In the last few decades books have appeared on quantum physics. Although some have been popular the population of people that has been touched by them has been more limited. I think that now the time has come for the understanding that quantum physics brings to our understanding of the nature of reality.

For the last three centuries science has based its understanding of the universe on a Newtonian world view. This world view contains the principle that the universe is an unchanging macrocosm. Time and space are finite and that man is isolated from his world.

Quantum physics embraces the understanding that everything is connected to a web of life. Every thought, emotion, and action affects the entire web of life. We are not separate from the rest of the universe. This web is not finite and matter is created by waves of energy and that there is a song to the universe and all of life. There are parts of quantum physics that truly embraces the principle that we create through our thoughts and beliefs.

I have recently read two wonderful books that I highly recommend to learn more. They are The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme and The Field by Lynne McTaggart. Although both books were written for a general audience they can get quite technical. They both contain some real gems and I encourage you not to get intimidated by the scientific and glean what you can on an intuitive level. They will both speak to a place of knowing in your being. They bridge into reality where science is moving to and what all indigenous cultures have always known.

There is a quote that many of you are familiar with:
“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” This quote has been attributed to Chief Seattle although there is some controversy if he really said this. This quote is one of the underlining keys to the principles of quantum physics. It is also the most important teaching that comes from not only shamanism but also all metaphysical and esoteric teachings.

I think one of my frustrations in watching how shamanic healing is entering into our world today is that it is more based on individuals than our connection with all thereby following more of a Newtonian world view. By focusing on “techniques” for healing we end up treating individuals as separate from a collective field of being. In this way I see that many practitioners have moved into being technicians rather than healers.

In quantum physics we are all connected through a wave of energy that creates a universal field. When we create sacred space we move into connection with this field. This is why I keep encouraging people to take plenty of time to prepare yourself for doing healing work whether it be for individuals, for the environment, or the planet. It’s creating a harmonious and loving field that creates healing.

In Medicine for the Earth I wrote about how I received the information that we cannot be burdened by earthly concerns in order to get into the Kings Chamber the place of true transfiguration into one’s divine nature. Before one can experience divinity we must let go of what keeps us separate from source. Traditionally dancing, singing, chanting, meditation, different forms of fasting were done to break down the egoic barriers which keep us from connecting from the one source or the field of life. For in this field there is no individual. We cannot be in a state of reaction and expect to harmonize with this field.

It’s harmonizing with the cosmic field that transforms disharmony to harmony returning health to yourself, others, and the planet.

The ceremony that we performed together on the fall equinox brought us into harmony with this field that the quantum physicists speak of and the web that indigenous traditions speak of. This creates a resonance, a frequency for change to occur. Being able to work on a spiritual and energetic level is essential for bringing balance, peace, and harmony to the planet today.

I hope when you participated in the ceremony on the fall equinox that you felt a state of expansion and ,a connection with all life. I hope that you felt the beauty of the energy that resonated throughout the world.

Review some of the material in Part 2 Separation vs. Union in Medicine for the Earth. Work with it. Learn to find a silent and still place inside where creation comes from. Practice transmuting the problematic attitudes, thoughts, and emotions that come up through the day.

Emotions are essential to maintain our health. Let’s just learn how to work them through so that the energy we are sending out into the universe is harmonious in nature. Fear and anger keep us walking our edge. The key is to keep transmuting them. The energy you put out does affect the entire web of life. You are included in this web as well as all living beings and the earth itself.

It takes everyday practice to create the light needed to transmute the world we live in. As we have learned to tap into our divinity and our creative potential over the last few months we must keep continuing to do the practices that feed the fuel for long term transformation.

A Haitian proverb teaches that studying life is not living life and therefore has no magic. We need to become the understandings we are learning in every cell of our being. The principles we are working with need to be in our bones.

Experiencing our divinity and knowing our creative potential is what we came here to learn this time around in “earth school”. Have patience with yourself and learn to acknowledge where you are on the path and if you step off the path don’t judge yourself just get back on.

Before we move on please take some time to reflect on your process of transfiguration. In the guided visualization I led you through in Medicine for the Earth first I had you let go of what keeps you separate from Source and the creative forces of the universe. I had you meet that creative force and then brought you back to your body to experience your own divinity. Shapeshifting into your own divine nature is an “inner body” experience not an “out of body” experience. Make sure that you have not been going outside of yourself to perform this process. Remember the dream I had which I keep writing about where I was told: “Man has been looking for God outside of himself for the last two thousand years. Man will be looking for God inside of himself for the next 2000 years.” Keep going within to transfigure!

The process of creation we are speaking about is not one that embraces the energy of domination or power over. The process of creation we are working with is one where we allow our creative energy to unfold. It is more of an allowing process than a forceful process. Check in with how you have been doing with your creative process and make sure you are not forcing it or pushing too hard.

As I sit here writing this month’s transmutation news the U.S. government is pushing for a war against Iraq. In thinking about what I have written about a Newtonian world view I can apply this to our world thinking today. We are truly living out the perception that we are finite beings that are separate from the whole. To heal this way of thinking is the work that we have been practicing with the Medicine for the Earth material.

So here comes the challenge. How to embrace that we are all divine and connected to one energetic web and not react to the behaviors of anger and fear that come from the illusion of being separate?

In Medicine for the Earth I shared about Jack Schwarz who was in the Dutch Resistance during World War II. He astounded the Nazis who tortured him as his wounds healed in front of their eyes. He said he was in union with God during this time. There was no Jack Schwarz that was a separate being. Was his reality that he was divine or was his reality that he was being terrorized? He could not be in a reactive state to create such a state of healing.

When I move into a state of reaction to the behavior in the world I must step back and refocus my attention and energy. The way to heal is to remember the connection and that any state of reaction I am in effects the web and creates a state of consciousness that will continue to be reflected back to me by the outside world. We must learn how to transmute our reactive states and create a field of hope, inspiration, and love that will transform the energy around us.

Can we stop all that will occur? I don’t know this as I don’t know what the collective is moving toward. I do know that we can transform some of the possibilities through the spiritual work we do.

Don’t buy into consensus reality. Remember your divine nature and keep creating your vision for a new world consciousness as if it is here now, and please keep tending the garden.

Let’s keep up our transfiguration and creation process each Sunday throughout the month.

Last month I said that we would do some work on Yucca Mountain and also on the sonic sounds that are affecting the whales and other marine life. I am not sure if all of you are aware of what is happening with both of these situations.

In July of 2002 the U.S. Senate voted to override Nevada’s veto of Department of Energy plans to bury our nation’s nuclear waste in the Yucca Mountain. You can only imagine how the residents of Nevada and people around the country feel about moving all nuclear waste to be buried at this location. Yucca Mountain is known to be a volcano and the Native Americans it. the area believe that it is still active.

We cannot use our earth as a dump for dangerous materials we created that we don’t know what to do with.

On Sunday October 13 let’s do a transfiguration ceremony together and experience Yucca Mountain in Nevada in its perfection. We need to empower the earth here and let its own divinity shine forth.

The Navy has a low frequency sonar system which has the potential to deafen every marine mammal living in the world’s oceans. This sonar system could be responsible for the death and beaching of whales and dolphins around the world. There are alternative systems that could be used that don’t have adverse impacts on whales and other marine life.

On October 27 let’s put our divine energy together and perceive the marine life around the world empowered and healthy and strong. Once again let’s experience our connection with all of life so that the energy that knows how to heal will be generated.

There are many case studies of people healing themselves of life threatening illnesses by leaving their jobs and lives and going to live in nature. When one does this he or she connects back with the rhythm of life and the energetic waves of the universe. In doing this you can hook back into the divine forces of the universe and the earth which heals.

So much of the illness we see today is the disconnection from nature and what I see as walking against the river of life.

As we do our transfiguration please do not leave behind the work of connecting with the rhythm of life and the cycles of nature. The season of fall is now upon us. Have you noticed the change in the quality and the smell of the air? How does the ground you live on feel different? Have you noticed the change in the plant and tree life around you? Have you noticed the change in the animals and the birds? You are part of this change. How are you feeling different?

As much of nature prepares to let go of old growth to fertilize the ground for the next cycle of growth to come, what are you needing to let go of to be in sync with the natural rhythm of life?

Everything that exists in nature is alive and responds to the cycles of the sun. You are part of this giant web. Please take time to observe the changes you need to make to align with nature during this time. Enjoy the changes and the beauty of this time.

Please join us in continuing the weaving of a luminous planetary web of light on the full moon which is October 21.

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