This fall has been a teaching whirlwind for me. I tend to book back to back trainings each fall as fall is the season in which I feel the strongest. In some way I almost feel as if the seeds I plant in the fall can go through the gestation process of winter and be given the heat and power needed to burst forth in spring.

So I write this Transmutation News in between workshops. I might be brief but there are not a lot of words needed to keep the power of inspiration going.

For months now I have been encouraging you to merge with the new frequencies of the earth. And I have shared with you how this has brought me more into an energy of joy and peace.

That is not the only effect it might have on people. For some of you as you move into a higher frequency the parts of your life that need to be let go to support this new space might start to dissolve. You cannot shift into a higher and lighter frequency carrying a dense and heavy burden. So one of the effects of this work is to truly let go of the heavy leaded consciousness that might be burdening your journey into a lighter realm of existence.

And of course this could be hard for some of you. As human beings we tend to hold on to the known even if it is not always good for us.

For some people as you shift into the new earth frequencies you might also find yourself disconnecting a bit to what is happening in the world. A devoted student to this work reminds me that the Scriptures teaches the importance of being of the world but not in the world. So we might find ourselves detaching from dense states of consciousness around us for we are moving into a new way of being in the world. If you find yourself doing this make sure you hold the energy of compassion for the world around you.

Arrogance does not match the new way of being we are being led to. Compassion for what is and moving forward to a lighter way of life simultaneously is what is called for.

There is no way to keep in your life the burdens that keep you from a lighter higher frequency. That would be like trying to set sail on a boat but refusing to lift up the anchor. You either lift up what anchors you to shore or you don’t move no matter how much you are seeking the adventure of sailing through new waters.

If you have been working with the intention of merging with the new frequencies of the earth there is a certain amount of surrender to change that you will be required to do. And this also takes a lot of trust of knowing that the universe is partnering with you to move you into a life that creates a new evolution of consciousness rippling through the entire web of life creating opportunities for others to do the same.

This is powerful work we do on behalf of ourselves but for all of life. If we continue to get lost in the density of consciousness right now we cannot be of true service and create new change for the planet. As we work spiritually to move to a different level of consciousness we hold a light and create a space of opportunity on the planet for others to make positive shifts.

Remember the crucial teaching from all spiritual traditions that all change on the physical realms begins in the spiritual realms.

The full moon is November 5. Let’s continue to move into the light that resides within us and connect with others doing the same. From this place of light, love, and oneness let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

Keep making the energetic shifts that create new states of consciousness for you. Continue to allow this powerful time of autumn to support your work in letting go of what keeps you from making the shift into a new evolution of consciousness. We are moving from a consciousness of separation to oneness. We are moving into a consciousness of honoring all of life and nature. We are moving into a consciousness of cooperation with each other and the spirit that lives in all things. As we shift into a new consciousness new understandings of how we can heal the planet and all of life will be shown to us. And we will feel the joy and preciousness of life.

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