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A Message of Love For Our Global Community From Sandra Ingerman:

I know so many of you are feeling stunned, shocked, in deep grief, angry, fear, and even embarrassed by the election results.

Some of you are satisfied with the election results.

It is natural for there to be a wide range of feelings in such a large community.

I also know many of you are feeling neutral as you have made a choice long ago not to get the focused on the outside world but rather to concentrate on your inner world and perform your spiritual work to be a radiate love and Light into the world.

Please express all you are feeling right now. Get it out and breathe deeply.

Over the years we have watched the fear and dissatisfaction of a lot of the population in the US and also around the world. And what people who only have focused on the outer world as their reflection of happiness have been saying they are unhappy, disappointed, and dissatisfied with how decisions are being made that effect their life.

So they turn to the old hero/heroine myths – someone out there will rescue me and make my life better. This has been going on for cycle upon cycle throughout humanity. For in reality no one can make our life better so everyone is going to be disappointed until they wake up to the truth of who each of us is and do the work we came here to do.

We did come here at this time intentionally to do our work. We have to stand up and do it. Once you have grieved you must stand up and connect more deeply with the spiritual community and recognize who you are and what you came here to do.

The “snooze button” by mass consciousness has been pushed too many times now. And the wakeup will not be gentle, and it will be very loud. And the Earth will be talking loudly in a way where everyone will hear. Right now, the collective trance is so dense.

Many years ago I was sitting on my couch daydreaming and watching the birds outside my living room window.

Isis came to me while I was in an altered state and gave me a message to share with every student I made contact with through my writing or through my workshops. I have shared this message with you many times, and it is time for a reminder.

She said that there will be many waves we can all choose to ride. She was adamant that if we already received the wakeup call and were not caught up in the dense collective trance, we did not have to ride the wave and go down with those who were still fast asleep.

Isis said that there were other waves to ride that were of a higher frequency and that there were multiple realities we would all be living at the same time. That is where the teaching that our perception creates our reality is so key for us to work with.

The shadow side of our culture is now exposed on many levels – and this is being shown in all countries around the world. The shadow had to come up to be acknowledged and healed. We all know how dysfunctional family systems get when there are secrets that are hidden. The shadow is now showing itself in such a profound way that it cannot be ignored or buried.

Part of the shadow is how money is seen as more important than honoring life, all living beings, and the Earth.

When I was living in Brooklyn, I demonstrated against the Viet Nam War. I had friends and loved ones who were being enlisted to fight. And I wanted to see this unjust war end. I got to experience the hardships of protesting in places where people were not open to hear any anti-establishment messages. I got to experience being gassed and having cans thrown out of windows on my head.

I was young, and I was so struck that by the fact that I had no power to change a cause I was so passionate about. I sunk into a deep depression. I felt the only way to heal myself was to go on a news fast, which I did. I did not even know who the President of the U.S. was for many years.

I slowly came out of this, grew “thicker skin” and could embrace politics and not lose my sanity over all that I watched continue that I did not believe in.

When I was directed by my helping spirits to write about and teach the Medicine for the Earth work it was such a healing for me. For I had a place where I could put my energy that kept me feeling inspired. And I devoted my life and teaching to how we can use spiritual methods to heal the environment, all of life, and the collective.

I would ponder on if I could blend being a political activist with the Medicine for the Earth work. For after all Gandhi did both, and I do not have to explain to any of you what a positive force he was in the world.

But I knew that I could not do both and stay healthy. Some people can be political activists and work spiritually at the same time. It works for them and they can maintain their health on all levels. And some people only want to be political activists and put down spiritual work as “woo woo” work.

And then there is a large population of us who focus on the spiritual practices that have helped to create positive change for thousands of years. And that is what I have been sharing each month on the Transmutation News – practices that we can focus on that make a difference and give us the knowledge that we have power to create change. As always, the timing factor is an issue for, we don’t know when dramatic positive shifts will occur. Our only role is to stay focused on the work.

When we focus on the work, we ride a different wave then the dense collective. It does not mean that we do not grieve what we see going on in how life is being dishonored. But if we express and work through our emotions and focus our energies on working in the invisible realms to spin a new tapestry that will one day replace the tapestry that is being dismembered, we do make a huge difference. As I repeat again and again, we were born to dream a new dream into being.

But the new dream manifests when the dismemberment is complete. And none of us are privy to the knowledge on the timing.

Please let us hold each other in deep love right now during this time of shock, grief, and fear.

Since being a teenager I have woke up to election results that brought me to a place of true grief. I am 63 now. We will get through this. We have before. I woke up this morning before I heard the election results to the birds singing. Connect with nature and let nature be a healing force for you right now.

Don’t send hate to others – PLEASE. This only creates more hate and boomerangs back to us and those we love.

Grieve, express, and remember our outer world is truly not ruled by a few authority figures. Our outer world will change in positive ways by the work each and every one of us stand up to do.

I encourage you to do a news fast. Be with yourself and others and process how you are feeling. And make a plan to be the architect of your inner world and do the spiritual work you were called to Earth to do.

I will write more as the days go by and this initiation continues to bring us to our knees.

For now let your inner spirit hold you and carry you through.

I send you much love! Sandra


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