One of the main principles talked about at the Bioneers Conference I attended in October was that the “war on terrorism” in many ways distracts us from the chemical and environmental pollution that we are all dealing with that has huge effects on the life of all living beings.

Will science actually be able to reverse the extreme destructive pollutants now in our environment? We are getting help from some natural forces. Paul Stammet, a brilliant mycologist, has discovered mushrooms that will eat some very dangerous toxins. So nature is working in cooperation with us. I still hold that we will also have to include spiritual methods to reverse the damage.

In Medicine for the Earth the question was raised of whether the work I was sharing would change the toxins we were working on or would we change so much that the toxins would not harm us. I do believe that the answer to this question is that both are true.

I also wrote about the dream that I had when I started writing the book in 1998 where the Egyptian god Anubis told me the missing piece to my work with transmutation was transfiguration. The work with transfiguration has been so powerful in helping people access their own divinity which is so needed in many ways right now.

In June right before I taught a five-day Medicine for the Earth training I had a dream saying it was important for me to bring the eucharist into my work. As I was not raised Catholic I didn’t know what that meant. It is my nature to take things out of a religious context so I started to search for a deeper meaning. In the summer issue on Light in the magazine Parabola I read a statement by Otto Von Simson where he looks at the eucharistic sacrament as divine light transfiguring the darkness of matter. With the work I was doing this has made perfect sense to me.

On Oct. 23 I had another dream to get my attention to keep looking at this issue. In my dream I was in a bookstore and I heard someone talking about an author who had written a book about “transubstantiation”. In the dream I was desperate to find out more information, as I knew this was my work.

I had never heard of this word so when I awoke from the dream I got up and went to Webster’s where I did find it. The definition of transubstantiation is “the change in the eucharistic elements from the substance of bread and wine to the substance of the body of Christ with only the accidents (as taste and color) remaining.”

It’s interesting that my dreams keep giving me religious concepts, but I know that my dreams are giving me the vocabulary of what the work is about and I need to let go of the religious forms that the words come from.

I have been teaching the process of transfiguration as you have read about it in Medicine for the Earth. We use this process in the transmutation ceremonies with the realization that as we transfigure to divinity the substances we are working on will reflect this back to us. Using the principle of “as above, so below; as within, so without” we also need to hold our intention to transfigure the harmful substances we are working with. We want to focus on the holiness of air, water, earth, and the fire burning in the sun and in the earth. As we focus on the divinity in all the elements and all of life we will transmute the harmful substances they now contain.

I have had the inclination in the last few months to call ourselves spiritual warriors. I find myself resisting the word “warrior”, because of the energy behind the word. Now I see us as being called upon to be the spiritual dreamers of a new time on our planet.

It is so important for us to use spiritual practices to stay centered and not be pulled out of ourselves. In Welcome Home: Following Our Soul’s Journey Home, published in 1993. I wrote: In times of change it is important to stay focused, stay positive, stay centered. We must hold the line of light as the collective does what it does. We must stay focused and continue to hold the vision.

In the five-day Medicine for the Earth gathering we work on visioning a new dream for the planet and we then perform a fire ceremony to ask the fire to take our prayers to the power of the universe! the creator. We draw pictures or create talismans we can empower with our dreams. It’s like a giant prayer smoke where our dreams and visions are sent up into the universe with the prayer that our dreams and visions will be manifested on earth.
The firekeepers are instructed to build the fire with the intention that this be a blessing fire. Often fire ceremonies are done to transmute negativity. With this ceremony our intention is different.

Recently as I was journeying I was reminded that although visioning is very important there are many ways to create a new vision besides just making a visual affirmation. Remembering that most cross-cultural creation myths say that the world was created into being by a sound or through words. Some people create through movement. The helping spirits I work with asked me to instruct people to not limit their ways of expressing their visions to the universe. If you are working with ceremonies of visioning please remember to expand on your ways of expressing the new dreams and visions you wish to create.

Last month I wrote that I felt one of the keys to successful transmutation work is to make sure you are inviting in and working in cooperation with the ancestors and the spirits of the land. I wanted to say something more about this. Many of you who have been trained in shamanic journeying have been taught to work with the helping spirits of the upper and lower worlds. There are also helping spirits in the middle world. For good reason students are steered away from working in the middle world, as this is also where deceased spirits can get stuck. When someone suffers a traumatic death his spirit might not transcend out of the middle world. This is the cause of ghosts, poltergeists, and possessing spirits.

There are also invisible beings that live in the middle world that have transcended the human condition and are here to help. There are helping and compassionate ancestor spirits who love the earth and all of life of much as we do. With intention, when we perform our transmutation ceremonies, we want to also ask for the compassionate, helping spirits of the land who hold the ancient wisdom of transmutation to help us with our work. In this way we are working in cooperation with all the helping spirits who can offer us assistance. As I wrote about last month the cooperation of the helping spirits of the land you are working on is vital to the success of the work.

Everything manifests first in the spiritual level before manifesting on the physical. As we have forgotten the importance of being proactive on the spiritual level we have been manifesting chaos and toxicity on the physical level. The spiritual work we do does make a difference.

We celebrate a great cycle of change as we honor the winter solstice on December 21. May your winter be full of warmth and peace as we continue our visioning work.

During the winter months use the time to do some work with visioning your life and the world you live in. Humankind has become so focused on consuming resources. In your visioning work focus on ways to transmute and transform consumerism energy. Let’s look at ways we can give back, honor, and be in service to the earth, air, fire, water and all the visible and invisible beings who give us so much.

Please join in on the full moon meditation for creating a human web of light on December 30. Last month I only mentioned the full moon on Nov. 1 and did not mention there was another full moon on Nov. 30. I do hope you caught my oversight and continued you meditations. Again I want to remind you that you can meditate on the human web of light everyday if you wish to strengthen the force of light that surrounds our world.

In Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge’s book poemcrazy Susan shares a wonderful insight about the word “abracadabra”. “Abracadabra, the seemingly nonsense word we invoke in magic tricks, comes from the Aramaic, the language of the Bible: ‘abraq ad habra’. These ancient words mean ‘I will create as I speak’.”

Never doubt that a group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead (taken from the Autumn 2001 issue of the newsletter of the Findhorn Foundation.).

Happy winter!

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