I have just returned from Abadiania in Brazil where I went to see Joao De Deus (John of God). Joao De Deus is a full medium where he gives his body as a vehicle for beings who were once alive and gifted at the art of healing to work through him. He brings one entity through at a time, but he has many different entities who use his body as a vehicle to heal through.

I went to Brazil to see Joao De Deus after I heard about his work. He does visible psychic surgeries as well as invisible psychic surgeries. Both seem to have the same effect on people. People who have had invisible surgery performed on them have been x-rayed and stitches have been found in their bodies.

According to Robert Pelligrino-Estrich, author of The Miracle Man, Joao De Deus is probably the most observed, recorded, and tested medium ever to enter the physical world. I was intrigued to go see him as I was wondering if there would be anything I would learn that would add to the transmutation work I am involved with.

Heather Cumming, a student of mine, leads trips to see John of God and I decided to go on one of them. I was deeply touched by John of God’s story and humbleness. The entities started coming through Joao De Deus at the age of 16. He was the son of a tailor and was raised in complete poverty. He thought he had passed out from hunger and when he came to learned that he had healed a room full of people. He had been picked by the spirits as a vehicle for them to work through. He suffered terrible persecution, yet persevered. He went from town to town curing the incurable. The doctors and religious figures in these places were jealous of his work and called the police to stop him. In each town he went to he was beaten by police and jailed. He accepted no money for his work. Between starvation and being beaten he suffered terribly but never gave up his mission which is to heal the sick and to make people aware that we are here on Earth to improve our level on the “other side”.

Years ago he started a center at Abadiania called the Casa de Dom Inacio. Dom Inacio de Loyola is the principle entity that oversees the work. The other entities are part of his community of healers sent to work through Joao. Joao accepts no money for his work. Donations are accepted for expenses for the running of the Casa only. He gets none of the money given. The Casa is run by a large staff of volunteers of people who were cured of incurable illnesses and people who were once cripple and can now walk again. They are so grateful for the healing they received they devote their time to help Joao continue his work. Joao also recognizes that he does not create the miracles, but is just a vehicle for the entities to incorporate through. He maintains his humbleness after all these years of the entities curing thousands of people.

There is a lot more to say about this and you can check Heather Cumming’s web page for more information:

Although I did not go with a specific illness I needed cured I went asking for whatever help I needed to have a strong body to continue to do my work in service to the planet. So much happened for me on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels that I definitely label my experience a true miracle. As I have just returned home I need some time to integrate all that happened.

There were a couple of obvious things I was struck with while I was in Brazil that relates to the transmutation work and the material in Medicine for the Earth.

For one, as I experienced two personal miracles beyond my imagination I now know in every cell of my body that there are no limitations on possibilities for healing the planet and ourselves.

There is an amazing amount of energy put into the creating of sacred space at the Casa. From the moment you enter the main hall of the Casa you are asked not to cross your arms or legs so that the healing energy of the entities that are passing through each person be available for everyone there. There are two meditation rooms that are completely full with people meditating for hours without moving or leaving to ground the energy for the entities to work on each individual and the community present. There are constant prayers and lectures about the power of God, the divine, the spirits and the need to have faith for miracles to happen. Miracles happen at the Casa everyday and the community participates with Joao to make them happen.

I did have invisible surgery performed by the entities. I left the surgery room with the knowing of where the surgery was done, as I couldn’t move certain parts of my body as I felt as if I was pulling the stitches and was very sore. Once the entities begin working on you they keep the work up even in your hotel room. That night I had some pretty wild spiritual experiences. The next day I woke up in an extremely open spiritual state. I was so connected with the land and nature. I heard the big rocks on my land in Santa Fe calling to me asking me why I have not established a relationship with them as vital living beings. I was shown that if we treated the land where we lived as a living breathing being and asked for guidance of what was needed the energy of cooperation created would create unimaginable abundance.

In the last few web pages I have been using the word “collaboration”. In Brazil I was getting the word “cooperation”. I was shown, as our consciousness about how all of nature is alive is still asleep this creates a sleep state for the earth also. The earth is not producing the abundance it is capable of, as it is not being recognized for the living being that it is.
This took me to a much deeper level than I have been to with the material in the chapter I wrote on connecting with nature. I was shown such a beautiful vision of what is possible if we asked the land where we lived for what is needed for the land to produce the abundance it is capable of. So I have come home to my garden asking the land here what it wants me to plant versus what I want to plant.

I have recognized on a deeper level that every rock, crystal and other power objects that line my desk and bookshelves are living beings that crave communication and relationship. They are living and breathing and share my house with me. So I am now seeing how I can establish a deeper relationship with who I have brought into my home to live with me.
With cooperation all things are possible.

During this month try to connect with the land where you live. Even if you live in a city the buildings are built on living breathing earth. Through journeying or meditation ask how you can establish a relationship of cooperation with the earth on which you live.

Go around your house and take notice of the living beings in the objects that you have brought into your house to live with you. Once again establish a relationship which honors the life force of all things that alive.

Make sure you stay grounded while you do all this. This practice can put you in a very open place.

The most important teaching I left with from Brazil is the understanding that I am in service to the divine and the spirits. I am not in service to my own egocentric desires, attachments, and needs. I often find that we give conditions to the spirits of what we will do and what we want to do. I learned about the process of unconditional service. And I also learned about humility. In a ceremony we might participate in the creation of miracles. We do so by tapping into our own divinity and divine spiritual powers. But we are not personally responsible for the making of miracles to happen. Sometimes we forget this.

For those of you who think you might want to see Joao De Deus for healing and would like to make a spiritual pilgrimage down to see him in Brazil I highly recommend Heather Cumming as a guide. She is a completely loving and ever patient guide. She lived in Brazil for 30 years and considers Brazil her home. She knows the culture and the history, which helped me, feel connected to the land. She is also fluent in Portuguese, which is helpful, as the people in Abadiania do not speak English. There are a few English-speaking people who volunteer at the Casa so one could make do without a guide. There are also many rules at the Casa to keep things working in an organized fashion. By having Heather as a guide we never had to think about anything or try to figure out what was going on. This allowed me to sink as deep into my spiritual experience with the knowledge that all the ordinary reality details were being taken care of. She is also loved at the Casa so we really felt welcomed there as a group.

If you would like to contact Heather you can e-mail her at hcummings@aol.com. And of course please check out her website, www.healingquests.com


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