That means all the answers are between you and your helping spirits. So to go out and search to learn methods of healing from others versus from your own direct revelation is the opposite of the teaching of shamanism. Yes many of us want to be a circle of like-minded people and experience the power of community. And this is great. The question that remains is do you show up to circles owning your own power of direct revelation or do you look to others to “show you the way”? The work of others inspires us all and inspiration is a wonderful thing. We need to be careful to remember that we are being inspired to work from our creative genius as others do instead of giving our power away.

In my Teacher Trainings I encourage teachers to develop their workshops to help participants learn from their own helping spirits how to perform different healing methods. And I also encourage teachers to teach their workshops from their own inspiration and not to teach as I do. This is where the real power of the work is – to learn from our own spiritual source. The key is in empowering others.

The same is true for being on any spiritual path. For the goal of spiritual paths is to bring us in touch with our own divinity and creative genius. All of us have the same creative potential. To believe that only some people have the answers will not move us into creating a healthy planet. Of course we all bring through different answers on different levels as we all express our unique gifts and talents. We all bring through aspects of divinity like a diamond has different facets that come together to shine brilliant and dazzling light.

When we begin to surrender our destiny to the divine within we begin to manifest a new path in our lives. When we truly honor the unique gifts, talents, and strengths that we came into the world with we truly add strength to our global community. And when we all realize that inner wealth is what creates true joy then we stop being envious and jealous of others for we all are pure divine light and love. As we continue forward on working with spiritual tools we move toward a greater sense of freedom. For being tied to the external world for a sense of freedom does not bring freedom.

What is needed right now is for us to start to act with spontaneity. For if we watch what life is bringing to us the energy that is manifesting in our lives is unexpected. The ego of course fears the unexpected. It is our spirit that meets the energy of the unexpected with a sense of wonder and spontaneity.

Here are a couple of ways to work as we begin to welcome in the new of the New Year. In 2008 I asked you to experience how much love went into your creation. This month I would like to ask you to list qualities of the creator or creative forces of the universe you would like to emulate. And commit to yourself and to our global circle to pick at least one quality and to find different ways to manifest this quality into your life and into the world.

And I want you to come up with your own unique way of problem solving. If you work with clients go within and ask for a way of working that you have never tried before. If you are dealing with a challenge in your own life I want you to go within and ask for a completely new way to meet the challenge that life has brought to you as an opportunity for growth.

Throw away “old life manuals” and “operating instructions”. They have been incredibly useful and have provided you with a solid foundation that has brought you to where you are right now. Reach within for new instructions. You will be in complete awe of what you are shown. The new that is revealed to you holds the promise of new life, joy, wealth, and health beyond anything your egoic mind can come up with.

As a global circle let us hold the excitement for each and every one of us as we discover the new gifts we have available to us. For the universe will meet the energy of our excitement. The universe will give us what we call in the world of business “a challenge grant”. It will meet and excitement and give us more opportunity to expand from where we are. Imagine the match from the universe coming from the excitement of our global circle versus just from one of us.

We really need “to get” the power that we have as a community to support each other on a personal level and also to manifest true health and harmony for the planet and all of life.

I have been very happy with the results I have seen from teaching Medicine for the Earth. I love teaching the gathering myself and continue to hear wonderful results of the work from my own students as well as from people who have trained with other teachers.

And we continue a Medicine for the Earth reunion each year where there is core group who regularly show up and we welcome others who would like to join us in deepening the work.

I have been feeling I want to try to go even deeper. And I have been thinking about this for a year now. I finally am coming up with a way I would like to proceed.

The work I have been writing about in my books and The Transmutation News was profoundly influenced by my journeys with Isis and Osiris. My Medicine for the Earth work was directly born out of my Egyptian connections in the spirit world.

And then I found that what I had written was also work that was written about by a variety of writers in the 1930s – 1950’s.

I know the unlimited potential that can come from working within on the inner landscaping that is needed to give birth to the fruits of the world we wish to live in.

And I also know how much practice went in to what the ancient civilizations were able to accomplish.

We all are doing the practices we feel passionate about to change ourselves, which changes the world we live in. And at the same time our lives are filled with distractions. It is part of living in a modern culture. I often wonder about the results that I could accomplish if I had no contact with the outside world. And that is not my destiny.

I would like to work with a group who really is willing to commit to a circle to work with creating the inner landscape needed to give solid results in the outer world. The goal would be to learn the difference between the desires of the ego and replace those with our guidance from divine will. To really look at how we can concentrate our thoughts and words so that we can produce our desired goal. And to work together in full support of each other so that each person’s goals are exponentially met by the group’s energy. This means that we all need to work through together issues about how we compare ourselves to others and move into states of jealousy and envy.

Simply the group would commit to work with creation and manifestation practices as well as practices to truly use the power of concentration and focus where our thoughts are words are in alignment with what we want to produce. We will work with personal goals as well as healing for the planet.

And I know we have been doing this work together as a global community. But I would like to bring a group together to meet and to really devote themselves to the work and commit to a circle.

The group would meet in Santa Fe for four days and then we would continue our work together through teleconferencing. But we would stay committed as an ongoing group.

I am trying to get a sense of how many people would be interested in being part of this course. If you are interested please email aruthabelle@aol.com and just say you are interested.

I will of course post the workshop and open it up to all of you. I am just trying to get a reading on the interest level.

The full moon is January 11. Let’s add excitement and passion to our monthly ceremony of creating a human web of light that we continue to weave together as a global community. And let’s continue to support our global community with using spiritual light to help those in our circle who need healing. Instructions for both ceremonies are on the page under Creating A Human Web of Light.

I have deep hope and hold a lot of excitement for all we can accomplish this year!

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