I hope you have been able to stay focused on holding the light and tending the garden during this great time of change. There are many aspects of environmental pollution. We are experiencing a great deal of troubled energy in our psychic space from all the fear and anger that is being generated from people around the world.

Although all parts of the formula for transmutation (intention + love +harmony + union + concentration + focus + imagination) are needed to be used right now it is important to really work on your ability to focus. During unknown times it is so easy for us to be pulled outside of ourselves and lose focus. We must also be able to focus our imaginations to believe that we can create a different reality. It is important to use the tools you know and those discussed in Medicine for the Earth to stay centered and focused.

I have received a lot of feedback of how relevant the material in Medicine for the Earth is in helping people stay centered during this time.

As you bring small practices into your life to shift your consciousness, you will notice a shift of awareness happening. As you continue your reflection you will notice that your energy field changes and that it is easier for you to maintain your focus on your spiritual path. Please remember that the benefits come with daily practice.

It did not take many people to create such a drastic sudden change in our world. Any work that you are willing to do by yourself or in small groups will have an impact on the collective conscious. Know that every change in consciousness you make does make a difference.

In October I led a five- day Medicine for the Earth gathering on the East Coast for a group of people who had worked together for years. In my journeys I had been getting that it was important to do some transmutation work for the energy of fear, anger, etc. that was floating around the air waves.

I was given a vision of a ceremony to lead to work with the transmutation of energy in the collective. The ceremony was so powerful I would like to share it with you. For those of you working in groups where you do journey and you have been working with the material in Medicine for the Earth I hope you will try this.

First we all wrote down on pieces of paper what energy around feelings, beliefs, and thought patterns needed to be transmuted. For example, one might write down fear, hate, despair, and hopelessness. We then put all the pieces of paper around the altar that also had a beaker of water with ammonium hydroxide in it.

I asked half of the group who would transfigure into a divine force to sit in the middle. The people who were to transfigure were to keep their arms and hands outstretched and be a vehicle for healing energy to pass through. I asked the other half of the group to stand around those seated. This half was to merge with a power animal or teacher used for healing. During the first stage of drumming the people in the middle were to transfigure into a divine force where they could just be a vehicle, a hollow bone, for energy from the helping spirits to pass through. The group standing was to merge with a power animal or teacher. After a few minutes of giving people time to transfigure or merge I signaled with the drum that it was time to work. Then I began drumming again. The transfigured group was to tone to keep the transfigured state and once again just be a vehicle for healing energy to pass through. The power animals and teachers kept circling the group placing their hands on the transfigured group sending through healing energy for what needed to be healed.

When it felt like a lot of healing happened I did a return beat. The people merged were given the instructions beforehand that during the return beat they were to disengage from their power animals and teachers. The transfigured group was also instructed to disengage during the return beat.

After people came back we switched roles so everyone could get a chance to merge and transfigure. The next morning the papers that had been in the middle of the room were burned. There was so much spiritual energy in the room we decided to leave the papers to continue to be worked on.

There really were and are no words to describe the sense of healing that took place that evening. We were all just left in awe. For me the spiritual energy in the room was so expansive and planet earth seemed so small in comparison. I also received information that the water in the middle along with the ammonium hydroxide both helped take on and transmute the energy worked on. The pH did change from 11 to 10.

The evening was so powerful I want to incorporate this ceremony into all my Medicine for the Earth gatherings. But I wanted to share it here for those of you who are already working in journey groups where the members have experience with the material I have already written about.

If you have any questions about how to perform this ceremony or if you want to give me feedback once you have done it with a group, please write to me at P.O. Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

I have continued working with groups in working with the transmutation of water infused with ammonium hydroxide. The work continues to go well. I have learned something in the last few months that I wish to share with you. The results of the work are definitely stronger when we work in collaboration and cooperation with the ancestors and spirits of the land. Please take some time to establish a good connection with the ancestors and spirits of the Land where you live. And if you attempt any long distance healing work for water or land, please take plenty of time to establish a good relationship with the spirits of the place where you are trying to work. The work will only be successful if you work in cooperation with the spirits of the land.

Debra Chesnut in Fairbanks Alaska participated in one of my five-day Medicine for the Earth gatherings in Santa Fe. When she journeyed for a vision for the earth she was told to start a company to test soils for toxic contamination and start clean up using the transmutation method. In her vision she was shown that the main culprits of environmental contamination in Alaska, the military and the oil companies, need to see numbers and be convinced that it is worthwhile financially before they will accept the “transmutation” technique. The real goal is to convince them that it is good financially then “train” them to change themselves. Debra was told that we shouldn’t just go around cleaning up after the military and oil companies without making them responsible in some way because they will have no reason to stop contaminating, in fact, may contaminate more because it can be cleaned up so “easily”.

Debra was given a tremendous amount of Information in her vision including what to call the company, how to work, who to contact, etc. She has already acquired the necessary materials to start soil testing. She has taken this information and has moved forward to make her vision a reality. I am extremely excited with the direction Debra is going.

If anyone reading this has worked with soil and might be able to share some information with Debra you can contact her directly at:

Four Winds
P.O. Box 83486
Fairbanks, Alaska 99708

I will also keep everyone posted on her progress in upcoming transmutation news.

In October I presented at the Bioneers Conference. The annual Bioneers Conference is the pre-eminent gathering of environmental visionaries with practical solutions for our most pressing environmental crises.

At the conference I conducted a 90-minute session on the material in Medicine for the Earth. I led participants on two journeys. One journey was to merge with an element; learning about the elements outside and inside of us by becoming an element. The second journey was to find a method to transmute the energy around problematic emotions, beliefs, and attitudes.

There were between 400-500 participants in attendance during my presentation. The work was received incredibly well. I really believe it is important to add a spiritual component to all the brilliant environmental work going on today. I felt this was a real opportunity for me to begin to infuse the environmental community with some of the spiritual practices to use in combination with other work being done. I look forward to bridging more the Medicine for the Earth work with other environmental work.

Be very observant by watching, listening, and feeling the changes that are happening in nature as the seasons change. Notice changes in the plant and tree life. Notice the changes of all the animals that inhabit, the land where you live. Nature doesn’t just survive, nature thrives. Learn how you can thrive with seasonal changes by observing the natural world around you.

The earth is a living breathing being. How connected do you feel to earth? How are you supporting the earth’s life?

Please join us in creating a planetary human web of light on the full moon which is Nov. 1. As I keep initiating people into the web of light during my trainings it really feels as if the web has become electric. It feels very strong and very healing. Lets keep up the work.

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