I continue to reflect on my trip to Brazil. In being with Joao De Deus I am now left with the absolute knowledge that all miracles are possible and that it is our own limiting beliefs that blocks us from being able to experience more miracles in our lives.

Joao De Deus, being a full medium, is a vehicle for other spirits to work through his body. In the shamanic work that I practice, teach, and write about the key is working in partnership, collaboration, and cooperation with the spirits. Our own consciousness is still present as we do our spiritual work and healing. In mediumship, as John of God does his work, he has no memory of what happened.

So in looking deeper into the miracle of transmutation of toxic substances using transfiguration, what are some of the key elements that need to be addressed. In chapter 14 of Medicine for the Earth I wrote that one of the keys to embodying our divinity is to look at what is burdening us and blocking us from the absolute state of transfiguration.

In past writings on this web page I have written that anger about the politics around what is happening with the environment can block the ability for the divine to work through us. It is one thing to be a spiritual warrior and stay true to our principles and ethics and state the truth of our beliefs. But if we move into a state of anger and judgement this blocks our ability to keep our hearts open. As the vehicle for the spirits is our hearts any blockage will prevent true spiritual healing from taking place.

Being in an empathic state can also block the spirits from being able to work through us to accomplish the miracles that are possible to create. When we are filled with the pain of others or the attachment to wanting to make things better for others once again our hearts are blocked from being a true vehicle for spiritual energy to come through.

Now I ask that we look at how our egoic desires can also be a block to the creation of miracles. And first I would like to look at the issue of humility, which I mentioned last month.

What keeps us functioning in the world is our ego. In our spiritual work it can block the process of getting in touch with our own divinity as well as bringing spiritual energies through for healing.

When I hear about spiritual pilgrimages that people take to shamans and healers outside the U.S. I typically hear a common theme of what people found so powerful. What I hear is that it was not that any technique was taught, but that a true transformation occurs by being in the presence of a great spiritual healer. And what everyone notes is the power of being with a spiritual person who carries the energy of true humility. We see this all the time in indigenous cultures. But it is rare to find this in modern day teachers and practitioners. When we begin to take credit for the spiritual healing whether it is for a person or the environment I do believe that this blocks the veils between the worlds from truly opening for miracles to occur. And in this culture where the process of individuation has become so important to us it is difficult to stay on the razors edge of the spiritual path of not taking credit for the successes. But it is so key for the results that we wish to happen.

So during this month I ask that as you do your spiritual practices to really examine your motives of what you are trying to attain. Do you want to be of service to the planet and the spirits unconditionally? Are you looking for some personal gain? Do you need personal recognition? Again to walk the razor’s edge of any spiritual path it is important not to judge yourself or others. Just look and be observant to where you are with your own egoic needs. Examine without judgement of where you are and what you might still need to work through.

By doing this work we will also end up forming stronger communities to work with. We weaken the link in our communities when we are not working from a place of true cooperation where we put our own egoic needs aside.

Another issue I would like to bring up this month is honoring our ancestral connections. In most indigenous cultures shamans and healers suffered tremendous religious and political persecution for continuing their work. Today we draw on cultures from all over the world as we bring ancient spiritual practices back into a modern day culture. We emphasize honoring the spirits we work with for all that they have given to us. Do we honor the ancestors for all that they have given us? Do we honor our own biological ancestors for the gifts they have given us so that we might thrive in our lives?

Honoring the ancestors is work that must be done on a continual basis for obvious reasons. But by honoring our spiritual and biological ancestors we also open up the lines of communication so that our ancestor’s ancient wisdom of transmutation can be heard by all of us who opens our hearts and souls to listen.

Please add to your spiritual practice opening up your hearts to the ancestors of this great earth who have given us such wisdom and gifts. Speak to them from your heart. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to learn from those who have gone before us. We must give love and appreciation for that line of knowledge to be honored and for it to continue.

When I reflect on the work we have done with the water so far I can say that through embodying the divine through transfiguration and through working in cooperation with the spirits we have seen some good results. When I think of the amount of environmental pollution in the world today I am humbled by how far we still have to go. The spirits are showing us that we are walking on the right path but we are not there yet.

In America it is staggering of how much of the population does not realize that we have an environmental problem. I find in Europe there is more of a consciousness to the problem, but a feeling of powerless to finding a solution

So we continue to do the work required to do the transmutation work from a true spiritual path of emnbodying divine energies and working in partnership with the spirits, the spirit of the earth and all the elements, and the spirit of all living things. As we continue to examine our motives of doing this work and embrace true humility and the desire to be in service we will continue to unburden ourselves from our egoic desires and the next steps will be shown to us.

And when finally the consciousness of the public at large perceives that there is a problem the foundation will have been laid for the spiritual work to step in and offer viable solutions for healing.

During the month of September we celebrate the fall equinox. Personally this is my favorite season and I look forward to the change in cycle. Find a way to honor the equinox. As we honor the change of seasons we move into harmony with the river of life and learn how to live by going with the current instead of against it.

And please remember to join us in creating a human web of light that continues to shine through our planet on the full moon. The full moon this month will be September 2.

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